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Friday, July 8, 2016

July 7, 2016: Dallas War Zone

Pray for the families of those who were murdered, and for the injured and their families.

Horror on the streets of Dallas as snipers open fire on the police, kill five* officers, and wound seven others at a Black Lives Matter demonstration.  The police were specifically targeted in what appears to have been a carefully orchestrated attack.

It is the the deadliest attack on U.S. law enforcement since Sept. 11, 2001.

As of the time of this blog post, police are still negotiating with and exchanging gunfire with a suspect holed up in a high rise complex.



  1. This is why I carry.

    [one of a multitude of reasons anyway]

    - CI

  2. The Streets in America are Turning Red From the Blood from the of the Violence that have taken over the American culture Thanks to the loony Left. Now we don't even have time to morn the dead from one incident, before another incident happens.
    I know, guns don't kill people, people kill people, and it's an insult to even think that way. No , it's not the weapons that kill so many, in such little time. It is the mad killers choice of weapon, so please no dumb ice pick, baseball bat, or knife comparisons.
    Cops killing citizens, citizens killing cops. Everyone armed to the teeth and angry as hell. Deadly force use to be the last resort. Now guns are the first thing everyone grabs. A fist fight ends in gun shot deaths. Children killing, or getting killed with a gun they should not have had. Our Congress can't even vote to stop suspected terrorists from buying a gun, or reenact a ban on these weapons, which used to be the law of the land. Inaction costs lives, so this do nothing Congress has to take its part of the blame.
    These killers come from our ranks. There are many different recipes that make murder and Americans seem to have found all of those recipes. And I blame our current administration for blaming the guns and not the sicko's who are behind the guns.
    Last night 5 Police Officers were murdered in Cold Blood by 3 cowards who belonged to that Racist Gang known as "Black Lives Matter".
    By the way, the dead and injured in Dallas were taken to Parkland hospital for care. Which reminded me of the first time I thought the second amendment needed a rewrite. The day president Kennedy was assassinated just blocks away from where these shootings took place tonight in Dallas.
    We have got to put an end to those madmen running wild in our streets. And a good start would be changing the administration. Getting rid of these Leftist Bleeding Hearts.

    1. "These killers come from our ranks."

      No. No they don't. We are not the criminal class. And we don't take lightly, the State placing Citizen's names on a secret list, with no transparency nor remediation - utterly gutting the concept of Due process.

      "Reenact a ban" on what weapons? Firearms in common use that are functionally indistinguishable from any other firearm?

      You seem to be doing that which you decry...blaming the firearm.

      - CI

  3. At least Freddie Gray's pocket knife is off the streets. Go team go!

    I've been saying for years that the coy dismissals of obvious cases of police brutality and unjustified shootings were gong to bring a backlash from people with little to nothing to lose.

    Guess what day is here? This backlash is illogical, but entirely foreseeable.

    1. Beamish,
      Not sure yet that it's the backlash to which you refer. These snipers moved in a military manner.

      Anyway, let's see what comes out over the next few days and beyond.

      I have contact people on the ground in Dallas. Let's see what they learn.

      Have there been coy dismissals based on bias against blacks?

      Yes, and there have dismissals of cases which should have proceed because the perps were black or the member of some other "favored group." I've seen the latter for myself several times.

    2. Furthermore, the justice system is imperfect. It's best to avoid involvement with the justice system.

    3. I doubt "moving in a military manner" is a meaningful observation. Remember the DC / Beltway plinkers* used 16x scopes (makes a 6 foot tall man 100 yards away appear 96 feet tall and around 20 feet away, in scope perspective). There's no skill there. I can turn a quarter-dollar coin into a washer at 50 yards iron sights with my Mosin Nagant all day long. Scopes are for chumps in the short ranges involved here.

      *plinkers - because snipers are skilled

    4. "*plinkers - because snipers are skilled"


    5. Beamish,
      I watched a lot of video last night. It looked like moving in a military manner to me.

      I haven't heard much about the weaponry used.

    6. I'm with Beamish on this one.

      One of the many reasons for the dismissal of the tea parties is that it was a white middle class "uprising" over paying too much taxes and crying over government abuse. Meanwhile, those same "liberty loving, constitutional, Christian" conservative completely ignored the plight of others. Not just ignored it, but derisively dismissed such uncomfortable facts when confronted with them.

