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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sweden's Christmas Ice Pigs Attacked

Why are Moslems forever outraged by pork and images of pigs? After all, nobody in Sweden was forcing Moslems there to eat pork, especially as these particular manifestations of pork are made out of ice.

From Vlad Tepes, citing a comment from the Tundra Tabloids:
I live in the same town as the pig and a man of middle eastern decent was seen kicking the pig. You will not read this in any newspaper or comments on there online articles due to censorship against any critical comments about muslim immigrants.

The local newspaper even go as far as suggesting that it was a drunk angry man without anything at all to support that theory. They will do everything in there power to lead away the attantion from the immigrants.
Vlad Tepes has more, including and update and this commentary:
There is nothing that the non-Muslim does or doesn’t do, that won’t piss off the Mussulman. It’s because we live and breath is the reason for their hatred.
And just how would Moslems react if any non-Moslems started kicking a picture of a halal market down the street? Can't you just hear the cries of "Hate crime!" now?

Here is some truth about Moslems and their views on Christmas, from this comment thread to "Jihadist Issues Christmas Bombing Threat" over at Weasel Zippers:
Christmas Fatwah or “how not to spread peace and goodwill” by one of the
Protected Species Imam’s:

Fatwa No : 82006 Congratulating Non-Muslims on their feasts
Fatwa Date : Shawwaal 17, 1422 / 2-1-2002

Question: Is it allowed for us as Muslims to congratulate Christians in their eids? (I.e. Merry Christmas, etc.)

Answer: All perfect praise be to Allaah, The Lord of the Worlds. I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allaah, and that Muhammad , is His Slave and Messenger. It is forbidden for all Muslims to congratulate any non-Muslims for their feasts. Allaah Says (what means): {This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favor upon you and have approved for you Islam as religion}[Quran 5:3] In addition, congratulating them for this feast is synonymous of accepting their wrongdoing and disbelief in Allaah. Is there a greater disbelief than attributing a son to Allaah or saying that Jesus is Allaah or that Allaah is the third of three “gods”. Congratulating them also reflects accepting their rites and rituals, which are nothing but disbelief. Ibn Al-Qayyim said: ‘Congratulating the non-Muslims for their rituals is forbidden according to the agreement of all scholars- like: congratulating them for their feasts and fast by expressing good wishes: “Happy feast or enjoy your feast…” etc. If the Muslim who says this does not become a disbeliever himself, he, at least, commits a sin as this is the same as congratulating him for his belief in trinity, which is a greater sin and much more detested by Almighty Allaah than congratulating him for drinking alcohol or killing a soul or committing fornication or adultery…etc’. The one who commits such an act, has indeed committed an ugly and repulsive deed. Any Muslim who congratulates a person for a sin, an innovation or an act of disbelief has exposed himself to the wrath and anger of Almighty Allaah. Finally, if they (non-Muslims) congratulate us for our feasts, we do not congratulate them for their feast as we are on the right path and they are in error. Allaah Says (what means): {And whoever desires other than Islam as religion-never will it be accepted from him, and he, in the Hereafter, will be among the losers.}[Quran 3:85]. Allaah Knows best.
Yet, leaders all throughout the West wish the Islamic world "Happy Ramadan!" or the equivalent, and hold iftar dinners. Dhimmitude of the egregious sort on the part of the West! And that dhimmitude serves to embolden Moslems in their belief that Islam shall reign supreme all over the world and, thereby, serves to promote jihad, both overt and covert.


  1. What really makes me mad about this is our continuing insistence (as a society) on showing tolerance for these completely intolerant people. When are we going to wake up to the fact as a society that these people do not like us, they want to kill us, and that neither of these are ever going to change?

    As far as the media's reporting on it, that is scary. We need to start taking seriously the way the media distorts the news to further their political goals.

  2. Seriously I do not understand this. When I have asked Muslims about "the pig" according to their Quran if there was a famine they would be allowed to eat it - so this makes no sense. Just another one of those absurdities in an already complex oxymoron religion. Besides, today I am too filled with the Christmas spirit to care.

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that Mr. AOW is enjoying the holiday cheer as well. I had an awesome Christmas. You can read about it at my bloggie!

    Love and hugs,
    Layla xoxo

  3. Muslims need to deal with it or go back to their dirty sand holes.

    Sorry if that offends, but I cannot see my way clear to catering to this intolerant 'religion.'

  4. These people are nucking futs. That's all there is to it.

    Hope you're having a great Christmas, AOW.

  5. theyre barbarians ..thats why AOW! wer'e snowed under big time in NYC!!!

  6. Let us hope sooner, rather than later, folks will figure out that they wish us no good, and we are at war. It really isn't that complicated.

  7. there are 2 things that will immediately your ignorance to the World abd fortunately there are both bumper stickers....please advise whether you want the Coexist and/or an obama bumper stickers..I ca ship by New Years...

  8. That's islam for you folks, anything and everything offends them. They come into your land demanding respect and acceptance, once they take root, they then take over and kick you around. It's what they've done for centuries.

    "They will do everything in there power to lead away the attantion from the immigrants."

    I know by then it'll be too late, but i hope these media turkeys will wake up when the muslim immigrant is kicking them in the groin. If nothing else, i hope they do get kicked because they sure earned that.

  9. The dhimmitude of those in the U.S. who would tolerate an intolerable religion or political philosophy posing as a religion irks me to no end.

  10. "It is forbidden for all Muslims to congratulate any non-Muslims for their feasts." But as you point out our politicians go out of their way to celebrate the Muslim holidays.

    Right Truth

  11. Amazing that we are being asked to show tolerance for Muslim behavior that would be a hate crime if Christians directed similar behavior to Muslims.

    The Dhimmis have already surrendered to Mohammed.


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