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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Flashback: Shame on Her

From 2008:

Obama's and Clinton's love fest, July 27, 2016 at the DNC:

Obama worshipers somehow reconcile voting for Barack Hussein Obama in 2008 and 2012 with now supporting Hillary Rodham Clinton in 2016.

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  1. Here's my post for the day, so you don't have to steal it.

    Bill Clinton The Orator but sadly he is also the women molester and possibly also a "rapest "

    Verses Obama the inept president who won the presidency because of his bias and racist oratory. He says whatever he needs to say, to stir up controversy, and racial decide. Where I come from we would call that speech an attack on "white " people. The wprse political speech I've ever heard, and I've heard the best. Using hiis socialist passion, and surpassing the masses.
    I was never an Obama-maniac, and NEVER liked Hillary, so my option though I hate to admit it is Donald Trump. I'm sure his biews played a big part in my decision. When McCain picked Palin, I voted for Obama. And I regretted that decision to this day. I disagreed sharply with all lot of Obama's decisions, but I have respect for for the office of the Presidency, but I can not in good conscience like him, or Hillary. In fact I dispise her.. If he goes on the road for Hillary and keeps giving those kind of speeches, just as he did at the convention, I will NEVER vote for another Democratic again. EVER!
    Obama will go out of office as a popular president, but for me, he has earned nothing but hate! Period.
    Obama can talk all the optimism he wants. But the future looks dim no matter which Democratic candidate wins, one is just as bad as the other.
    Obama does NOT deserve any of our application, as all he has done is make America worse than the day that he too office.

    Kudos to Donald Trump and the Republicans for trying to pulling us out of the mess that the Democrats are leaving us with. With a little help he could have done so much more. Obama has given us racism and a country so deep in dept that we may never pull out of. Surely NOT in our lifetime.
    So on with the election and the dripping hate on the blogs, from the lefties
    Thank you for your time


    1. "Obama........ all he has done is make America worse than the day that he too office."

      Yes but don't forget he has had a lot of help from his fawning minions (morons);some of whom even appear here from time-to-time.

      "Bill Clinton The Orator but sadly he is also the women molester and possibly also a "rapest " "

      "POSSIBLY" ?

  2. It's difficult to understand how s person, either A man or a Women could be a candidate for president with the baggage that Hillary brings along with her. After ALL the lies, scandals, and all the rest of the controversy that surrounds her I just don't understand the people who support her. I think that you'd have to be either Crazy or s glutton for punishment to vote for that creatin.

  3. At the risk of alienating many, perhaps even members of my own family, let me offer this in response to the Democratic Convention.

    I personally think that this Conversation was one of the most Phony, and disgusting, display's of speeches and the collection of people speaking there that I have ever whitenessed.

    1. Believe me Luke, you did NOT alienate anyone that matters!

  4. It truly is difficult to imagine anybody with Hillary's past able to run for president...it seemed like we can draw a kind of metaphor in asking about the Bill Clinton speech 'raving about her'.... "But, Bill, if she's SO wonderful, why did you screw around on her?"

    Republicans aren't innocent of sweeping what they don't want known under the table, but MY GOSH, the Democrats make it a fine art....and, of course, it's SO much easier when they know the media's SO much on their side.

    Check out the Yahoo! homepage headlines any day of the week; the DNC should be paying Yahoo! for the efforts of posting nothing any of the tiniest negatives they can find about anything Republican and waxing eloquent and excitedly about anything DEMOCRAT, including everything from covering for Hillary to what fashion trend setters the Obama daughters are....

  5. Didn't Mitt Romney try to warn Democrats of the threat Russia poses to their primary election rigging?

  6. 3 things I just HAVE to say about that picture

    1. Where's the American flag?????
    2. Jesus, what a BIG PIE HOLE on that bitch!

  7. Hillary’s Hacked Emails Show Saudi Money Financed Benghazi Attack, Font believe it? Look it up in Google

  8. MUTINY At The DNC! Liberals Are Trying to ARREST HILLARY CLINTON!
    They want to place Hillary Clinton under citizens arrest, due to the “mass election fraud” that took place during the Democratic Primary.

  9. If hitlery is elected, where do you think she will put her home server THIS TIME?

  10. Riots and Massive Protests Occurred Outside the DNC.
    Isn't it Funny how the Media Hasn’t Mentioned and that wasn't brought up. As some know, a four mile long fence was constructed around the DNC - go figure - to keep out unwanted protestors. These "unwanted protestors" being groups like Black Lives Matter - go figure again - and angry former Sanders voters who feel the DNC cheated them out of what they feel is their rightful candidate's nomination. According to NewsBlaster, which has been covering the activities outside of the DNC.

    Or the FACT that they wanted to STORM the stage when Hillary was speaking, but were stopped before they were able to.

    1. Interesting how the Dems build a wall around THEIR compound (and in many cases their houses), but scream at Israel and the rest of America when we want the same for our security.

    2. @Baysider,

      I thought the same thing. And how about their negative stance on our ownership of firearms for protection while they bask in the security of armed guards at all times. Their amazing hypocrisy is a glaring slap in the face to all Americans, albeit that many, apparently, don't get it!