      Guess what? Black people at the lower rungs--and even in the middle class--have been putting up with institutional abuse for decades. Say that to the typical white con or tea partier and they will dismiss it all and point to the Civil Rights movement.

      I have documented at WH how city governments hound and harass minorities, how Baltimore herded blacks into Sandtown decades ago, that although things are better now, many are still trapped by the legacy of ill-treatment...

      And nobody on the %$#&!@ing right wants to hear any of it!

      It's not a cop-black people thing. It's not a left-right thing. It's a liberty thing.

      Do you really love liberty? Then how about liberty for all?

      Meanwhile, rightwing toilets like the Conservative Outhouse smear Philando Castile before we have all the facts, ignoring he passed a background check to work with children at a school.

      We have a deep, deep problem in this nation, forces are hammering our society and causing fissures. Forces on all sided are jamming chisels and pry bars into those fissure and hammering them.

      So no one misunderstands me, I'll conclude my comment by repeating how Beamish concluded his comment:

      This backlash is illogical, but entirely foreseeable.

    7. I'm with Beamish on this, too.
      He mentioned "a backlash from people with little to nothing to lose."
      The reasons they have nothing to lose are what we need to be addressing; their 'black leaders' who convince them they're worthless and need the gov't? The schools which are literally falling apart in every way? Have you realized that ALL (all) of these people have "fiancees" and yet have children? Or the woman is "the mother of his child" (not his wife).
      Think that's not part of the sad equation?
      Am I suggesting that's not the case with Whites, too? Absolutely NOT, but this just adds to the fire.
      Hard working fathers at home DO make a difference in their childrens' lives.
      The guy who died selling illegal CDs, said "the mother of his 5 children" (normally called a WIFE) will be missed now for the SUPPORT he gave them....from selling CDs? Support for five children? That's SUPPORT? He had an illegal gun, too...is that good ethical support? Does that make for good character in his children?
      Am I implying he deserved to DIE? OF COURSE NOT...but I use him as a sad example of preparing a world for these kids which is unbearable...they have 'nothing to lose' cuz they've got NOTHING.

      Everybody's to blame on this, NOT JUST WHITE AMERICA, and everybody needs to get that through their thick heads....
      They may have "nothing to lose" but America, Black AND White, has PLENTY to lose.
      Since Obama took over, racism has reared its ugly head again in HUGE ways....not that it ever left, but it's a cottage industry now.
      STOP. We're all AMERICANS...those kids need help.


    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. When absolute bullshit occurs, such as when St. Louis County prosecutor Bob McCullough defends Michael Brown's murderer Darren Wilson DURING a grand jury with two days of coached "eyewitness" testimony from a racist mental patient who wasn't even there, and laughs on camera and on radio about doing so, we have a coy dismissal of obvious police brutality and unjustified shootings that is going to do nothing but add to an already overflowing resentment against the thugocracy and their armed henchmen.

      You can't keep pouring gasoline on a fire and expect a bumper crop of cotton candy and rainbows.

    10. Did the earth move? Duck and Beamish are on the same side!

    11. Beamish...exactly.

      Ducky ""policymakers supported the merger of crime control and anti-poverty programs as a means to exert greater social control in the lives of these 'potentially delinquent' urban youth."
      I didn't agree with much of what I read but I agree with that.

      We do have a lot to do; mostly, convincing Black kids they can have better lives if they don't follow crack addicted mothers and fathers, if they can figure out who that fellow might be. And I'm not suggesting it's only Black kids with this problem but we're dealing with that today, considering the race problem.

      If Obama had ONLY used his pulpit as something for good instead of fanning racist hate ever since the Harvard Professor incident, jumping to wrong conclusions....as he did, also, with Ferguson, inflaming, enraging....
      I'm not blaming him entirely, obviously, but at least I had hopes he could help race relations and he seems to go out of his way NOT to.

      too much to say on the subject.
      As the Dallas Mayor just said "Faith, Hope and love"....
      WAAAAY oversimplified but important...faith that we CAN get along again (things were better 8 years ago no matter what anybody says), HOPE that we can start all seeing each other as Americans with the same chances, and LOVING each other, Black or White.

