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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

"Extremely Careless" Hillary Clinton

FBI Director James Comey has publicly rebuked Hillary Clinton for her handling of U.S. State Department emails and for having private servers, but has recommended no indictment. A transcript of Comey's full statement is HERE.

Should we be surprised? No. The Clintons always squirm out of being held to account.

Related reading: FBI Rewrites Federal Law to Let Hillary Off the Hook by Andrew C. McCarthy and Obama: No Man or Woman Has Ever Been More Qualified for Presidency Than Hillary Clinton.

Bonus video below the fold. If you don't like Hillary Rodham Clinton, you'll love this bonus video!


  1. Great comment here at Western Hero:

    Listening to Comey just now, I'm reminded of a prisoner of war signalling with his hands that he's being coerced to say what he is saying.

    His conclusion utterly flies against his presentation.

    -- Ed Bonderenka

  2. It made no sense.... about all I can muster on the topic at this point.

  3. Want to know why Comey's conclusion just isn't credible? Hillary Clinton is a Yale Law graduate who participated in the legal impeachment preparations for Dick Nixon. "Careless" isn't in her professional tool set.

  4. Hubris on the other hand, is certainly within her wheelhouse. THAT means it was a "deliberate violation".

  5. Progressive and AshamedJuly 6, 2016 at 9:13:00 AM CDT

    I'm sorry but as a Democrat and a Progresdive Liberal I think that Hillary Was dead wrong and she has a lot of answering to very important questions. How can she run on the FBI finding of gross neglegents, poor judgement and carelessness, and the possibility of being hacked? There is an awful lot of Hillary Hatred bound up in this. What I'm trying to do is separate that from the real issue of judgement.
    I think that we need a new cadidate to run . She isn't going to get away with this one.
    She knew she was going to run for president again. Why did she do the stupid things that she did and then lie about it....AGAIN! That's how I feel about it.

    1. You're very courageous, as a liberal, to write this and I thank you.
      We need a LOT of new candidates in this presidential election but it doesn't look like it's going to happen.
      Hillary has done SO MUCH that has been overlooked; I don't like her politics,but I hate even more this dishonesty and the free passes she gets.
      Think there's enough Hillary Hatred on the Left to not vote for her?

    2. Are you kidding, Z? The only thing the Left hates is the Conservative-Libertarian Movement which favor maximum liberty for every individual and an absolute minimum of government interference and intervention in the way we live our lives.

      The Republican Party, as it is today, is virtually worthless.

      In the world where I choose to live
      LABELS mean nothing. RESULTS are ALL that COUNT.

    3. Then you haven't been reading about the liberals who are saying they won't vote for Hillary because there have been too many scandals and they're tired of it.
      I will always admire an honest liberal who can actually regard his party's candidate with wide open eyes.

  6. Sorry, FBI.... you missed the clear target. Shame on you. Today is just another "I did not have sex with that women" kinda day. At lease Bill was impeached. The Clinton Crime Family continues to screw America.

  7. NOTICE:

    Comments are temporarily on moderation because we have out of town company visiting today. Comments will be published when I have access to do so.

    But I won't sit in front of these people with my face glued to my iPhone.


    This was written for KID's blog, but for some ungodly reason ever since I got this new computer, his blog refuses to accept any post that contains verse.

    I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help.

    My help cometh from the Lord which made Heaven and Earth.

    He will not suffer thy foot to be moved.

    Behold, He that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.

    The Lord is thy keeper. He is the shade upon they right hand.

    The sun shall not smite thee by day, nor the moon by night.

    The Lord shall preserve thee from all evil. He shall preserve thy soul.

    The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth and even forevermore.

    ~ Adapted from the Book of Psalms and used as the text for an anthem by modern American composer Leo Sowerby

    The psalmist might better have advised us to lift up our eyes unto the STARS and BEYOND. The incredible sense of AWE and WONDER we should feel at being confronted with what we do not, and cannot possibly ever, fully know might be intimidating to some, but I have always found it oddly reassuring.

