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Monday, December 6, 2010

The Power Of Film

Hat tip to Jihad Watch:

Check out the trailer and the film's posters in the continuation of this post. This new Turkish film apparently emphasizes "America's paranoia with the Islamic world after 9/11."

The minarets overlook the site of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center.

Click directly on the images to enlarge them:

About the film (from PowerLine):
This is how the moviemakers describe the story, not very coherently:
Leader of a radical Islamic organization, Anti Christ whose name turned out to be a phenomenon and who was sought with red notice by Interpol was reported to have been taken into custody in the USA. In order to fetch the convict, the two most successful policemen of the Turkish Police Department fly to the USA. Everything from then on seems easy but things are never the same as they seem. The story taking place within Istanbul, New York and Bitlis triangle challenges the recent-era Turkey and underlines America's paranoia with the Islamic world after 9/11.
As you can see if you watch the trailer, this description is modest. The movie is actually more pro-terrorist and anti-American than the plot description suggests. Suffice it to say that if you see a guy in an orange jump suit, he is the hero. Long-time Hollywood radical Danny Glover plays a starring role, illustrating once again the easy alliance between the far Left and Islamic extremism.

During the Cold War, there were many in the West who were sympathetic to Communism but didn't want to admit to being Communists. I believe it was Gore Vidal, one of their number, who labeled himself an anti-anti-Communist. Today, in a very similar way, we have some in the West who do not openly endorse Islamic terrorism, but can fairly be described as anti-anti-terrorist.
Films make extraordinarily strong tools of propaganda. Films are particularly effective with regard to brainwashing children, teens, and young adults. Such is the nature of visual media. And never think that the left doesn't know that fact.

We need films promoting America and patriotism. Where are those films today?


  1. "America's paranoia with the Islamic world after 9/11."

    If we were only taking them seriously. We have spent most of our time as a nation downplaying the threat and apologizing for them.

  2. Glover's participation doesn't surprise me one bit. But Robert Patrick and Gina Gershon? That's new to me. When the Caliphate takes over America, I'm sure Gina will be just as beautiful in a full body burqa and Bob will certainly look manly prostrating himself on a prayer rug. Twits.

    Turkey, always touted as reliable, secular ally, is taking a noticeable turn towards supporting Islamic extremism. In a relatively short time, the final veneer of a secular state allied to the West will completely disintegrate.

  3. Guess what? It ain't paranoia if they really ARE trying to kill you! And on this December 7th, remember that other day of infamy in 1941...

  4. Should be interesting. Turkish films have been getting a lot of screening in the last several years even though they favor a minimalist style that attention deficit order American audiences can't handle.

    Looks like they want to try the action genre.


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