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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The 2016 Republican National Convention

These national conventions are, in large part, pep rallies for the political party and its candidate for President of the United States as well as a public relations show.

I'm too ill to watch much of the coverage, but did manage to watch a bit last night.

As I said at Free Thinke's blog this morning...

Three thoughts:

1. Rudy Giuliani's speech was a rousing barn burner. The speech of the night as far as I'm concerned.

2. Sean Smith's mother gave a moving speech and brought me to tears. Yes, Hillary Clinton lied to Mrs. Smith's face. Despicable!

3. Sheriff David Clarke was spot on! Apparently his speech earned an A rating from Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. Remarkable!

What do you think of the convention so far?

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  1. Say what you may, but I say .........At least is will be great to have a First Lady who is and who HAS been proud of this country for a change. Having such a 1st Lady again will be awesome.

    1. Hard to square with her plagiarizing Michelle Obama's convention speech.

      But I'm glad you enjoyed the hate fest.

    2. Duck,
      Hard to square with her plagiarizing Michelle Obama's convention speech.

      A tempest in a teapot.

      Now that I've once again heard Michelle Obama's 2008 speech, I remember how I felt at the time: Hooray!

      Now I think: If only...

      I do not view the convention is a hate fest. It's political theatre. I alluded to that in the body of the blog post.


      I agree, but have you nothing to say about Melania Trump's appearance? I was frankly devastated by her great charm as well as her abundant good looks.

      Of COURSE, the ENEMEDIA –– including FOX –– had to jump in right away to do their best to spoil the moment by accusing the lovely Mrs. Trump of having "plagiarized" her speech from one given by Michelle Obama in 2008.

      Was this just stupidity, or was it deliberate sabotage by an embodied D'Rat operative who'd infiltrated the "Speech Writing Committee?"

      Very frankly the more the Republican Establishment, the D'Rats, the Poison Ivy League and the Enemedia express their hatred of Mr. Trump, the better I like him.

    4. http://chatteringteeth.blogspot.com/2016/07/did-melanias-speech-plagarize-from.html

  2. I watched a bit of the PBS coverage... but had to change channels. David Brooks was there, and all he did was trash Trump and sneer with all the usual suspects.

    1. FJ,
      David Brooks? Gag.

      GOP establishment mouthpiece Peter Wehner is ever heaping praise upon David Brooks. What's up with that?

    2. I got a kick out of them turning away from Giuliani as soon as he got all Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi .

      I was waiting for Rudy to call everyone up to touch the blood banner. Guy was out of control.

    3. Duck,
      Rudy's speech worked because of this.

      Rudy attended so many funerals. Day after day. Marked for life. Only a stone-hearted individual wouldn't be!

    4. I don't believe Giuliani mentioned 9/11.

      You can recap the entire evening in a short phrase, Republicans are frightened.

      No positive statements just fear of you name it.

      When you have to stoop to having an underwear model claiming Obama is a muslim as a speaker you cede any claim to being a party of ideas.

      Build a wall and expand the military. Most of America saw that for its emptiness.

    5. Galicialulu Friedenhoffmeisterin said

      This Entemann's life must be one long bitter regret that he was ever put into this world. Such a dismal personality.

    6. The RNC should have skipped hosting a convention this year. All the MSM wants to do is sit up in their skyboxes, sneer, and make cynical jokes at the Republican Party's expense for 3-4 hours a night. Who the 'F needs THAT?

    7. AOW, I believe that Rudy Giuliani has a couple of blemishes on his record that likely derailed his reach for the Presidency back in 2008.

      He always tried to portray himself as a hero of 9/11 and thereby play that image into furthering his political ambitions. But after the original attack on the WTC in 1993 a command center was built in WTC Building 7, and this was accomplished by a big push from Giuliani himself.

      For some reason when the planes hit the towers on 9/11 Giuliani never made it to that command center, a supposedly secure bunker from which to "lead" as a mayor of New York City might be expected to do.

      I guess that is one small incident that has never been really investigated yet. But there's more ...