    After all, who am I –– who are ANY of us –– but the tiniest imaginable speck of dust in the unimaginable vastness of Creation, and yet I know that somehow I matter.

    All that old business of "Not a sparrow falls, but that He notices it" becomes completely believable, and comforting when contemplating the magnitude of God's Creation.

    And what better way to do that than to gaze with fascination and deep curiosity at the glory of and impenetrable mystery of Outer Space?

    1. Sure. The Lord has the final victory.

      But in between? There is a time for every purpose under heaven, including a time for hate.

    2. Hatred may be natural and may too often seem justified, but hatred is destructive of those who allow themselves to give way to it.

      We may spin our wheels furiously at each turn of events that strikes us wrong, but all we're likely to accomplish is getting ourselves deeper and deeper into the mud –– or sand –– before eventually running out of fuel.

      Trusting God does not mean we should be passive in the face of perceived evils, but –– if we hope to maintain our sanity, and conserve our strength for the times when we will need it most –– we should realize that in reality ALL we can reasonably hope to do is our best to fight the good fight where ever we happen to be in each small transaction in our daily lives.

      I also think it's best for our mental AND physical health to do our best to maintain a positive outlook on life regardless of the villainy we spend too much time worrying about.

      All this is a roundabout way of paraphrasing the famous Serenity Prayer most often associated with Alcoholics Anonymous.

      Do whatever good we can, accept what we can't do anything about, and always seek the wisdom to determine which is which. ;-)

    3. FT,
      About your last paragraph above....Our Lord did not teach us to be passive in the face of evil, but rather to confront that evil and rebuke it. Even if the evil seems inevitable. How to confront evil? There are various ways including the verbal way.

    4. My own philosophy: oppose evil the best that we can according to whatever gifts the Lord has given each of us -- then the rest to the Lord.

    5. SF,
      10,000 thumbs up for AOW!

      Why, thank you!

    6. Being a fan of both Ecclesiastes and The Byrds, I loved this line of yours... Classic!

      "There is a time for every purpose under heaven, including a time for hate."

  9. Laws are for little people. As in every prior incident of lawbreaking, she emerges from this even stronger.

    1. I'm not so sanguine. She's can rightly stand up there with here dismissive, clucking cackle and claim she's been investigated up, down and sideways and come out clean, most recently by congress and the FBI.

      Her soft-headed sycophants will be even more insufferable, and she's ride her broom all the way to the White House.

    2. I'm going to plead "extreme carelessness" at my next tax fraud hearing.

    3. Beamish,

      Let us know how that works.

  10. Hold.



    Comey has been summoned to Capitol Hill to explain himself.

    1. Look for a move to revive the special prosecutor act.
      You can expect hearings for the next 4-8 years.

  11. "Extreme carelessness" describes the American voter.

  12. Hillary was not brought to account for turning her back on her own State Department staff in Benghazi. Why not? Why not also get away with violating her security clearance?

    One more reason to vote for Trump. The man might actually have the balls to do something about it.


    1. Surely the statement "Donald Trump has balls.." is some sort of joke on Twitter.

  13. As I stated on WH, I'm still trying to discern the difference between "extreme carelessness" and "gross negligence:.

    Comey's assertion that there was no "intent" to break the law doesn't pass the smell test. There are crimes that require intent, and crimes that do not.

    Who among Shrillary's supporters would argue that the thousands of drunk drivers incarcerated for vehicular homicide deserve to walk because they had no intent to kill anyone? They were just too impaired to see the necessity of calling a cab?

    1. Viburnum,
      There are crimes that require intent, and crimes that do not.


      The very essence of carelessness, which is negligence, is that there was no nefarious intent. But the crime and its punishment should stand just the same.

    2. And thanks for stopping by, Viburnum. It's been a while.

  14. I saw a story in the Washington Post going back and comparing how Hillary managed to avoid indictment in the Whitewater scandal by doing the same thing here: lie, lie, lie, lie and lie.

    If she's elected she'll do the same thing in office.

    Richard Nixon was driven from office for far less!


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