      Our Black kids today have a generation of parents (and I generalize here because we all know those who do NOT fall under this category) who aren't parents ....many don't know their fathers. they need to rise above this nightmare. How?

    12. Ducky's linked article is a little heavy on the leftwing activist buzzword bingo, describing riots as "rebellions," and "uprisings."

      While I have spoken out against the punitive fines and other mafia-like tactics cities use to prey on the poor who have the misfortune of becoming entangled in the "justice" system, can a "War on Crime" really be a bad thing" Really?

      No, too many guilty white latte leftists try to be down with the struggle and ignore the plight of those innocent people--often minorities--drowning in a sea of crime and social dysfunction with no way out.

      You've got to draw a clear line at criminal activity and behavior that clearly acts as a societal corrosive, so those latte leftists have some growing up and fact-facing to do before they can sit down at the adult table and discuss these issues honestly and rationally.

      Here's a better article, blessedly free of both activist rhetoric and self-satisfied rightwing moralizing). It takes a much more scientific approach:

      Chicago on the Brink

    13. Did the earth move? Duck and Beamish are on the same side!

      I've always been an anti-government libertarian, more ardent as I get older. That will tend to overlap will people opposed to fascism.

    14. Z,
      We do have a lot to do; mostly, convincing Black kids they can have better lives if they don't follow crack addicted mothers and fathers, if they can figure out who that fellow might be. And I'm not suggesting it's only Black kids with this problem but we're dealing with that today, considering the race problem.


      Our Black kids today have a generation of parents (and I generalize here because we all know those who do NOT fall under this category) who aren't parents ....many don't know their fathers. they need to rise above this nightmare. How?

      Yes, how? On all those items you mentioned.

    15. Beamish,
      There IS an appropriate role for government. The problem is that government has attempted to be the provider of everything for all. DOESN'T WORK!

    16. Beamish,
      You seem to know a lot more about the Ferguson situation than I do. Of course, you're closer to Ferguson, so you should know more than the rest of us.

    17. Z,
      I have spent my teaching career trying to convince my black students to reach higher. I've been somewhat successful: about 50%. But so many of the black kids have chips on their shoulders -- never mind that many of them live in multi-million-dollar mansions, homes which make this old house of 1200 square feet look like a hovel.

    18. Via Warren v. District of Columbia and other federal court rulings, the public duty doctrine DOES NOT APPLY TO THE POLICE. Pay all the taxes you want, but the cops do not have to "protect and serve" you whatsoever. Or even come when you call. At least most other useless people getting a government check aren't licensed to kill whoever they feel like.

      Government? A failed idea at best.

    19. Just so Ducky and I can get back to bookending the far left to far right political spectrum and argue for consensus from the middle... ;)

      Here's an alarming statistic:

      Males make up 49% of the US population yet a disproportionate amount of males wind up in prison - 94% of US prisoners are male!

      The institutional sexism must stop!

    20. Beamish: Good one!

      We've also got to get out there and jail more Asians. They are also underrepresented in the prison population.

    21. Precisely. We obviously need some sort of affirmative action regime that makes it easier for Asian women to be convicted of crimes.

  4. From Tammy, one of my contacts in the Dallas area:

    DFW is my community. But the story does not "match" our overall community posture. Police officers will join Americans for scheduled coffee breaks at MacDonalds, run youth sports programs, generally well-respected in my city of Irving. We have bicycle cops peddling the streets in helmets and shorts in the hotter months.

    Misty McBride, one officer, suffered an abdominal and arm wound. The deceased are being taken to the Medical Examiners office but sheets are being used as curtains out of respect for the dead, to keep their remains from public view.

    The Dallas official line is that snipers shot the officers. It seems a line of fire was laid down from a parking garage.

    But there is about a 12 block area of downtown which is now a giant crime scene. Thousands of American workers will be unable to get to their jobs today. Hopefully, they can return to work on Monday.

    Our city is in shock.

