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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Video: Islam's Secret Santa

(Two posts today. Please scroll down)

Wrap your mind around this "logic," that Allah wants mankind to sin (hat tip to Will):


  1. LOL...

    Thanks for this heads up. I was having my coffee and happy I swallowed! LOL...

  2. ...LOL darn forgot to hit the email square.

  3. Wait, what?

    Islamists must completely disconnect from reality in order to stomach that kind of illogic!

  4. So that's why muzloons are so confused and screwed up.

  5. Now I understand. Before I thought it was just because they like to kill people.

    Seriously, that's an excellent job of threading his way through Islam's convoluted logic. I never knew that about Islam before.

  6. The logic of Islam:

    "In order to save this village we must destroy it."

    A true cult.

  7. Hi AOW.
    Thanks for the HT.
    Yes when i saw it the first time i thought this is a keeper.lol

  8. Oh my, I'll have to share this one. Black Sheep said it best...

    Right Truth

  9. "What I find most interesting is that Steve thinks he's defending Christianity. However, when we open the Bible, we find Jesus repeatedly criticizing the positions of the Scribes, Pharisees, Sadducees, etc., often without preaching the Gospel. Steve apparently thinks he knows more about Christian living than Jesus!"

  10. @^ uh... first off, logic fail, second and more importantly, what does that have to do with the video? Its about Islam, not Christianity.

    and wow, just wow. I know Islam was messed up, but that just defies logic and common sense. Do most muslims even KNOW about that part of their holy book, and if so, how can they stomach it?


  11. Wildstar,
    Have you ever tried to read the Koran? It's quite an, ahem, adventure. Let's just put it this way: it's not organized in a chronological manner. Much different and much more difficult that the Bible!

  12. This was way too funny! Thanks for the laugh! Hilarious!

  13. To put it simple, this is trash and I am suprised that it was given any value at all.

    For a start the comments are aimed at targetting and making fun of a faith - that, regardless of whatever faith, is not only poor in taste but is not even good humour when it is done for an agenda.

    Secondly, contextually it is totally wrong - in this case done on purpose - thust not being very Christian - in fact from a Christian point of view - it is shameful.

    Thirdly, it was produced by one of the worst examples of hate-based-Evangalism. Answering-Islam is simply an example of the ugly version of hate-bassed-Evanglism. Mock other faiths with one hand and "sell" one's own version with another. The website even admits to it in the "who are we" section.

    A comment based on AOW's comments about reading their Koran. If you read it based on being a Christian reading the NT, you will never understand their message or the structure of the book. A Jew would have a much better chance as it is more similar in many aspects to the old Testiment. For those of us who actually studied the Koran as part of a degree, we are immediately told to divide their Koran into three aspects. A set of historical events, a set of examples to learn something from and lastly a message that is supposed to be divinely inspired (the Message). As soon as you read it based on Jesus's message - your doomed to not understand/appreciate/get it. We must ask why does one condemn and criticise something based on what they "did not get".

    A last point, Islam believes that one must deal with Evil and the relentless interferences and subliminal suggestions of Satan to make it through life. Thus it is said that without Satan man will not understand what is evil, and thus avoid it.

    That pathetic attempt by what I think is a sick-minded individual in the video is very much an example of what Satan must love.

  14. D Charles,
    The point I was making about the NT was the timing of the verses in the Koran.

    If more recent verses abrogate older verses (Yes, yes, I know that there is controversy amongst Islamic scholars on this matter), then there is a problem because of the contrast between the Meccan and Medinan verses.

    a message that is supposed to be divinely inspired

    Hold. The. Phone.

    1. Are you saying that only PART of the Koran is the word of Allah? Links, please.

    2. Are not Muslims supposed to regard MTP as the perfect man, the man to emulate?

    BTW, the Bible also has different sections, and I'm not referring to the division into books and testaments. A significant portion of the Old Testament is historical in nature.


    As for this post, I don't regard it as ridicule. A "light-hearted presentation," maybe.

    Evangelism isn't about hate. It's about saving the immortal soul as evangelical Christianity believes that there is only one Way to heaven.

    Do YOU believe that Christianity is the only way to eternal life?

    Do MUSLIMS believe that Islam is the only way to eternal life?

    It seems to me that ANY religion purports to be the one and only true way. Well, not ANY religion, exactly; there are self-actualization ideologies.

  15. D Charles,
    Mock other faiths with one hand and "sell" one's own version with another.

    Is that so unusual? I don't think so.

    Maybe not YOUR style. I understand that.

  16. AOW,

    Muslims believe that the he revelation of the Koran was provided divinely to Mohammed via the Angel Gabriel. So in that aspect it is all divine, but Islamic scholars all believe that there are three "facets".

    No, only Wahhabis and Salafis will go as far as to call Mohammed"the perfect man" though the haddiths talk about being "sunnah" which basically means "in the style of the Prophet". That is why there is tension between basic Sunnis/Shia versus Salafism (about the only thing they agree on sometimes) - because the Salafis are almost idolizing Mohammed which is considered wrong by most Muslims (that is why they believe you can only pray to God and that even Mohammed said, do not worship me as I am only a man).

    I am in two minds over salvation. My believe is that salvation is through Jesus but, but does that mean that the other 3/4 of the world either not touched, inspired or given Christs Message are not open to salvation? That has always been a point for me and it is certainly something that is being debated within my own Church.

    Muslims belive that "all good monethistic followers (Christians and Jews) will stand 'shoulder to shoulder' with good Muslims at the Gates of Heaven on Judgement Day.

    No "mocking" is not so uncommon and frankly we are better than that.

  17. D Charles,
    does that mean that the other 3/4 of the world either not touched, inspired or given Christs Message are not open to salvation?

    Well, I look at it like this.

    I believe that a sovereign God created each of us and that it is only through His grace that any of us are saved. I guess that I believe that we humans give ourselves too much credit, think that we are worth more than we actually are (in comparison to a Sovereign God).

    Think of this analogy. When I as a writer pen an essay, the essay is my creation. Therefore, it is my prerogative to do with it as I please. The essay doesn't have rights or room to complain.


    Muslims belive that "all good monethistic followers (Christians and Jews) will stand 'shoulder to shoulder' with good Muslims at the Gates of Heaven on Judgement Day.

    Frankly, I don't believe that is the case. Why? Because Muslims regard Jesus very differently from the way Christians revere Him as the Son of God, the Son of God Who loves us with a love beyond our understanding.

    So, I just trust that God knows what He is doing.

    Simplistic? Yes. "The faith of a child."


    Human beings mock each other over all sorts of matters. We really aren't better than that as we are inherently flawed -- and, yes, self-centered to the core. In fact, "Love thy neighbor" is predicated on the fact that we DO love ourselves. Through God's grace, we learn to love others. "Not by my power but by His."

  18. AOW,

    I like your first part on being Saved and the analogy - in many ways I think the same.

    We will have to agree to disagree on the second part, regardless of our own believe in the divinity of Christ, ultimately the worship of The One True God is parmount.

    Personally I think your view on humanity is more pesimistic than my own. I believe that the base nature of humanity is and can be bettered and that God judges us on how we try.

  19. D Charles,
    I am likely more pessimistic. Over the past few years, I've found myself consummately disappointed in my fellow man. I'm not speaking of political issues or Islam when I say that.


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