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Saturday, December 11, 2010

To My Faithful Readers

Thanks to GM Roper for the above graphic. I admired the Holy Days graphic at his blog, and, good friend that GM is, he made a custom graphic for me.

If you must have politics this weekend, please scroll down.


  1. Merry X-mas and Happy Hannukah to you too.

    I am going to try not to scroll down ... wish me luck.

  2. Meh! I haven't been a faithful reader at all these days, but thanks for the card! I hope you both have a good Christmas AOW....to your readers as well! God Bless you all!

  3. The graphic is great.

    I seem to be on an unintentional hiatus, I haven't written a blog since Thursday and don't intend to write one now.

    It's been kind of nice in a way.

  4. Chuck,
    I don't post every day anymore -- primarily because of my caregiving Mr. AOW. There are only so many hours in the day!

  5. Steve,
    I understand why your blog rounds have been sporadic. You have other things to do!

    Mr. AOW and I are planning to have a better Christmas this year. He's so much better now! Consequently, I have more energy, too.

  6. Paul,
    Merry Christmas!

    When I next update my blogroll, I'll add your web site.

  7. Merry Christmas to you and the Mister too AOW...

  8. Beautiful. I've been out taking pictures of our snow, yes snow in West Tennessee in December.

    Merry X-mas and Happy Hannukah

    Beautiful image! Must we have politics at this blessed season? Unfortunately we do, but I'm pushing it to the back burner.

    Right Truth

  9. What a lovely graphic!

    Here in the Greater Cincinnati area, we are having a snowfall right now which should result in 4" or so of snow... Very beautiful atop a tree decorated in C-4's... Which reminds me of your graphic! :)

    I hope you will have a very Merry Christmas with Mr. AOW!

  10. That's a beautiful card AOW, I like the 3 D effect.

    It doesn't hurt to take a break from "politics." As important as it is, it is not the most important thing in life.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to you, Mr. AOW and the other posters here.

  11. Glad you stopped by my blog to remind me to update your new blog link. So glad to hear that Mr. AOW is doing better, I'm sure your constant care is what has helped him so much. You both deserve a wonderful Christmas!

  12. What a nice picture. I wish we would get snow like that down here. The temps dropped well below freezing last night (only 34 at noon) but we never get the snow.

    Merry Christmas to all!!!


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