    Our Senator, Pete Sessions, gave a telephone interview and sounded like an idiot. He mentioned "Americans have changed" and in the same breath used San Bernardino and Orlando as his examples. Really? He did state that we have combustible violence. But I am royally pissed that he said "Americans" and the two locales in the same sentence.

    * Unusual to have a female shooter. That is troubling.

  5. This may seem petty to most, but I really wish the idiot media would quit using the term 'Sniper'.

    - CI

    1. It's an insult to true trained snipers.

    2. Exactly my point. "Gunman" works well enough.

      - CI

    3. Was Micah Xavier a trained sniper? He was US Army Reserve. I haven't heard anything about his training.

    4. Hard to say at this stage, but doubtful. The number of Soldiers selected to attend US Army Sniper School is very, very small. And not all pass. Most folks in uniform only shoot the basic qualification ranges a couple ofttimes a year....this is especially true for Guard and Reservists.

    5. Basic rifle training is all it takes. I could have done what that scumbag did at age 5 with a .30-06

      Of course, I come from a family that was raised on "don't hit, don't eat" and just about everyone is a sharpshooter.

    6. I wish they'd stop calling them "shooters." It sounds silly. They've always been called "gunmen." Has this anything to do with pressure from the feminists? Any any rate "sniper" sounds a lot better than shooter. And sniper has always meant someone with a rifle who picks off people at random from a remote or hidden location even if the military appropriated the term for a more elite use..

    7. Well, as long as it 'sounds' better I guess.....right?

    8. CI,
      When all that broke loose in Dallas -- and I happened to have the news on and was watching live -- it seemed as if snipers were firing. Specific targets and all that.

    9. Even Spanish-language TV was calling them snipers (Francotiradores)

  6. Apparently, the shooters were triangulating at different positions.

  7. Were the shooters white? Black?

    I haven't heard.

    Granted, I'm having trouble keeping up with the news this morning. Another minor attack of colitis. **sigh**

  8. Sparky,
    Can it be coincidental that all this is happening on Obama's watch? I don't think so! His speech yesterday was inciteful.

  9. Last night and this morning, while I was watching video of what was happening in Dallas, I saw what seemed to be some of the young demonstrators dancing with glee upon hearing that four police officers were dead.



    1. No surprise there. Hell, when the slaughter in Chicago in which it is quite apparent black lives don't mean diddly to the other blacks seeing they are in fact the murders and in turn our exalted so called leader himself ignore the bloodshed in his hometown (and seeing I'm from there it's really an insult to me)one has to assume this clown of a leader and his Commie inspired followers have brought us to the edge of a new civil war, one based truly on race so as to divide and destroy this nation

    2. I think the BLM movement is very excited with each of these awful incidents..it fuels their fire.
      Fun to go out as a group....feel accepted, feel cared about, marching together. Not sure many want dead officers but it sure feels that way sometimes, doesn't it.
      That's what FAMILIES used to do, the thing gangs do today...acceptance, support ...our kids need that back from their parents, not the punk gang leader or some leftwing Black jerk intent on actually believing most Whites hate Blacks....

  10. Just now....Capitol Building in DC just went on lock down.

  11. The shooter's name = Micah Xavier Johnson.

    Information about him:


  12. You write as if we've never had race riots in America, AOW.

    Police have a pretty sketchy history in black communities and to say that a movement has arisen under Obama implies that it ever left.
    Of course, BLM has been trying to move non violently but that doesn't seem to matter.

    It's Obama's fault, yeah.
    You have a seriously angry, alienated population and lot of guns and somehow Obama's responsible that the mixture bears its logical fruit.
    So by all means everyone strap up. But if you do that without trying to understand the source of the anger and alienation you really haven't done squat.

    We are a sorry people.

  13. Come on, Duck. I know about race riots in Washington. My father was working in SE D.C. when tar race riot resulted in the burning of the corridor of town.

    Race riots do NOT further good race relations!

  14. Of course they don't.

    But you can only push people so far before there is a reaction.
    You can hold police blameless for only so long (Rodney King).

    Then when BLM tries to frame the problem and move non violently and engage in dialog the right gets all upset that minorities are raising their voices.

    Well I'd try to listen to them or get ready for a rebirth of the black power movement (like the shooter in Dallas).

  15. Duck typed in:

    we have a lot to undo.

