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Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Parable For Our Times?

The next time that a utopian offers to help you, take heed from the following:

Information about the Twilight Zone episode "To Serve Man"


  1. Hi AOW, You think 'Hannibal' took of with the book?lol
    I think The West and America are being 'served on a platter' right now.Thanks for sharing.

  2. AOW,

    I remember this episode and thanks for bringing it back (I watched the entire video,,again)!

    You mention utopia which is applicable (liberals unknown nightmare) but I relate it to another which is Islam and very real.

    No, Islamists do not want to eat us whole, but rather as their master Satan desires, our Souls.

    Either way this message you wish to convey makes it's mark and I wish and pray people get the message!

  3. Exactly. Nothing is ever without a price... Great episode!

    (I miss Vincent Price.)

  4. Possibly my favorite short story.

    By Damon Knight

  5. I absolutely LOVED this episode. I have it now in my collection of the Twilight Zone.

    I just love all the old black and white versions. Not so much with the colored ones.

  6. I remember watching that episode when it was on TV, scary stuff but an important message in it for us today.

    Right Truth

  7. I love the Twilight Zone! This episode shows just how gullible people really are. When you see things like this, it's easy to see how Liberals are so easily fooled.

  8. I've thought of this episode a lot recently. I've restrained myself from spontaneously commenting "Its a Cookbook!" after researching the worldwide communists.

  9. Republican Mother,
    Sorry that your comment didn't publish right away. Blogger's spam folder is fickle!


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