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Monday, December 13, 2010

Obama's Disappearing Acts

Why does Obama dash out of meetings?

The most recent such episode:

But the above is not the only such incident. Remember this one? Note that the AP article is no longer available.

I will now enter the realm of pure speculation, based, in part, on my having observed similar problems and behaviors within my own extended family.

In addition to disappearing acts,

1. Obama looks gaunt and even ashen these days.

2. His ego is insufferably inflated.

3. He signed this bill into law.

4. He has to admitted to cocaine use of some years ago. Remember, a dog returns to his vomit:
As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his folly.
Furthermore, see this list of the warning signs of addiction. How many such signs is Obama evincing these days?

Eric Clapton offers firsthand knowledge about drug addiction:

Remember that I stated earlier in this post that I am entering the realm of pure speculation, a venture I don't do often here at Always On Watch. That said, I feel on a gut level that something is very, very wrong with Barack Obama. After all, we in the Washington, D.C., area have observed Marion Barry for years; Obama is showing some of the same signs.

I wonder if Obama would consent to drug testing. Um, never mind. He refuses to release his undergraduate college records.

Make of this post what you will.


  1. Hmmm. Well, looking at the warning list, he DOES talk too much...

    I wonder how a president, someone who is constantly surrounded by people, could keep a drug addiction from being discovered. Of course, as you said, we can't even see his birth certificate or his college records.

    I hope for his sake, his family's sake, and OURS, that you're wrong about this.

  2. Karen,
    This post is speculation, as I mentioned.

    Anyway, BHO looks to have lost weight. Two other signs from the list:


    Hostile or aggressive behavior

    Clearly, he frequently flings barbs at his opposition and namecalls the GOP. Purely politics? Maybe, maybe not.

    You said: I wonder how a president, someone who is constantly surrounded by people, could keep a drug addiction from being discovered.

    Addicts are very clever in that regard. In fact, author Stephen King has spoken on that topic; King's family and closest friends knew that he had a substance abuse problem, but most others didn't have a clue. From this article:

    Writing 63 books over 35 years, with best-selling stories such as Carrie, The Shining, Misery and The Green Mile turned into blockbusting movies, King has long been one of the world's most successful authors, with an estimated fortune of £135million.

    Yet, as is revealed in a fascinating new biography, he spent most of the Eighties on an extended drug and alcohol binge which so fogged his mind that even today he cannot remember working on many of the books he wrote during that period.

    Clearly, Obama is not in any such condition. I'm mentioning King to illustrate that those on the outside often don't know what's going on with an addict who is coping "successfully."

  3. I think it makes perfect sense. Many years ago I worked in a dive bar where many of the customers were total cokeheads. He acts JUST LIKE THEM.

  4. Zilla/MJ,
    He acts JUST LIKE THEM.

    I think so, too.

    BTW, I didn't observe any of these signs in Obama until this calendar year.

  5. I have thought for awhile that the man is a little emotionally unstable. He's so thin-skinned and narcissistic that it borders on being unhealthy.

  6. Well, only God and a few close associates know for sure. I will offer an alternative view. Most presidents start looking shopworn after a few years in office, but I would agree, O looks a little worse than normal this early in. We agree he is a narcissist and suffering egomania (even when congratulating the Nobel prize winner, he talked mostly about himself) And he is very thin-skinned to boot. For a person like that, this scenario will be physically, emotionally and spiritually as devastating as drug abuse: falling poll numbers, his base turning on him, his election rebuff on November 3, his inability now to pass his legislation exactly as he wants, when he wants.

    Not discounting the other possibility. At this stage of my life, I've learned that almost anything is possible and nothing surprises me anymore.

  7. I think Clinton just sent him out for some coffee.

  8. If it is coke, maybe he'll have a psychotic episode and jump out of an open airplane door... Just sayin'...

  9. I personally do not care what Obama does. My only wish is that he would do it back home: in Kenya.

    BTW, my doctor told me the other day that he used to work in Hawaii. He said Hawaii is the easiest place on earth to get false birth certificates and other "official" documents. Is anyone surprised?

    Someone once observed Obama was never one of us; we should not be surprised at any of his untoward behaviors.

  10. Why does Obama dash out of meetings?

    Simply because he don't want to take any questions without having the answers written sown in advance.

