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Friday, November 4, 2011

Footage That The Mainstream Media Will Not Air

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Must-watch below the fold (hat tip to Stogie of Saber Point):

One of America's biggest problems today: our leaders are Leftist loons.

More HERE, including a photo essay, at Conservative Hideout 2.0.


  1. The ding dongs holding up "Eat the Rich" signs don't stop to realize the song was written by an old white, rich guy!

  2. Yeah, but "why" are they STILL our leaders? There's something very wrong with our political system if these are the best "leaders" we can produce to represent us.

  3. And they wonder why radical right is so upset.

  4. If the protesting youth of the sixties led us to where we are today, can you imagine where these young protesters would want to lead us.

  5. What a bunch of morons and I am not just speaking of the nitwits in the streets. I include from the top down in that collection.

  6. At 4:00, I thought I was truly witnessing the zombie apocalypse.

  7. Dude, the OWS protest are not big fans of Obama. But I know how the right tries to shamelessly pin everything on him.

  8. This is going to bite Obama in the ass in the end. (pun intended)

    Libdude, did you watch the video? Obama supports these little idiots. He pinned it on himself. This campaign commercial will write itself.

  9. These are NOT Americans!

    These are the destroyers and thugs!

    "THE REJECTS" o butthead included!

  10. All with liberal arts degrees and too lazy to work!

  11. liberals stepped in it on this one. The protestors either despise Obama and his cronnies or act like such loons no one on the planet with 2 functioning brain cells would take them seriously.

    The only problem is you and I paid for this obamanonsense again. The private park of this "spontaneous" outbreak is owed by GE who just happened to get a huge government backed loan for a wind farm a week after the "spontaneous" outbreak started. Did I mention Obama did something like this in his days as a community activiest? yeah the left had no hand in this spontaneous display....excuse while I laugh....

  12. This video, and others like it, will used against the Democrats. Of course, we'll have to do it ourselves, as it isn't like the MSM will do it.

  13. Some of these videos is from Obama supporting the UNION PROTESTS in Wisconsin!

    Nice try. Nice edit.

  14. Nothing to edit! Face the truth!

    That is what is wrong with left tards!


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