    I've heard that for most of my life.

    Who is "we"?

    What, exactly, am I myself supposed to do?

    I've always had black students and black clients -- without any problem whatsoever. In fact, one black family considers me a part of their family, and we consider them family, too.

    I have black family members -- in-laws and a beloved cousin who just turned three years old.

    I have voted for blacks running for political office -- Doug Wilder, to name one.

    Again, I ask, "What, exactly, am I myself supposed to do?"

  16. From what I've been able to discern, Micah Xavier Johnson is from a family that is quite prosperous. Am I wrong?

  17. Let us not forget that America has twice elected to the Oval Office an African-American POTUS. He could not have been elected without white votes.

  18. ".. .And we are here
    ___ as on a darkling plane
    Swept by confused alarums
    ___ of struggle and flight
    Where ignorant armies
    ___ clash by night."

    ~ Matthew Arnold - Dover Beach, c. 1840-1850

  19. Taunting the police and celebrating:


  20. Ducky; how ridiculous can you get "the right gets all upset that minorities are raising their voices."

    RAISING THEIR VOICES? Really? We on the Right are against peaceful protest? think again...stop the inferences; completely unfounded and you know it.

    Meanwhile, BLM is shocking even ME with protests tonight from Baton Rouge, when FIVE COPS lost their lives due to a guy who believed in the BLM cause.
    Oh! I KNOW, it wasn't BLM that did it...only ONE GUY!
    Well, gee...it's only ONE CHRISTIAN who bombed an abortion clinic 20 years ago yet Christians get the blame.

    get smarter....this doesn't work anymore.

  21. Rumors of threats not true

    The only news of death threats I could find were against a vigil organizer in Shreveport which forced cancellation.

    You may have other information.

  22. Single shooter (allegedly) though several cops reported multiple rifles from windows, and of course there were armed protesters openly carrying. It's going to be a while before bullets are matched to guns. If ever.

    This will be next year's conspiracy theory, complete with grassy knolls.

  23. When young kids are standing opposite lines of cops, practically chest to chest, that's the threat I meant....just 'in your face', which was clearly shown on TV yesterday afternoon... that's all I meant.. I have no idea what other rumors of threats are true or not.
    What I meant was why would BLM even try it on the day after 5 cops die?

  24. Z,
    Did you happen to see Sean Hannity's show last night?

    I very rarely watch Hannity, but last night I had a touch of insomnia.

    I couldn't believe what I was hearing from a few of the protesters in Baton Rouge.

    On middle-aged black man screamed, "The problem is that there isn't a law against a white man killing a black man in this country! We want a law made that a white man can't kill a black man!"

    And another, a much younger man: "The problem is that we depend on the white man's dollar. We need our own schools, our own banks..."

    Yet two more (a man and a woman, so I'm paraphrasing here): "We want justice. The fact of the matter is that we have the video. What more due process do we need?"

  25. Hannity is tool, but at least that coverage nicely illustrated how utterly ignorant our society is.

    - CI

  26. CI,
    So you saw Hannity's show last night, too?

    I admit that I was STUNNED by what I heard during the first portion of the show. Couldn't believe my ears! So, I watched the rerun this morning, yet, that's what I heard.

  27. From this source, and please go to the link to read it all:

    ...The Post found that the great majority of people who died at the hands of the police fit at least one of three categories: they were wielding weapons, they were suicidal or mentally troubled, or they ran when officers told them to halt....

    1. Just to add to that, I heard Sheriff David Clarke on Larry Elder yesterday. He pointed out that 40% of policemen killed in the line of duty are killed by young black men.

  28. No, I don't have TV here...I was going off of your recap of the idiocy of the protestors. I'm sad to say that I'm not surprised at their ignorance.

    - CI

  29. CI,

    I hope to find the video at some point.

    I thought that I was aware of the level of ignorance out there. I wasn't!

    The best explanation I have: the school system is promoting victimology -- and teaching nothing about the principles of civics.

  30. Hannity video to which I referred earlier -- please watch.

  31. Please note: Dallas Mass Cop Murderer was Follower of Nation of Islam.

    The above link also shows his residence. Must be nice to live in such a gorgeous home!

