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Friday, December 17, 2010

Musical Interlude

(I will be posting several musical interludes during this Christmas season. If you must have politics, scroll down to read posts of that nature)

Enjoy this version by Dean Martin (1966):


  1. With few exceptions I only like Christmas carols sung by the older singers like Dean Martin. It is likely it has a lot to do with them being what I heard as a child.

    Also, I think they sound traditional and a lot less modern, if that makes sense.

  2. I agree with Chuck. I have amassed quite a collection of old Christmas LPs. All for the same reason.

    The funny thing is, if you went back in time, people were probably saying the same thing then!

  3. My aunt, who recently passed away, loved "Silver Bells" above all other secular Christmas songs.

    I think I know why.

    Born in 1916, she used to do all her Christmas shopping a day or two before Christmas in the shopping district in downtown Washington. This song describes the special atmosphere of Christmas shopping in the days before the big malls came along.

    Anyway, every time I hear "Silver Bells," I think of my aunt. In fact, when she was over here for Christmas Eve in 2008, I played the song on the piano especially for her, and she sang along. Good memories.

  4. My favorite song by Dean Martin was "Baby It's Cold Outside" but this one is good too. I love the tone of his voice.

  5. Miss AOW, thanks for sharin' some Dino with your readers...am plannin' to feature this tomorrow as a special Dino-winter-time Sunday Serenade with Dino and just wonderin' if you coulda do a bit of Dino-commentary that I coulda share with my readers....if so, email me at kentsmokerguy@yahoo.com

    Keeps lovin' our Dino....

  6. Some Dino for Christmas, yay! Thanks.

    Hope you're more prepared for Christmas than I am, heh.

  7. I have a bit more shopping to do, but nothing heavy duty.

  8. Dino Martin Peters,
    I sent you a little something to use in your post tomorrow. Hope that my email goes through to your account!

  9. Thank you for posting Dino's rendition of "Silver Bells." It was awesome.

  10. Beautiful! I always enjoy listening to Dean Martin. Thanks for posting.

  11. Oh how awsome, so beautiful. My son goes crazy with all this music, not "modern" enough, and mind you he "autistic." Well, talk about a mind of his own but I made him sit here and listen with me anyhow. Just to beautiful not to listen to.

    Thanks for posting it.

  12. I like all kinds of music (except rap), not a big country fan. However, ALABAMA has a fantastic Christmas album that I think most folks would like.

    Right Truth

  13. I snatched the linkie and sent it to my Dad via Skype and he followed all the oldies but goodies on YouTube and I did too. Birds of feather you know.......

    Layla xo

  14. Layla,
    Glad that you liked this song enough to share it (and the additional links) with your Dad.

    Merry Christmas!


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