      New York City firefighters who were close to the scene saw that the laurels that Giuliani had attempted to grab for himself as a hero of 9/11 were in fact "just not so". They began a campaign against him as he was running for the Presidency itemizing several falsehoods that he was propagating regarding his actions on 0/11 and immediately after including hindering any attempts to recover remains of those still not recovered from the site.

      This video is very insightful showing why Rudy Giuliani is unfit for any public office, IMO.

    8. New York City was in the best shape it had been in in decades when Giuliani was mayor. When you look at the city then and look at it now its enough to make you sick.

  3. Finally found my way over to C-Span so I could actually watch the convention. Some of the best presentations never made it to any channel as flipped around checking. Why O'Reilly was on beats me.

    1. Bunkerville,
      Why O'Reilly was on beats me.

      No kidding!

    2. I thought the same thing; then Megyn Kelly talked over most of the speeches, too.
      I watched it on CSPAN.

      Giuliani was amazing....I'm thinking most Americans, even Dems, are finally waking up to which side will protect them, that being aware, watchful, and even fearful, promotes staying safe, and we'd want him on our side any day of the year.

  4. Prediction: Pro-Trump people will will digitally comb old speeches and produce excerpts that are exact matches to Michelle's 2008 speech, or perhaps even speeches by Mr. Obama.

    The Democrats and their toadies in the Infotainment-Media Complex lit the fuse, but I doubt this little tempest in a teapot will blow over so quickly.

    Two weeks from now, when both conventions lay upon the ash-heap of history, I'd love to see a tally of postive/negative news stories on both conventions.

    We need an attack dog press, but it needs to tear the seat out of all camps, not just the GOOP.

    1. This year, like every year, it's the fashion to "Swoon for Hillary"

    2. SF,
      I agree with about the need for an "attack dog press."

    3. "Swoon for Hillary"

      Now that's really SICK! How about "Hurl for Hillary"?

    4. I absolutely do NOT agree that we have any need whatsoever for "AN ATTACK DOG PRESS." We've had entirely too much of that ever since Woodward and Bernstein under the direction of the evil Kay Graham (née Meyer) and Ben Bradlee (who could't even spell his own name properly) took it upon themselves to destroy President Richard Nixon in an unprecedented journalistic coup d'etat.

      The Rise of the Fourth estate must soon be followed by The FALL of the FOURTH ESTATE or we won't have a country in which to wrangle much longer.

      The ONLY legitimate objective of a "free press"should be the freedom to FIND and PRESENT the TRUTH whatever it may be.

      TENDENTIOUS journalism is not worthy of the name, and organs of communication should be subject to LAW SUITS for punitive damages whenever they deliberately LIE to the public or TWISE the TRUTH to serve an AGENDA.

      "Freedom"should NEVER mean the freedom to ABUSE.

    5. FT,
      It's a matter of fighting fire with fire.

      Passivity has resulted in the Enemedia's total control of information and propaganda disseminated.

      THIS IS WAR!

      Besides, it's not a matter of lying and twisting. It's a matter of laying things out in blunt terms.

  5. I didn't watch the whole show and can't stomach Rudy Guiliani.

    I did see Mrs.Trump. And I agree she stole the show until General Flynn made his appearance. Funny how today the media pundits accuse the missus of plagiarism and I haven't heard one peep in response the charges of the General, who tore several strips off the hides of both Obama and Hillary Clinton.

    As far as the stolen rhetoric—Trump and his wife walk the talk. As for Obama and his wife it's just so much empty rhetoric as the subsequent years have proven.

  6. To me it felt like attending a 20 year class reunion and seeing that girl you had a crush on way back when is now gaunt with meth mouth and jailhouse tattoos. Bizarro world. Luke you couldn't drop a nuke on the place and hit a conservative or libertarian.

    1. The GOP has never been libertarian--it's not in their party platform. All that "libertarian" yammer is just tea partiers in tri-corn hats sounding off on subjects they know nothing about.

      The GOP hasn't been conservative for decades. Even under Ronaldus Maximus, government programs proliferated. Bringing back the Salem Witch Trials is about all that collection of crabby old people stand for anymore.