    1. have you seen the home the Obama's are moving into in January? HOLY SMOKE

    2. Z... yes, it's almost as big as the house GW Bush bought in Dallas. But it occupies quite a bit less land than the 1600 acres the Bush's other house sits on.

      Do you have an issue with the Obama's new residence?

    3. I answered you below....I HAVE no issue, do yOU?
      You got so defensive...all I was saying was "WOW, what a house"...nice.

  32. Claiming faux-victim status means not having to be accountable for your actions or your life choices.....

    - CI

  33. AOW! I didn't see that....there's no law that a White man can't kill a Black man? UNBELIEVABLE.
    THIS is how they don't see each other as FREE AMERICAN CITIZENS with the SAME RIGHTS. THIS is what happens when they haven't heard it in school...
    and they didn't even 'ax'.

  34. I see the media hasn't altered their script...

    A "highly trained" and "decorated" Private First Class.....who employed his "honed skills"....

    But in actuality was seemingly a dirtbag Carpentry/Masonry Specialist discharged on sexual harassment charges.

    And as before....he had neither an actual "assault rifle", but an SKS....that does't even meet the criteria invented by the gun control industry....for what an "assault rifle" is erroneously alleged to even be.

    That, and an "arsenal" of guns at his home....

    Oh...media...don't ever change...you're adorable....

  35. Z + 1. Complete brainwash job.
    And "we want our own schools." What is THAT about? Take me back to Jim Crow. Really??

    1. Baysider,
      Yes, the man was calling for a return to Jim Crow!

      You can't make up this stuff!

  36. Micah Johnson not only was a follower of NOK. He also took an NOI name.

    Mainstream media, where are you to trumpet this information?

  37. Dave...sometimes the REPLY doesn't work here at the spot I try to REPLY to so I hope you see this.

    I posted that because the Obama home is quite nice; I'd just run across pix and shared it...do YOU have a problem with that or that BUSH'S is BIGGER!? (Bush has a home in Crawford, too...why not mention that?)
    This was so transparent on your part I am still giggling...

    Oh, and, by the way, I don't really like the interiors of O's house at ALL, but I'm sure most think it's exquisite....goody for them!

    1. Z,
      I had to go to comment moderation this evening -- a few health issues, which require that I get some uninterrupted rest.

  38. AOW....this isn't a question of moderation...this happens here from time to time where I click on REPLY under a person's comment and it won't open, so I just type in a comment at the bottom box and hope the person sees it. No problem...just odd!

    I think I speak for all of us when I say I'm so eager to hear when you're feeling MUCH better ...and that I am SO sorry about this illness! XX

    1. Z,
      Sometimes the comment box doesn't open when I'm using my iPad. I wonder if it some sort of Apple device incompatibility.

      Don't worry about putting the comments at the bottom when these glitches occur.

      As for my Summer from Hell, well, I'm one of those few people who can barely tolerate a ureteral stent. Thus says my surgeon, who had to deal with an emergency call from me the evening of July 3. He called ME back from a barbecue on July 4 to see if his recommended pharmaceutical worked overnight. It did! The pain is tolerable but is worse at night.

    2. Addendum: The longer this stent remains in, the better the chances that the kidney can be saved -- and that I won't need major surgery to rebuild the ureter.

      This is cutting edge medicine, so no outcomes are guaranteed.

    3. OH MY GOSH, AOW....this is really serious, isn't it! I hope your good kidney is FINE, yes?

    4. Z,
      Yes, quite serious. So far, I'm in the treatable stage with regard to the left kidney (stage 3 out of 4 possible stages).

      The other kidney -- the better one at this point -- has "an anatomical anomaly" and also has hydronephrosis, albeit not late-stage hydronephrosis.

      I must say, though, that I'm feeling better now than I was for months before I got the diagnosis. The trouble began last fall, but I didn't recognize that the trouble was kidney related: the symptoms were vague at first and seemed to be stress-triggered colitis. Not so! All along, it was kidney trouble, compounded by my back injury.

      I complain a lot about the downsides of living in the D.C. area. But now I'm so glad that I live in a region with state-of-the-art medical care! My urologist has been named "Leading Physician of the World." If anyone can help me, he can!


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