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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Meanwhile, In France... (With Addendum)

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The church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray

This morning, we have reports that an octogenarian priest was murdered inside a church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray in Normandy. Two attackers wielding knives took five hostages, including the priest. The attackers have been killed by the police.

Some reports state that the priest was beheaded; other reports state that the priest's throat was cut.

Fr. Jacques Hamel

As of this posting time, this attack is being investigated as a terror attack.

Additional information at Zero Hedge.

The sons of Allah doing what the sons of Allah do? Probably. The story is still developing.

Addendum: Isil knifemen 'shouted Daesh and slit priest's throat' in Normandy after taking nuns hostage in church.


  1. From Infidel Bloggers Alliance:

    Elderly priest, 86, is 'beheaded' by two ISIS knifemen shouting 'Daesh' after they took nuns and worshippers hostage at French church: Police shoot both attackers dead then search for bombs

    Priest had throat cut while another hostage is fighting for life after knifemen burst into Normandy church at 9am

    Reports that one of the attackers shouted 'Daesh' before launching the attach at Gambetta Church near Rouen

    Vatican has condemned the 'barbaric' killing of the 86-year-old priest and an anti-terror investigation is underway

    French President Francois Hollande said the men both 'claimed to be from' ISIS as they carried out the attack

  2. Replies
    1. I wonder what the motive could be.

    2. This is exceptional in its barbarity.
      Killing a beloved elderly priest while he is serving mass, it is beyond comprehension.

      The usual acts of senseless murder continue on in Japan, Florida and Germany. They get a headline and then fade into the new normal but what is going on in France seems to have harnessed a level of nihilism like something out of Louis-Ferdinand CĂ©line.

      The priest's assassin had been arrested for terrorist aspirations and released provided he wear an ankle bracelet.
      I think that type of sentence is coming to an end (or Marine Le Pen forms the next government) but I thing the predictable will come out. French-Algerian, petty criminal.
      French culture faces a huge challenge that seems quite unlike the rest of Europe.

      A priest serving mass. I can't comprehend that level of nihilism.

    3. It ISN'T nihilism, Canardo, it's ISLAMISM. Failure to acknowledge that will not prevent YOUR throat from being slit from ear to ear, or your head hacked off in future.

      It won't matter if you're caught photographing urchins at play in a slum, attending church, or standing in the check-out line at your favorite specialty grocery market. All that matters is that YOU WILL DIE.

      If left unchecked, "they" will eventually reduce the Old North Church, Faneuil Hall, Harvard University, and every historic building Bostonians hold dear to smoking rubble.

      I predict too that crowds enjoying the sun on Boston Common will be mowed down by machine-gun fire before they can say, PAUL
      REVERE! as the savage barbarians you stoutly defend joyously shout ALLAHU AKBAR.

    4. That caught my eye, too...."looking for the motive?" Are they serious? How can there be a question?
      And what a wonderful way to keep Christians out of church all over Europe and, probably, here someday; what a really effective way to scare people. And the killers are so smart! They can continue to do this on a larger and more frequent level, but Western hands are tied in their efforts not to overstep, not to hurt the feelings of leftwingers who still don't get the threat, not to do collateral damage, when the terrorist goal is collateral damage.
      Sounds to me like ISIS has it all over us....in more ways than one.

    5. Z,
      Western hands are tied in their efforts...not to do collateral damage, when the terrorist goal is collateral damage.

      Well said!

      When will the West say, "Enough!"?

    6. Z: Unfortunately, Europe's churches have been largely empty for decades.

    7. Yup, SF. My French vet told me over 20 years ago that the churches were empty and north African immigrants were squatting in many little cathedrals with their little cooking pots and baggage. I understood then big trouble was coming as the French lost their will to preserve their nation and identity, and barbarians were pushing through the fence like a rising tide.

  3. There is only ONE sensible solution to ALL forms of Islamic Aggression. and that is a UTILITARIAN solution –– a FINAL Solution:




    Those who would be kind to the cruel are sure to be cruel to the kind."

    "Those who expect to reap the blessing of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."

    ~ Thomas Paine (1737-1809)


    However illegal, impolitic, inadvisable, unconstitutional, un-American, immoral or impracticable others claim it to be we should maintain a position of absolute intolerance for a Muslim Presence in OUR world.

