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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Mark Steyn On The GOP Establishment

Short video about this roiling election year:


  1. I couldn’t agree more , AOW under a Clinton presidency, within ten years the muslims will have produced enough “new Americans” to give the Progressives power to RULE us as they see fit, and that alone will lead to the distruction of this Great Nation if you get my drift.? I I think that you do.
    So the choice is ours alone, it's Trump or is the end of this Natoon. Tell that to your kids when you put them to bed tonight.

  2. Good comment Wanda,I don’t think anyone is safe from these Amimals, Murders, Lunitics, or if you want to call them Islamic radicals! They will keep on causing D their destruction , whenever and wherever they can, as long as they are allowed to.

    If the are not stopped by any means possible.
    The problem is that we don't have the leadership with the Guts, or the Balls, to do what is needed to do.
    And Hillary surely isn't the answer,

  3. I get a charge out of Steyn (a real pimp) whining about the loss of "religious liberty". What is that all about? If the country isn't ruled by Old testament morality you've lost your "religious liberty".

    Or his concern about "political correctness". Well Mark, that's what happens when groups who have been absolutely silenced for well over a hundred years get a voice and learn they can talk back to ignorant pimps like yourself.
    Does that come with negatives? Yes but not as damaging as telling groups they have to be silent. The Republic can handle it, you cheap pimp, quit whining.

    Enjoy the vulgar Trump candidacy. You helped form the environment that created it. You helped form the current Republican funny farm. Enjoy.

    Dems can at least say they tried to counter the status quo juggernaut with the Sanders candidacy.

  4. Said as only Mark can say it. Meanwhile the focus is on some kind of star that appeared on Trumps tweet. That is how far down the rabbit hole we have gone. Intelligent conversation is lost.

  5. Is Trump a racist? An anti-Semite?



  6. AOW... he may not be... but he may be using racially insensitive language and anti semitic images.

    Is it possible that anyone who is deemed "not racist' could do that?

    1. Dave,
      It's an Enemedia fabrication being played over and over on CNN. See Pastorius's comment at the link I provided.

      This special snowflake and hypersensitivity CRAP has got to stop! It was not a yellow star, you know.

    2. I'm not arguing whether he is, or isn't, as I said, he may or not be. Plenty of people could be helpful to folks they loathe, especially within the business community, so I am generally slow to apply specific monikers to people directly.

      I will say however that people may not be, or choose not to care, how their words and actions can impact others, or be, to use the common term, racially insensitive.

      I am not talking snowflake stuff. I am talking the bigger stuff.

      Which is what drove my question. Since there are significant groups who are angry about this, such as the ADL, is it possible, that the use of this picture, cribbed from a White Supremeicist acct, might be view in this light?

      Why would he retweet anything from that group?

      I think, or hope, all could agree, that a white power group has racist leanings. So why would a presidential candidate retweet something from a group like that.

      If trump had perhaps made the image himself, he might be getting an easier ride, but between the star, the money and who made the image, rolled into one, it says he was not thinking.

      As Candidate Obama should have known the Jeremiah Wright thing would rise up and bite him, Trump, or an aide, should have anticipated this was not gonna end well and prepared.

    3. Dave,
      Everybody is too wound up about everything -- every little misstep or anything that might or might not be a misstep.

      Political correctness on steroids!

      It's time for people to cool their jets. And I'm not referring to you specifically. All this anger and bile -- not healthy in any way.

    4. PS: I'm too sick to get all wound up and to follow every "news" story. I had to out in an emergency call to my surgeon the night of July 3: Dietls Crisis. Believe me, have that strike, and you won't give a hoot about ANYTHING else but making that crisis stop. Puts politics in the proper perspective, I tell ya.

    5. yES "every little misstep" but those done by Dems...really BIG missteps dismissed after private meetings and interviews.

      Trump adores his Jewish daughter's family and her; he's NEVER shown himself to be anti semitic OR racist...

      This is about the media...though it was a REALLY STUPID thing to have done....and they immediately corrected it when they got on to what that star did look like.
      If only our media could actually see the motes in their own peoples' eyes. my God.

