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Friday, December 10, 2010

Is ObamaCare Unraveling?

With a hat tip to Infidel Bloggers Alliance:


Some Democrats are fed up with Obama's willingness to compromise on extending the Bush tax breaks and are so saying in strong language. The Left does turn on its own and in quite an ugly fashion too.

How long before more Americans condemn the Democratic Party itself in similar tones?


  1. Looks to me like the entire Obamanation is coming undone, not just healthcare...

    The Conservatives never had use for him, now the left is blasting him too, but, where's the cries of RACIST?

    If WE said something against Obama, it was because WE were racists...

    You don't think the Dems are guilty of hypocrisy do you?

  2. He's a post-racial president at last--EVERYBODY hates him.

  3. Crocodile tears and false promises are all that I expect from the Democrats. These people think nothing of stripping us of our freedoms and dictating to us what we should think and do. Worse, they spend us into oblivion and then tell us it was somebody else who made them do it. Last election was just the beginning for me and I have decades of election cycles to go before I fully vent my spleen on them. Was that the bell for round two that I just heard?

  4. I think the left turning on Obama may be the final nail in the coffin for 2012. He was going to have, at best, a close victory. If the Dims stay home, he's toast

  5. Oh, my sides, Bob! HA!

    It seems that Obama and all of his promises are unravelling more and more every day, thankfully.

    Now, if 2012 unravels as well, we MAY be able to repair some of this damage.

  6. It does, indeed, seem that a "movement" is under way. This is excellent news and I love seeing Ben Nelson do this.

    Congratulations on dumping Echo. Doesn't it feel good. I've changed my blogroll.

    I'm linking this in my Saturday morning news.

  7. Bob,
    He's a post-racial president at last--EVERYBODY hates him.


  8. Maggie,
    Thanks for updating your blogroll. I appreciate it.

  9. Chuck,
    I am smiling as I watch the Left turn on Obama.

    In my view, BHO is in deep, deep trouble for 2012.

  10. The left turning on him may not be a bad thing ... unless he can't win over the center either.

    I know ... I tried ... but I had to scroll down.

  11. This is encouraging, but we also must realize that the Dems don't care if something is failed, unconstitutional, or unpopular.

  12. Texas Fred said
    "Looks to me like the entire Obamanation is coming undone, not just healthcare..."

    I concur with Fred. How about him ditching the press conference yesterday after introducing Bill Clinton? When has that ever happened in history, an ex-president conducting the press conference for a sitting president?

    To me it shows a real lack of experience and that he doesn't know how to handle this rejection. If any one didn't have any doubts about Obama's leadership capability, they should be smelling the coffee now.
    A sad and sorry state of affairs for our nation.

    I pray we can undo some of the worst damage that has already been done. But bear in mind, even when Obama is gone, there is a federal bureaucratic and judicial structure in place that is decidedly left of center.

  13. AOW, after scheduling the link post last night, I did a WP update and somehow lost the whole thing. It'll be up tomorrow morning. My pleasure to give your new home an update.

  14. A ray of sunshine. A federal judge who actually follows the Constitution:


  15. Alligator,
    I credit Ken Cuccinelli for being willing to take on ObamaCare in court.

    I've met with Ken Cuccinelli. A good man in so many respects! He's a strict Constitutionalist.

  16. The answer is a big "YES!" ObamaCare is unraveling. A recent Rasmussen poll shows that an all-time high of 60 percent of Americans want the entire thing repealed.

    Between that, the court decision, and the big GOP victory Nov 4, the liberals are on the run!


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