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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Disconnect

I don't often post a Glenn Beck video because I'm not particularly fond of his delivery. The statistics included in the video below are significant, however. Please watch:

Your thoughts?


  1. AOW I agree Glenn Beck programming is sometimes a little difficult to listen to. However, he has nailed it in this presentation.

    I recently spoke with my favorite liberal and tried to get her to understand that I am overjoyed to see Republicans retaking the Congress and Presidency as though that will suddenly mean sunshine and daisys.

    I lost faith in the republicans during the Bush Jr years...

    My question to her and all Democrats is when will you realize Obummer and these Democrats have failed this Nation even worse than the Republicans they replaced???

  2. I've always said, I think Glenn Beck is something of a snake oil salesman. If he thought it could make him more money, he'd be a Liberal.

    That said, he makes good points, and I hope he never decides he could make more money as a Liberal.

  3. Glenn was easier to listen to back when he was a 'funny guy' as well as a political commentator. Usually, I turn off the radio halfway through because I can't take the doom and gloom three hours a day five days a week.

    This presentation was excellent, however!

  4. The first step ... Unite in 2012 with a NObama and NODem vote!

  5. The root of what's going on is The New World Order, the push to create a world government. The EU is one part of that, all the doors that have opened to Islam is another, with the ultimate idea of uniting all the parts into one whole. The problem is that the Islamists have their own agenda. They say the world can only be under one government if it's Islamic, which is why we and NATO are fighting the violent arms of Islam.

    Beck is a fear-seller. He bases this lecture on two things, distrust of government and the buying up of farmland. They aren't actually connected and his prediction of massive inflation has nothing to do with buying farmland. The latter is directly tied to climate change and population increase.

    Food prices are in fact increasing. Of course they are, the demand for food is increasing. But other prices, particularly housing, are decreasing. Inflation is rising directly as a result of governmental borrowing and money printing. When you increase the money supply you decrease the value of it.

    Nice try, Glen, and most people who don't have a sufficiently broad view of what's going on will let you push their panic button. Personally, I'll pass.

  6. Black Sheep,
    All my life, I've heard "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!"

    I well remember the rush to precious metals in the 1960s. And I recall survivalists back then, too: "We have to have a place to run to."

    But I do think that Beck is correct with his statement "Our faith in our government has been shredded." Congress has indeed lost the confidence of the people, people all along the political spectrum. Furthermore, I have personally noted a loss of optimism here in America.

    I do agree with you about the farmland part and that the big agenda is the NWO.

  7. Blogginator,
    Suppose that the GOP takes both the Congress and the White House in 2012. Would such a victory bring halcyon days? Not in IMO. In fact, I believe that whoever takes the victory in 2012 will have a terrible several years, thus resulting in the opposite party taking the victory in 2016.

    Some of my conservative friends believe that a GOP victory in 2012 would result in the repeal of many of Obama's policies -- ObamaCare, in particular. Frankly, I don't see any such massive repeal happening. After all, 8 years under Eisenhower didn't lead to the repeal of FDR's bureaucracy.

  8. And Soros is buying up farmland. Says it all. I agree that Beck can get too much, that said, I learned a lot early on from him.

  9. I have to laugh when wingnuts point finders at Soros when the Koch Brothers have already bought our democracy and sold out the middle class. Fox watcher, no doubt.


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