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Friday, December 17, 2010

Pat Condell: Goodbye Sweden

The dire warning here, of course, applies to the entire dhimmified West:


  1. Yup, Sweden is gone ... and if Obama had his way ... we would be next.

  2. Remember the dominoes falling in reference to communism in the old days? The dominoes continue to fall...and liberalism is still responsible.

  3. The consequence of placing in power politicians who promise a "free lunch". Nothing is ever free--especially freedom.

  4. Hi! I can finally breathe I think and I am blogging again - and created it so it would work around my schedule for me. You know I cannot resist blogging and writing no matter what I do.

    That video is sobering AOW. There are no words since that video says it all.

    Hope you and Mr. AOW are doing well.

    God Bless!

  5. Layla,
    You're blogging again? Let me see if I can find your web site.

  6. Pat Condell nails it every time with his dissertations on Islam.

  7. Terrible isn't it, and Paul is right, if it were up to the western left, we'd all go down the same route.

    As i said elsewhere, my one hope is that the bastards who foisted this upon Sweden are the ones getting raped and pillaged. If anyone deserves that fate, they have earned it.

  8. He has some great rants.

  9. Pat Condell is a serious commentator--he's telling the truth.

    Merry Christmas to AOW and her husband.

    BTW, can I get Gathering Storm Radio on I-Tunes-what do I type in?

  10. Felix,
    I have no idea about I-Tunes. Is there any information about that possibility at Blog Talk Radio?

  11. No. Those people live sequestered lives away from the "little people" and "common folk". I seriously doubt if any of these leaders interact to any extent with their Muslim citizens.

    Condell in 12


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