      Even controlling congress, the GOP continues to play a junior partner role to the big government Dems. Face it--we are a stupid Karkrashian nation of drugged people doomed to be ruled by the Catbert DemonCraps.

      Until the GOP can learn from the DemonCraps how to laugh and smile when they lie and stick the knife in, they will remain a despised laughingstock.

  7. Al Gore's 2000 election Texas campaign manager flies in from Camp N*ggerhead to intro a Navy Seal that has made millions of dollars from a book and a movie with a speech about how veterans come home from war and back to hell.

    Comparative theology from an underwear model.

    An airheaded First Lady wannabe cribs a 16 year old speech from another First Lady wannabe.

    A token black sheriff from no where near the issue hops out of his UFO to tell us Blue Lives Matter.

    A Congressman tells us about how America invented Western Civilization.

    It was a two bucket vomit night. This is what a destroyed Republican Party looks like.

    1. I must disagree that Sheriff Clarke is a "token black sheriff."

      Look. We are in a year of uncharted territory in American politics. Furthermore, the GOP did this to itself by running McCain in 2098 and Romney in 2012 -- and even earlier if we are honest with ourselves.

      The GOP of those days needs to vanish from the planet, and Donald Trump is facilitating that.

    2. I'll give you that - Trump is destroying the Republican Party. Meanwhile, the Democrats will continue to run unopposed.

    3. As for "token black sheriff" I'm guessing he doesn't have any black police officer's associations speaking out about racists in his department as is happening down here in the United Srates.

      He's about as charming as a Holocaust denier.

    4. Beamish,
      Do some sleuthing on Sheriff Clarke. I'm too sick to pursue that task myself.

    5. Beamish,
      The Dems would've run unopposed anyway: Jeb Bush.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. You can't have honest discussions with Sherriff Clarke types because they get all bent out of shape when you properly and correctly address them as blithering idiots.

      I have wonder about a cop that wants to shout down people who ask him about the numerous cases of police officers discovered to have ties to white supremacist / KKK / neo-Nazi groups. Between FBI intel assessments documenting white supremacist infiltration of law enforcement agencies, all of the arrests of neo-Nazi cops, and the apparent nod-and-wink toleration police departments have for racists in their ranks, you would think Sheriff Clarke would find a clue in his tool bag that perhaps the anti-cop hostilities could be assuaged by DOING SOMETHING ABOUT RACIST COPS, if only to sway the public into believing they give a damn about it.

    8. I don't know why Clarke where's four stars on each epaulet and a military style uniform, "Just for Men" beard, and a cowboy hat as part of his uniform.
      and remains a Democrat.
      I do not trust him.
      Fascist comes to mind.
      Fascists can sound appealing too.

    9. It's hard to have a police state without police....

  8. More sad to see dead-enders for the Repugnant Party rally for a guy that believes fantasizing about incest with his daughter and commenting on her breast size is somehow a compliment.

    1. Can you provide us the quote where Trump "fantasizes about incest with his daughter?"

      I've read the quote where he said he could see himself dating her if she weren't his daughter, but I must have missed the part about Trump wanting to have sexual relations with her. If you could just provide that quote then, please.

    2. http://addictinginfo.org/2015/07/10/that-time-donald-trump-made-a-creepy-incest-joke-about-his-daughter/

      Do you want the video of Trump fondling his chest while raving about his daughter's breasts? The Howard Stern audio of Trump bragging about his sexual escapades? The names of women he's harrassed?

      Ignoring alot to stay ignorant, huh?

    3. Do you have reading comprehension problems, son, or are you just mentally-challenged. Quote. I asked for a quote. Not a link. A Quote.

      Clearly, you cannot provide a quote of Trump saying he would like to have sex with his daughter. You do understand that is what incest is, right?

      Try again, sonny boy. Ol' Trumpo ain't my favorite character either, but pull you head out and at least analyze things for yourself before cutting and pasting leftwing tripe.

