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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Independence Day 2016

(For politics, please scroll down)

For the long Fourth-of-July weekend:

Have a celebratory and safe Fourth of July!


  1. Y'all have a Happy 4th too. I pray you are feeling well and your health has improved. May the LORD bless and keep you. ~:)

    1. Sparky,
      Mr. AOW and I will be having a rather isolationist July 4th. I can't be more than 3 minutes away from a bathroom! I guess -- I hope -- that the left kidney is draining, albeit by small and very frequent output.

  2. Happy 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th .....
    Happy Independence Day and healing to you.

  3. Praying for your health, AOW. Happy Independence Day.

  4. As befits the present fragile, fearfully tenuous condition of the nation today we've having a SOMBER –– CONTEMPLATIVE –– SUPPLICATORY –– and PRAYERFUL observance of INDEPENDENCE DAY WEEKEND at FreeThinke's blogspot.

    This does not mean expressions of joy and good humor are not welcome, but it does mean that mockery, cynical sneering and mindless, partisan BOILERPLATE will either be deleted or denounced.

  5. Feel better and enjoy this weekend full of happy memories and hopeful futures for our country!

  6. AOW, I hope you are feeling better soon and that you and Mr have a great weekend.

    1. Kid,
      I had another major attack last night. Therefore, I've been scarcely on the web.

      No relief in sight until well after July 19.

    2. Good God AOW, no relief is right. I picked up the flu Friday and it has only gotten worse

  7. Odd...where are all your liberal contributors?

    AOW...SO SORRY to hear about this most recent attack!!! And Kid; GET WELL SOON!


      I would hope you'd be glad no "liberals" have shown up to befoul the atmosphere and do their darnedest to make us Conservative-Libertarians angry, dejected and sick at heart.

      When it comes to those regrettable "types," all I have to say is, "WHO NEEDS 'EM?


      The liberals may
      be as great as they say,

      But they wouldn't be missed,
      If they ceased to exist.

      ~ adapted from Grooks with grateful; acknowledgement of the unique genius of Piet Hein

  8. ____________ FIREWORKS ____________

    The fountains in the sky in brilliance burst

    Over throngs who thrill as patterns spread

    In radiant arms of glowing hues disbursed

    Natant in the blackness overhead.

    Deafening as any cannonade

    Explosions follow soon the hiss and squeal ––

    Preliminaries to the star brigade

    Erupting floridly, yet quite unreal.

    Naumachia was naught compare to this

    Delirium. Decorum’s cast aside.

    Enraptured like Narcissus we know bliss,

    Non sequitur to what’s seen nationwide.

    Could joy we take in heaven’s fireworks
Earthbound hold us, while the Devil smirks?

    ~ FreeThinke - The Sandpiper

    1. I had to look up "naumachia." Apt comparison!

    2. The unabridged OED is a virtual FIVE FOOT SHELF that contains and catalogues the broadest, richest most complex vocabulary of any language in the world.

      I've been intrigued by unusual words since childhood, and used to read the Random House ACD my mother gave me for my tenth birthday every night in search of curious words new to me. I thank God –– and my parents who encouraged me in this practice –– every day.

      As someone who has been alarmed and distressed for several decades to see our magnificent language slipping away from us thanks to the deliberate "Dumbing Down" process to which we've been subjected since the mid-SICK-sties, I've made it my business to do all I can as a lone individual to keep as much of our rich vocabulary alive as I possibly can.

      Tantamount to sweeping the ocean back with a broom?

      Perhaps, but it does WONDERS for ME, so I shall persist until The Great Day arrives.

      Thanks for looking it up. I very much appreciate those who have the curiosity to bother. Most are either too lazy –– or too dull-witted –– to care one way or the other.


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