  11. "Why does Obama dash out of meetings?

    Simply because he don't want to take any questions without having the answers written sown in advance."

    Yep, teleprompters can't answer questions for you.

  12. I give up trying to understand a tyrant..its maddening AOW!

  13. The Precious is a stoner? No way.

    It's really simple. He's carefully cultivated his image for a couple decades and now he can't understand why anyone would criticize the cool black guy.

    So we see his frustration. But cheer up. All you Baggers sure got deficit reduction, didn't you?

  14. I'm not sure about the substance abuse angle...but he absolutely is a narcissist, & like Duck said, he can't understand who people don't get how wonderful he is anymore...gotta hate that, if you're an Axis II Personality Disorder. Throws your whole world out of orbit.

  15. Hi AOW.
    Finally got here.
    Lately i seem to have no free time at all anymore ,24 hours seem too short.Well you could have a point, they claim he stopped smoking 9 months ago, i don't figure him the kind to go cold turkey like i did a year ago after smoking years 2 packs a day.So he might go to another addiction or medical methadon?
    Hope MR AOW is doing fine!

  16. Oh by the way he doesn't take questions because he's ready to blow in public and that would give the republicans the ammunition to remove him for mental incapacity!

  17. Maybe he's on the health food diet recommended by FLOTUS...and he HAS to run.

  18. Whatever the reason, the man isn't looking so good. He's aged 15 years in the last two.

  19. TO ALL:

    Sorry for not responding to comments here, but real life intervened. Later today, I'll try to respond.

    Yesterday, Mr. AOW and I ventured out into the bitter cold to do some shopping with gift cards we had received. After braving the weather and the crowd at a local Target store, where we mostly purchased some new clothes for Mr. AOW, we decided to have a late lunch in one of our local Italian restaurants. Getting out "on a date" is a real treat for us, but exhausting, particularly when Mr. AOW has to access a public bathroom! Public bathrooms in most department stores don't allow for access via the electric shopping cart. **sigh**

    All went very well yesterday, but Mr. AOW and I hit the sack early. Part of our exhaustion stemmed from our still recovering from the cold from hell.

  20. AOW: As you say "something is very, very wrong with Barack Obama." That's been clear to most of us from the beginning. His ego, his background and the kind of people he associates with have long led people to speculate on what kind of sociopath he may be.

    At least with Bill Clinton we knew it was all about sex. With Obama who knows?

    I just know that based solely on his performance in office he's unfit to continue in that office past the time of his current term.

  21. In many ways, BHO is an unknown quantity,

    I am still amazed that more about his college years hasn't leaked out. After all, how many different campuses was he on, and how many different classes did he take? Where are his previous classmates? Usually, somebody wants to blab and, at the least, garner a bit of fleeting fame.

  22. I vividly remember Bill's impeachment back in the late 90s. I seriously thought that the presidency couldn't sink any lower than that. However, in regards to this post and thread, I have long since been disabused of that notion.

    Never did I think that a time would come when I would miss Bill being at the helm. But I really miss him now.

  23. Anti-Jihadist,
    Thank you for reading this post and commenting.

    The Obama Presidency is indeed low.

    I know what you mean about missing Clinton. I never thought that I'd feel that way, but I do.

    America is in deep, deep trouble with BHO at the helm. I'm not sure that we can ever recover from the damage he's doing and will do. Ugh.

  24. AOW, nice to find your blog, even if I did have to be hit over the head to find it. I'm not sure Obama is a drug addict. I do however believe he is mentally unfit (extreme narcissistic behavior) and gets more so every day. That in itself will make his actions very odd or weird. But you could be right and he is simply a coke head.

    Whatever the reason it does not bode well for America.

    1. Hello, Jack!

      Glad to see that you have visited my blog. I published your comment as soon as I saw it. Comment moderation kicks in after my blog posts are over 10 days old.

      Do you have a blog?

  25. No I have no blog, just follow every good conservative blog I am lucky enough to find. Because of Adrienne I found you. I will try to be a regular commenter because I usually can't keep my mouth shut. Love the header at the top of your blog.

    1. My friend Warren designed this template for this blog -- including that header, for which I gave him the specs.

    2. PS: Few people here at this blog keep their mouths shut. LOL.


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