    4. Clearly context is not your forte, Mr. Boogler. How about some honesty?

      You're mentally retarded, right?

    5. You know, context? Like Trump declaring he wouldn't mind seeing his daughter pose nude in a pornographic magazine, that he admires her figure (enough to gesture with his hands on his own chest like he's groping breasts)?

      You know, the quote preceded by reducing his daughter to pornographic objectification before declaring he'd "date" her?

      Context, retard. Context. He'd date her if she weren't his daughter because fathers never go to the movies with their daughter?

      Effin retard.

    6. Clearly, you are cognitively-challenged or you are illiterate. A surefire clue that someone is performing a smear is when they don't provide the quote, but provide a paraphrase or characterization of the quote:

      For the edification of all, I provide the quote I requested of you. This is what Mr. Bombast actually said:

      “It would be really disappointing — not really — but it would depend on what’s inside the magazine. I don’t think Ivanka would do that, although she does have a very nice figure. I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”

      So, dating equates to sex? My what a dirty mind you leftists have.

      Trump's formulation also suggests he is probably in the anti-incest camp. Incestuous molesters are notorious sneak-thieves and cultivate a squeaky-clean image. They don't go around joking about it.

      To people with analytical skills, this looks like a crass statement from a crass man, and the mewling from people like you appears to be pathetic sour grapes. When the facts don't support your fear and loathing of someone, make some facts up!

      That gas mask must need a filter change. You are succumbing to the fumes.

    7. So, based on Trump's admission that he admires his daughter's figure / body, his admission that he wouldn't mind seeing her pose nude in a poen mag, his mock groping of his chest indicating that he likes his daughter's brwasts, and that if not for the fact he is her father he'd aeek to date her (based on her appearance and his desire to see her nude / grope her breasts) and the context that he has always referred to women he has dated as "pieces of ass," you conclude that he's just "crass" but not insinuating he believes his own daughter is yet another "piece of ass" he would date.

      Do you have any evidence he meant he would date her because he likes her personality, admires her intelligence, wants to spend time pursuing mutual interests?

      No, you don't.

      So you have any evidence you're not a retard?

      No, you don't.

    8. That's quite a word tower you built yourself there, Gassy. You stupidly made a statement, and now you can't back it up. Better change those filters.

    9. "Do you have any evidence he meant he would date her because he likes her personality, admires her intelligence, wants to spend time pursuing mutual interests?"


      The requirement to produce evidence is on YOU, Gassy, since you are the one with the pornographic mind leveling the charge.

      The actual evidence of Trump putting his daughter in a very high position in his empire reveals that he does like her personality and admire her intelligence, and he has said so, often commenting on her business acumen, which he has said is superior to that of his sons, which is why Ivanka occupies a higher position than The Donald's sons.

      There's my evidence. Looks like all you got is gas. hee hee hee!

    10. So Trump praising his daughter's body with words and crude hand gestures makes him "crass" and my taking notice of what makes him "crass" gives me a "dirty mind."

      I guess I need some brainwashing, retard.

    11. Hey there Gassy!

      "she does have a very nice figure" is quite tame compared to your incest porn date fantasies.

      Repeatedly calling me a "retard" just reinforces how pathetically impotent your whiny argument is.

    12. Gassy's all teary from the fumes.

      hee hee hee!

  9. From the photos and videos I've seen, it looked like a lot of the speakers practiced their speeches on a balcony while raising their hands in a "special" salute.

    1. Thanks for the reminder. I was watching TV the other day and saw BLM members in a huge crowd around some leader with their arms up and toward him like Hitler lovers...it blew my mind. Not sure what THAT was about.

  10. pray for a miracle AOW...we are in some mighty rough waters currently...can we still be hopeful???

  11. Ive wanted to watch some of it out of morbid curiosity, but don't really have access to a TV. Reading excerpts on the net though.....I learned that apparently Obama is a Muslim.....or something.

  12. Please read at least the two paragraphs below the video:


    I can't recall a GOP candidate ever saying that blacks actually DO have different and negative experiences with cops based simply on the matter of race.


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