    6. Hey Z, I was wondering, if Drumpf has trouble finding a running mate is Nicky Scarfo still inside?

  7. A friend of a lying Progressive admits the truth.July 5, 2016 at 10:01:00 AM CDT

    I just did, snd here were the results.

    There’s no doubt, Hillary Clinton called Paul Fray a “fucking Jew bastard.” If there were the slightest doubt, you can bet that vicious Hillary would have sicced her amoral $450-an-hour shyster David Kendall on every author, publication and news service that reported her anti-Semitic slur, regardless of how veiled and coy the media were about her vile outburst.

  8. So, why aren't we hearing about Hillary's biases?

    Um, never mind. We already know the answer to that question.

  9. Good question, but we all know the answer already

  10. So if Donald Trump grabs a controversial image or racist cartoon picture from a white supremacist website or blog or feed and reposts jt on Twitter, it stops being the product of racists? How does that work?

    1. Beamish,
      I neither states nor implied that.

      But I am not convinced that the star in that particular Tweet had anything to do with racism or anti-Semitism. I don't see the point of the star in any way -- nefarious or otherwise. And it wasn't a yellow star.

    2. Um, stated, not states. Damn iPad. Small font!

    3. Well, its not a case of Donald Trump inhaling oxygen JUST LIKE HITLER USED TO, but perhaps it is at least statistically significant that of all the things from aardvarks to Zydeco that Trump could be retweeting, he keeps cribbing from proudly racist and anti-Semitic sources.

      Two thoughts:
      - now that he changed the star of Sheriff David badge to a red circle, should the Japanese be offended?

      - when is Trump going to attack Hillary Clinton for adopting a space alien baby, as was widely reported in the Weekly World News tabloid back in the 1990s?

    4. Haggis MacFilthandflarnJuly 6, 2016 at 3:39:00 AM CDT

      Great Godwin's Ghost~!

  11. http://www.politicususa.com/2016/07/03/proof-racism-accidenttrump-retweeted-white-supremacists-75-times.html

    1. I lack the severe mental retardation required to support and vote for Trump. I can say the same about the required level of window-licking imbecility required to support and vote for Hillary.

      I'm still convinced Trump will endorse Hillary Clinton for President this month. It's starting to look like he will do so with a burning cross at the Repugnantcan National Klavern.

    2. Beamish,
      We have three choices in November:

      1. sit out the election (in effect, vote for HRC)
      2. vote for Hillary Clinton
      3. vote for Donald Trump

      Unless something drastically changes, I will have to vote for Trump.

    3. I'm already decided on voting for Gary Johnson and against any down ticket Republican candidate that has not vowed to hit Donald Trump in the mouth with a pipe wrench. I'm sorry. I have standards.

      If Johnson draws enough votes to get the Libertarian Party on the ballot in all 50 states in the year 2020, President Hillary Clinton will make sure the Libertarian Party will be taken seriously then. The Repugnantcan Party is done.

    4. Beamish,
      I understand your position. You don't have to apologize to me. I think -- I hope! -- that you and I can give each other space when we don't see things the same way. You and I, "the upstart," do, after all, have 11 years of history here on the web. Remember some of those halcyon days. The masked Renoir with the water can. LOL!

      Seriously, again....

      We who love this republic are all struggling with dealing with the corruption which has invaded and pervaded our political system and our political parties.

      I wish that I had a crystal ball to see what will transpire the next 50 years ago.

    5. I will have a different prerequisite for candidates in 2020 -

      "Did you do everything in your power to remove the Republican Party from the face of the Earth in 2016, or did you encourage people to vote for Trump?"

    6. I'm still confounded by the fact that Romney received 60,933,498 more votes in 2012 than a reasonable argument can justify. Sure, Romney and Ryan could vote for themselves, but 60 million other people did too? Really?

  12. http://www.cnbc.com/2016/07/03/donald-trumps-star-of-david-tweet-about-hillary-clinton-posted-weeks-earlier-on-racist-feed.html


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