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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Beyond Absurd

(Hat tip to Infidel Bloggers Alliance for the link below)

The ever-growing and ever-expanding nanny state is putting a stop to certain school bake sales.

Just when one thinks the Obama administration cannot get any more absurd or intrude more into our personal lives, something like this (dated December 3, 2010) comes along (Associated Press):

A child nutrition bill on its way to President Barack Obama — and championed by the first lady — gives the government power to limit school bake sales and other fundraisers that health advocates say sometimes replace wholesome meals in the lunchroom.


The legislation, part of first lady Michelle Obama’s campaign to stem childhood obesity, provides more meals at school for needy kids, including dinner, and directs the Agriculture Department to write guidelines to make those meals healthier. The legislation would apply to all foods sold in schools during regular class hours, including in the cafeteria line, vending machines and at fundraisers.


Public health groups pushed for the language on fundraisers, which encourages the secretary of Agriculture to allow them only if they are infrequent. The language is broad enough that a president’s administration could even ban bake sales, but Secretary Tom Vilsack signaled in a letter to House Education and Labor Committee Chairman George Miller, D-Calif., this week that he does not intend to do that. The USDA has a year to write rules that decide how frequent is infrequent.
And here is another interesting aspect of the legislation:
It wouldn’t apply to...concession stands at sports events.
Before cursing Obama, although he does deserve such curses, keep in mind that Congress had to pass the bill in order for the President to sign it. The American people did elect this administration of hope and change in 2008.

Furthermore, because school districts accept federal funds, the federal government has the ability to interfere in any number of way on those campuses.

Has America lost an understanding of the following?
Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives. - Ronald Reagan


  1. "One loophole in Connecticut: The nutritional standards apply if the food is being sold at a bake sale, but not if it’s being given away free, such as by a parent for a child’s birthday."

    Wait, so it's NOT about health? It's about money? How's that work? The whole laws about school food are NUTS, but let's be consistent in our nutsness, huh? Honestly AOW, just how ridiculous can the obama nuts GET? I mean, this is SO NUTS that the article cites someone from some National School Board who's actually against it! :-) (Maybe that particular board isn't UNION, huh?!)
    But, really, is it enough for us to type about it, or for those parents to complain? They have to DO SOMETHING, FIGHT BACK! And they are NO!

  2. More control from the Obama administration:

    American journalism is in "grave peril," FCC Commissioner Michael Copps says, and to bolster "traditional media," he said the Federal Communications Commission should conduct a "public value test" of every commercial broadcast station at relicensing time.

    In a speech at the Columbia University School of Journalism in New York on Thursday, Copps also said station relicensing should happen every four years instead of the current eight.

    "If a station passes the Public Value Test, it of course keeps the license it has earned to use the people’s airwaves," Copps said. "If not, it goes on probation for a year, renewable for an additional year if it demonstrates measurable progress. If the station fails again, give the license to someone who will use it to serve the public interest."...

    Another way to silence voices of opposition.

  3. Z,
    I fail to understand why people don't object in a vocal and efficacious manner.

    Why does the Obama administration get so many passes? Ugh.

  4. It seems to be all about control. I can understand wanting to make sure the children have good nutrition while at school, but carrying this into fundraisers seems to be a bit over the top. Do the realize that a lot of fundraisers include items like candy bars and the like?

  5. LD Jackson,
    It seems to be all about control.


    I can just imagine the black market availability of baked goods, etc., on high school grounds. Ants and mice will invade lockers to seek out the stashes!

  6. AOW, I know! WHERE ARE THE PEOPLE? WHy don't they show their outrage? Some friends of mine think they are outraged but the media doesn't advertise this stuff because it reflects on their guy.
    Come see my latest outrage re the NY Slimes.
    It's all maddening.. ...I WISH SOMEBODY WOULD GET UP AND TELL AMERICANS WHAT'S REALLY HAPPENING but the Left has such ridiculous comments toward everything and AMericans buy it! On this one about school bake sales, some jerk like DUcky would say "Oh, but Z, don't YOU think kids should eat healthily?" See what I mean? It's unreal

  7. It is about control. It is ONLY about control. So in January, I want to see Americans flooding Congress with letters that object to such foolishness. If we do not do that, then the foot is in the door the next time Democrats come to power ...

    The question is, do Americans have staying power?

  8. Dear Mrs. On Watch,

    You have been flagged for a compliance audit by the Department of Bureaucratization.

    According to routine data-mining scans of your credit and debit card transactions, we've noticed several inexplicable occurances of transactions for products bearing UPC code numbers of items that could raise your sodium and cholesterol levels above government
    prohibited levels.

    We have a search warrant to seize, secure, and destroy any foodstuffs or provisions in your home which do not comply with the Recommended Daily Allowance.

    Please report to your local Dietary Assessment official for adjudication of your fine. You will be judged and any and all credits found in excess of your Appropriated Medical Ration wil be deducted from your future medical needs plus court costs and processing fees.

    Potato chip and ice cream hoarding is a serious potential threat to the public health.

    Thank you for your cooperation in these trying times.

  9. Beamish,
    Dear Bureaucrat,
    I'm sorry to inform you that (1) I will not be cooperating and (2) I am armed and will resist any seizure of my nutritional horde. Particularly sacred to me are the chocolate-covered butter cookies from Trader Joe's.

    Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

  10. Most folks don't say anything because they really don't know whats in these bills. The lamestream media, as the house organ of Leftist Democrats, will not tell the public about these types of things. They are all for it. Most reporters and especially editors see nothing wrong with this type of stuff because it is taking us to Utopia. If the alphabet networks were truly independent thinkers, they would question and scrutinize every government action whether Dem or Repub, liberal or conservative.

  11. I heard the woman on talk radio...power power power thats all they care about!

  12. This is what happens when you give liberal scum a half-chance, before you know it, they're meddling in your lives, telling you what light bulbs to use, what toilet to buy, how much water you can have and what you can and can't eat.

    Fascism, soft and hard, is part of their DNA, only recourse is to show them that resistance and independence is part of yours.

    Perhaps someone can organize a cake throwing the next time obongo and his partner come around to lecture you.

  13. What is beyond Absurd is that over 50% of American voters actually allowed this guy to be President.

    My prediction...within 6 months we will have riots in our streets like they have had in Europe.

  14. This ain't so bad though is it? They can have bake sales featuring wholesome nutritious foods like broccoli casseroles and veggie pizzas, etc. Some person might want to bring some quiche, and for certain holidays some artistically inclined person might sculpt a tofurkey.

    For dessert they can feature granola bars and good fresh unsalted pumpkin seeds.

    The important thing is what is good for our children's health, not just letting them eat things they think taste good. Besides, over time, they'll get used to it and actually start to enjoy it, once their taste buds have been retrained.

  15. Pagan Temple,
    It is the parents' job to retrain those taste buds, IMO.

    As I see this matter, all the great nutrition at school will be for naught if the parents aren't doing the same at home. With so many households having both parents workings, junk food is often the norm at home. **sigh**

  16. Blogginator,
    We just might have riots here in America, I think.

    As for so many voting for BHO in 2008, well, the electorate are easily deceived by bells and whistles.


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