  11. Do you know how old I am? Old enough to remember when the Democratic Party was a Good Thing. But them days are Gone !

  12. If Obama thinks that the recent rash of murders, it's robbery, it's rape, burglaries, home-invasions, Cop Killings, protesters burning down cars, and stores, and buildings . Is all part of a "safer country, and word... Then go ahead and vote for HillRy with the other sickos.

  13. I was just letting this past week sink in, and I was thinking, which is a bad thing if you’re a Hillary supporter…
    Here’s what I learned from the Democratic National Committee Convention this week:
    Bringing race activists on stage while snubbing law enforcement is “uniting” America, but speaking about helping all Americans, regardless of race, gender, or sexuality is “divisive.”
    The violent and disruptive protests outside of the DNC Convention and the massive protests inside are a sign of “party unity,” but the lack of protests along with the entire crowd cheering for Trump at the RNC Convention shows a “party in chaos.”
    Having celebrities stump for you negates all the bad things you’ve done in the past.
    Being realistic and outlining the current state of our nation is “dark,” but completely ignoring reality while convincing people they’re all victims of some great evil is “uplifting.”
    Saying “I’m with you” is a sign that you’re narcissistic, but having Americans say “I’m with her” means that you’re “selfless” and “compassionate.” Putting “America first” is a “dangerous” ideology, but the globalist agenda and ceding our sovereignty to foreign governing bodies is perfectly okay.
    Fighting to renegotiate trade deals to bring jobs back to America will be “harmful” to the economy, but allowing the mass migration of illegals over the border won’t have any effect at all, and opposing it makes you “racist.”
    Repeating slogans, feigning grievance, and shouting platitudes is offering a “clear vision” for our nation, but actually outlining a path forward and offering up real solutions to our numerous problems is “lacking substance.”
    Speaking the truth and refusing to back down makes you a “bully,” but mocking someone on a national stage while repeatedly lying about who they are is simply “informing” voters.
    Wanting to ensure that the people we let into our nation aren’t bad actors is “dangerous” to our society, but allowing anyone and everyone in, regardless of whether or not we can vet them to see if they pose a threat, is the “right” thing to do.
    Using statistics to highlight that certain communities have deeply-rooted problems is “racist,” but telling people they can’t accomplish something only because of their skin color is “compassionate.”
    Suggesting Russia might have Hillary’s missing emails should get your security clearance stripped and poses a “threat” to national security, but using a server that’s wide open to Russia hacking it isn’t a problem at all.
    Having your server hacked and exposing a massive scandal means absolutely nothing as long as it was done by a foreign government.
    You can support abortion up to the day of birth and still claim to be the best hope for children.
    You can accept bribes from nations that actively oppress women and still claim that you’re fighting for women’s rights.
    Actually empowering women and paying them equally to what their male counterparts make, long before it was even a national issue, makes you a “misogynist,” but degrading rape victims, smearing your husband’s victims of sexual assault, and laughing about getting the rapist of a 12-year-old off the hook makes you a “champion of women.”
    Merely having lawsuits brought against you, regardless of the outcome, makes you “guilty” of whatever you’re charged with, but being investigated by the FBI and having its director explain in detail about how guilty you are means you’re “cleared of any wrongdoing.”
    A man who’s spent his entire life legally building an empire while employing thousands of people and making a major contribution to our economy is “unqualified” for president, but a woman who has a proven history of lies, deceit, corruption, incompetence, and malfeasance is the “most qualified person to ever run for office.”

    1. And finally, this one really got me – the party that allowed its primaries to proceed without interference and let the people choose their nominee “doesn’t care” about the voters, but the party that rigged the outcome of its primaries and disenfranchised millions of voters is “fighting for the little guy.”
      So yeah, this is what I learned from the Democrats in just one week, and this is only what I can recall of the top of my head. I’m sure there’s more, I just haven’t had enough coffee yet to remember it all. But this is amazing, isn’t it?
      It’s almost as if they’re living in some sort of alternate reality that’s completely devoid of any common sense, consistency, or critical thinking whatsoever. But surely, we wouldn’t ever elect such people to run our nation, would we?

  14. TOMJuly 27, 2016 at 9:18 AM
    In the aftermath of the Islamic terror attacks in Orlando and Istanbul, we see what the misguided national security priorities for President Obama, and de facto, Hillary Clinton truly Aretha's is what idiots like Shaw can't understand because she's yo bloated wth that Koolside she has been drinking for the past 8 years in her dense mind It’s all about gun control, climate change, and now transgender individuals. American taxpayers will now be providing funding for hormonal treatments and surgical procedures, not to mention new uniforms, for those suffering from gender dysphoria.
    We need a commander in chief who will identify and engage the enemy to defeat them – not use our military for ideological social egalitarian agendas.
    This is why Islamic terrorists are emboldened, and actually laughing at us. Heck, al-Qaida has even issued a statement to kill only white people, since the progressive socialist left declares their attacks as hate crimes.


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