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Friday, November 4, 2011

Today's Recommended Reading

See "Anatomy of an Occupation" at American Spectator and worth your time. The author is a former Leftist.

In a comment below, Silverfiddle reminded me that the linked video in the American Spectator is a must watch. I have now posted the video below the fold in this post.

As Silverfiddle pointed out:
They are well-versed in Marx. It is chilling.


  1. Be sure to follow the link in the article to the article that features a video interviewing Oakland protesters.

    They are well-versed in Marx. It is chilling.

  2. Silverfiddle,
    I've added the video to the post. Thanks!

  3. Oh! The Marxist and the Socialist are coming! Be afraid. Nah, I'm more afraid of corporate shills who post edited videos of some of the lesser minds and fringe elements at a protest which are about helping YOU!


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