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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year! (With Addendum)

I have no desire to rehash political or personal aspects of 2010.

Therefore, I give you, my readers, this rather bland New Year's post. Although only symbolic, the turn of the calendar's page to 2011 comes as a relief to the AOW household.

In these words of Tennyson (selectively edited to suit my own views and my own life situation — never mind the breaking of meter and rhyme):
In Memoriam

Ring out, wild bells, to the wild sky,
The flying cloud, the frosty light:
The year is dying in the night;
Ring out, wild bells, and let him die.

Ring out the old, ring in the new,
Ring, happy bells, across the snow:
The year is going, let him go;
Ring out the false, ring in the true.

Ring out the grief that saps the mind
For those that here we see no more...

Ring out, ring out my mournful rhymes
But ring the fuller minstrel in.

Ring in the love of truth and right...

Ring in the valiant man and free...
May 2011 bring us, as a nation and as individuals, a multitude of blessings!

If you feel the need to read about politics, see THIS, The 2010 Fabulous 50 Blog Awards, and end the old and see in the new by reading some of the best material and commentary on the web!

And this year's "feel good" story is HERE.

ADDENDUM: Christian Soldier has information about the 2011 Rose Parade's Ronald Reagan Centennial Float. Votes can be logged in on New Year's Day.


  1. My pen is light as a feather
    And it is full of words and rhymes.
    But now, when I'm putting them togther
    I hear the bells ringing...
    ... Holy Mama! What a chimes!

  2. Happy new year AOW, and thank you for the wonderful Tennyson poem!

  3. Happy New Year. Lets hope it's better than the last.

  4. I couldn't resist one more dig at the media before the year expired.

    Have a Happy New Year

  5. I just now found your personal blog! I only knew you from Infidel Bloggers Alliance!

    You're a busy lady.

    Our nation ended 2010 better than it started, and that's something for all of us to build on.

    I wish you and yours a happy, healthy and prosperous new year, AOW!

  6. Happy Damn New Year!! And best wishes for the coming year.

  7. Happy New Year to the AOWs. I know Mr. AOW has come a long way this year. I pray that quadrupled and more in 2011.

  8. Silverfiddle,
    I just now found your personal blog! I only knew you from Infidel Bloggers Alliance!

    LOL. I thought that you were avoiding my web page. But, hey, I wasn't offended.

    I'm not as busy on the web as I used to be because my husband had a severe brain hemorrhage back in September 2009. But he's getting better now, so I'm able to make more blog rounds!

    You're a busy lady.

    You don't know the half of it! **wink**

  9. Maggie,
    I know Mr. AOW has come a long way this year. I pray that quadrupled and more in 2011.

    Thank you so much! Quadrupling in his recovery would really give us back a nicer and more normal life.

    But, hey, I'm not complaining. This time last year, life was hell. Really hell.

  10. Beth,
    YOU deserve a lot of blessings in 2011. I know that 2010 has been so awful for you because of your mother's stroke.

    Hang in there.

  11. Jingoist,
    I do love Tennyson. He really did deserve the title "poet laureate."

  12. Chuck,
    I couldn't resist one more dig at the media before the year expired.

    Can't blame you there!

  13. To all leaving well wishes here:

    Mr. AOW and I will spend a quiet evening at home, I think. We may not make it to midnight. No matter! We do have on hand egg nog and brandy, and Mr. AOW is indeed allowed a celebratory drink (so say the doctors).

  14. I was almost ready to say let's skip 2011 and go straight to 2012 until you reminded me of the Reagan Centenary celebrations kicking off with the Reagan float in the Rose Parade!

    And if I can get political for just a moment, I can't think of a better way to remind voters in 2012 of what is really important in a leader than to have a year long celebration of Reagan.


  15. Thank you-my friend- for spreading the word about the "Float Vote"!

    May You and Mr AOW have a peace-filled 2011--

  16. Just read about the lost/found Clumber Spaniel!! Those of us who own animals know exactly how his owner felt when she got him back! Tear Time!!

  17. Christian Soldier,
    I also notified Mike's America about the Reagan float. Mike follows all things honoring Ronald Reagan.

    I'm so glad that you liked the story about the Clumber Spaniel. Isn't it nice to end this sorry year on a positive note?

  18. Mike,
    I would look forward to a year long celebration of Reagan.

    FYI, my father was born the same year as Reagan, but six months later in the year. So, the year 1911 holds a special meaning for me.

    So special, in fact, that I have a British sovereign ring dated 1911. The obverse side of the coin displayed on that ring is the image of St. George slaying the dragon -- particularly appropriate for an "Islamophobe" like me. See that image HERE.

  19. Speaking of George V, did you see "The King's Speech?" Excellent film!

    As for family tokens of dragon slaying, I bought my parents a statue of St. Michael slaying the Devil/ dragon years ago in Rome:


    P.S. You might remember that brilliant student of yours whose poem on Reagan was part of our Reagan Remembrance:


  20. Very nice, AOW-- not bland at all.

    Happy New Year to you and Mr. AOW!

  21. Happy New Year, AOW, and to all of your readers!

  22. Karen,
    I just love your new year's post! Excellent work!

  23. A happy new year to you and Mr. AOW!

  24. A Happy and a healthy New Year to YOU and Your Family AOW.

  25. May you both enjoy improving health, peace, and many blessings in this new year!

    And the same for all of you out there!

    PS: This post is not bland at ALL! And the photo is gorgeous!

  26. Wishing you and Mr. AOW the happiest (and healthiest) new year in 2011.

    I make no resolutions, I will only break them. I have no big plans for the new year, I'll just take it as it comes. My biggest worry is for this nation, I know yours is also after Mr. AOW.

    Have a great one.



  27. With your Tennyson poem ringing in my mind, a very Happy and Prosperous New Year for you and Mr. AOW.

    May all your wishes, dreams and wild imaginings come true.

    Thanks for a year of comments and most of all, for your year of friendship in the past year, and looking forward to more this coming year.

  28. AOW,
    May you have the best year ever!

    Thanks for the visit and I do need to add you!

    Thinning of my side bar to a realistic one that I'll have the time to read instead of just sounding off like a cannon.

    I didn't know Mal came here? LOL

    :D :+: HOORAH!

  29. You only need 3 words now: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  30. Happy New Year to you and Mr. AOW! May it be blessed and very healthy!

    hugs xoxo

  31. Happy New Year! I hope all goes well in the AOW family.

  32. Wishing you and yours a blessed, happy, and healthy New Year.

  33. Not to worry, AWA, I'm not one for "end of year" posts either. Mine was a reprint of a Washington Times editorial.

    Seriously, I do hope and pray for a happy and healthy new year for you and your family.


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