    When the Handwriting on the Wall sends a clear, uncompromising message, and STILL we fail to heed its stern warning, we DESERVE to be ECLIPSED.

    FACE IT: Either it's DIDADIN or BE DAMNED.

  4. ISLAM is a CANCER.

    Like any form of the dread disease it must be treated with AGGRESSIVE ATTACKS ––








Anyone who does not believe this is an IMBECILE.

CANCER cannot be dealt with DIPLOMATICALLY.


    The morons who do not believe this, and would self-righteously defend the indefensible sit IMMERSED, HAMSTRUNG, and DROWNING in MYRIAD bits of DATA, as always, instead of getting to the ROOT, DIGGING it OUT, and BURN ING it.


Any attempt to be "REASONABLE" about the dire THREAT ISLAM poses to DECENT PEOPLE everywhere in the WORLD is a complete WASTE of TIME and ENERGY.


When it is clearly a KILL or BE KILLED situation, only a FOOL would FAIL to mount as strong and vicious a COUNTERATTACK as may be mustered.


If the WEST is to SURVIVE, __ I-S-L-A-M __ M-U-S-T __ D-I-E.

    And above all the mush-brained APOLOGISTS for ISLAM must be OSTRACIZED and EXILED.

  5. COMPLETELY OFF TOPIC (I'll admit it!) (but not if we consider the prolife stance good Catholics used to take), the two who recorded the Planned Parenthood harvesters have had the charges dropped against them. Sad that most media won't cover this. And sadder that the harvesting discussion got backseat to the 'horrors' of people actually recording that conversation! :-)
    Yup...killing babies and harvesting parts is apparently worse than exposing it.
    Kind of like CNN spending hours discussing how awful it is that Russia hacked the DNC, when, really, the awful, highly unethical thing was the way Wasserman-Schultz manipulated for Hillary.
    Ah, well.
    (by the way, not that I don't think ALL parties have manipulated that kind of thing since governance began, but...)
    My favorite was an email to Chuck Todd of MEET THE PRESS, where the subject was "Chuck, you have to STOP this" Oops...stop negative info about the Dems? yup

    1. It's up on Huffpost and other news sites. I have no idea why you believe it isn't being covered.

      What's sad is that extensive Senate hearings were held as well as investigations in 11 states and the came up with nothing. NOTHING and the right still harps on the harvesting lie.

      Yes, the Russians did the hack and released the e-mails. Interesting timing. Why were they trying to hurt Clinton's candidacy? Trump must be their guy.
      Anyway, as disgusting as DWS might be it was the super delegates, closed primaries and minority support in the south that carried it for Clinton and that had nothing to do with DWS being a jerk.

      Chuck Todd a cheap shill? Say it isn't so.
      Not that Chuck didn't let Drumpf play him.

    2. Duck,
      Maybe Z is referring to coverage on TV. Her comment seems to indicate that.

    3. Z,
      the two who recorded the Planned Parenthood harvesters have had the charges dropped against them

      When did that happen?

    4. @FT,

      "And above all the mush-brained APOLOGISTS for ISLAM must be OSTRACIZED and EXILED."

      Yes and [that] would go far in solving some non-Muslim problems, as well.

    5. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2016/07/26/last-charge-dropped-against-anti-abortion-duo-behind-planned-parenthood-videos.html

    6. Ducky..not even worth a reply.
      thanks. Ya, I'm sure Putin likes the guy who'd be 1000 tougher on him than your guys would be. Good thinking.
      And the harvesting situation DID happen...there's no doubt about that.

  6. Just another case of work place violence.

  7. DIDADIN is the ONLY sensible, practical
    answer to "The Muslim Problem."

    You will come to realize I am right one day. I only hope it won't be too late for you and yours.

    I don't think Jesus meant us to commit SUICIDE for the sake of OTHERS.

  8. The barbarians who killed this priest were teenagers? I'm hearing something about that this morning.

  9. FT,
    I don't think Jesus meant us to commit SUICIDE for the sake of OTHERS.

    That is a correct assessment.

    Besides, Jesus spoke to us as individuals -- not collectively. Salvation is not collective.

  10. Baysider,
    I truly believe it's a death wish on their part.

    Yes, but most of them don't believe that this death wish applies to them or their loved ones.


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