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Monday, December 27, 2010

Poll: Useful Idiot Of The Year

Vote HERE at Matt's site, Conservative Hideout 2.0.

Note: Please scroll down. I did manage to post on the day after Christmas.


  1. This is what we get for electing an Islamic apostate to the presidency... and the liberals thought they'd be preventing attacks by electing an "ex-"Muslim.

  2. No Christine O'Donnell, Sharron Angle,
    Michele Bachmann, John McCain, Orange Man Bohner, John Roberts> Not much of a list.

    Of course Sister Sarah is in a class by herself and should have the trophy retired.

  3. Speedy reminds me that Orly Taitz would be a great choice. The Baggers love her.

  4. too many to choose from AOW! .btw....we are knee deep in snow..literally!..ha

  5. So many deserving candidates...and in so many different professions. Do we go with the destroyers of young minds (radical college professors); the destroyers of old traditions (the ACLU and the Federal courts); the destroyers of morality (Hollywood); the destroyers of fact (the mainstream media); or the destroyers of the Republic (Congress & the Obama Administration)? I'll have to think about this one carefully.

  6. Thanks for the linkage, and for all of the voters that came my way. I hope all enjoyed it.

  7. I voted for Pelosi -- in the poll, that is.

    Almost every time she opens her mouth, she says something surreal.

  8. Pelosi is too specific a mention...any time these Fascists speak it is a twist on reality...its like the lines in George Orwell's 1984...slavery is freedom etc..

    But instead of going for the obvious let me add my vote is for all the democrat zombies that parrot these fascists as they spew the partially chewed thoughts of people capable of only pretending to have a clue.


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