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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cradle To Grave?

(Hat tip to Leticia, who gave me the idea for this posting)

These words from Michelle Obama on Monday, December 13, 2010, should sound the alarm for parents.

Parents won't heed that alarm, however, because so many Americans have bought into the idea of the education arm of the Nanny State as the protector their children's health:

...First Lady Michelle Obama said of deciding what American children should eat: “We can’t just leave it up to the parents."
A bit of an aside here. Will somebody please coach attorney Michelle Obama as to speaking correctly? When speaking formally, the First Lady needs to set a good example by eliminating slang ("kids") and slurred speech (dropping the "g" when speaking words ending in "-ing"):


  1. I have no words. I think you summed it up with the quote.

  2. Since when does the first lady have the authority to invoke a bill? Did she actually partake in the signing as well? You know where this is going if she did, right?

  3. Steve,
    They're the royal couple, remember? [heavy sarcasm].

  4. too sick all the control they have stolen..what wimps pple are AOW!

  5. Since when does the First Lady have this power? Good question. Since when did a President ever have the power we have allowed Obama to take?

    Time to turn things back to the Constitution.

    Right Truth

  6. As far as the grammar, I wonder if Mooochelle was speaking to a predominately black audience?

    As for not leaving my children's nutrition decisions to their father and me... As my husband said when watching this clip, "Who the F*ck is SHE?!?"

  7. Who is Bigbutt to lecture us about our children's diet when she, like the first chinese brother who could swallow the sea, is slurping up the finest food in the world on our dime? Wyagu beef and lobsters, beware.

  8. imagine if a Republican had said we can't trust the parents? Hear the media now?

  9. Definitely from cradle to grave, this is how liberals view themselves and the rest of us.

    Too stupid to know what's good for us and too stupid to figure it out by ourselves.

    I can understand that liberals are too stupid, but not the rest of us, well at least not all of us.

    By the way, apologies for not stopping by sooner, been sick and busy as anything with work.


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