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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sticks And Stones

One version of the words to that little nursery rhyme:
Sticks and stones
May break my bones
But words will never hurt me.

Apparently, even the mere mention of the word "ham" during a geography lesson can offend Moslems.

You can't make this stuff up.

From "Spain: Muslims sue teacher for speaking about ham in class" at Tea And Politics:
According to the account of the facts, the teacher was explaining the different climates in a geography class and cited the village of Trevelez due to its cold and dry climate. According to the newspaper account, "as a story, the teacher told his students that such a climate was conducive to making hams (this refers to the procedure that it's necessary between the pig is killed and the ham is actually ready to be eaten). Then the student asked the teacher not to speak of hams since it offended him, because he was a Muslim. "


According to "El Diario de Cádiz", the teacher "is accused of being the author of an alleged crime of abuse of workers, also alleging racist and xenophobic motives. " His school colleagues can't believe what has happened and speak about the impeccable record of teaching reported.
Cádiz is, of course, in Andalusia, Spain. Read about the history of Cádiz HERE. Excerpt:
Cádiz is the most ancient city still standing in Western Europe. Traditionally, its founding is dated to 1104 BC...

Later, the Greeks knew the city as Gadira or Gadeira. According to Greek legend, Gadir was founded by Hercules after performing his fabled tenth labor...


Under Moorish rule between 711 and 1262, the city was called Qādis (Arabic قادس), from which the modern Spanish name, Cádiz, was derived. The Moors were finally ousted by Alphonso X of Castile in 1262....
Can the West ever get the followers of Islam to understand the sentiment of that nursery rhyme about sticks and stones? Apparently not, especially if Moslems are recolonizing Andalusia and if such frivolous law suits are filed.


  1. Everything offends our muslim overlords, sticks, stones, words, heck even brain power offends those baboons.

  2. Tea And Politics has this update on the story. Excerpt:

    [T]he Andalusian Teachers’ Association representative, Gonzalo Guijarro, has blamed “multiculturalism” for this “absolute folly“. He adds: “multiculturalism (…) holds that all cultures have equal right to develop public space in a democratic country… This (action against the teacher) has no sense or reason. One thing is that everyone is entitled to follow the precepts of their religion in private and quite another to try to make them prevail in the public sphere. This goes against the most elementary principles of a democratic society“.

  3. I just saw this!!!

    Were I a kid at that school, I'd make damned sure to have a stacked ham sandwich packed for lunch every day.

    Well, at least the one day before I got expelled for inciting hatred, anyway.


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