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Sunday, July 31, 2016

The White House And Slave Labor?

James Hoban's original design for the White House, built between 1792-1800

From Historians Reveal Truth About Michelle’s Claim That Slaves Built the White House:
...For starters, the White House wasn’t built primarily by slaves. Yes, slaves helped build it, but it was also built by white immigrants and local workers. So the Obamas also wake up in a house built by white people....


While America does have a history of racism and slavery — anyone who says otherwise is living in a fantasy land — it also has a history of people boldly standing up against such evil acts and taking strides to make this land a better place.

Democrats like to harp on the darkest chapters of America’s history, trying to remind all of us that we’re all terrible people. They never point out the millions of Republicans and Democrats, black and white, who stood up to racism and slavery and literally died to make this country better....
Read the entire article HERE.

My view: we can't go back and right all wrongs. Furthermore, harboring resentment about the past serves no good purpose and — results in a never-ending feud consuming the innocent and promoting the sense of entitlement.

Related reading (with thanks to Silverfiddle of Western Hero): America Is Coming to Terms with Its Racial Past—Let’s Look Ahead Instead by John McWhorter and The Reparations Racket by John McWhorter. Read about John McWhorter HERE.


  1. Racial conciliation doesn't help in pursuing the Leftist narrative. Racial divide does.

    - CI

  2. All I can say to reparation nuts is this: Round up my great-great grandfathers property - his legally owned slaves and their descendants - sell them at market value back to the Arabs and West Africans, and compensate my family for losing them without due process. Or at least let me whip the dogshit out of them for every dolls they've received in government assistance.

    No? Then shut up about pain you know nothing about and go smoke crack to death.

  3. Years ago, a biracial student (4th grade student, but 5th grade age) I had in my classroom, miserably failed the weekly spelling test. I asked him if he had studied for the test.

    His response: "I failed the test because your ancestors held my family as slaves."

    I told him the truth:

    My ancestors didn't hold slaves. On my father's side, my family was opposed to slavery; on my mother's side, the ground they owned wouldn't sprout black-eyed peas -- much less support even the holding of one slave. You failed the test because you didn't study for the test. You're on restriction until next week's spelling test."

    He say there stunned.

    Today, I'm in contact with this young man on Facebook. He looked me up on Facebook, and I, of course, friended him immediately. I am delighted to see that he is opposed to any kind of victimology as an excuse for not being successful. Furthermore, he is very successful: computer software designer.

    1. I'm known for my bluntness and my acerbic tongue.

      BTW, even then back in the early 80s, public-school children who were black or biracial were told how oppressed they were -- BY THEIR ELEMENTARY-SCHOOL TEACHERS! This gives an indication regarding where we are today with race relations in the United States. Viictimology rules the day!

  4. Replies
    1. I believe that just as "Water seeks its own level," so must it be with human inter-relationships. Much grief has ensued because of the arrogant meddling of would-be "social engineers" to force THEIR ideas of what designated victim groups really need o there without taking the feelings of all concerned into account.

      I greatly favor EVOLUTION over REVOLUTION.

      IF we develop a string faith in Almighty God, we will also develop enough sense to realize that given sufficient time everything sorts itself out.

      Those who have no faith too often make the fatal mistake of believing that THEIR will should be regarded as LAW.

    2. I would emend that statement, AOW, and say instead, "The CONCEPT of 'Social Engineering' is certainly despicable, but the many well-meaning souls who support it are more victims of miseducation than true villains."

      The VILLAINS have been the hate-filled "Intellectuals" who dreamt up the idea in the first place, and the self-serving FIENDS and would-be DESPOTS who have actively PROMOTED it.

  5. I don't believe she ever claimed to be "offended"by it. I think, because she and her husband have been "riding high" largely at OUR expense, that she was merely nothing the IRONY of a latter-day "QUEEN "living in a "CASTLE" built by her enslaved ancestors.

    I think it's called "TURNABOUT is FAIR PLAY" –– or something like that.

    Where all triumphalists always miss the mark is their infernal tendency to REVERSE the misery inflicted on them, instead of DISSIPATING it.

    They never seem to acknowledge that "VENGEANCE belongs only to GOD."

  6. Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Nancy Pelosi, the gift that keeps on giving..... Always seems to be stuck on that same ole Slavery BS... As if anyone alive had anything to do with it. Just like Hillary who has been giving us a load of crap for decades, that is....My goodness this woman needs to think before she speaks. Both of these dumbass's continues to double down on stupid.
    Like when she said unemployment benefits were the biggest stimulus for the economy. No, Nancy, jobs are the biggest stimulus for the economy. Or the time she said we have to pass the ACA bill to find out what’s in it!N o, Nancy, we pay you and your fellow politicians a lot of money to read the friggin’ bills before they’re passed. Do your damn job or get the hell out of our face's... .
    For shitz sake, are these the kind of idiots whole want to run the country for the next 4 or 8 years? These malcontented Race-baiting, Progressives are the cause of all the confusion, and chaos in our streets today!.

  7. Scab pickers, pot stirrers, tankers of gasoline to raging fires--That is what the Obamas and the Democrat party are.

    Remove your ideological blinders and see what a positive and uplifting message the Obama's embody. How they rose from middle-class roots and overcame racism to become the world's most successful and powerful people of African ancestry, and only in America.

    What a wonderful object lesson and message of hope the First Family could have been, but sadly, they chose instead to engage in grievance peddling and resentment-stoking.

    Sad. For them, but more so for those of us who must live here and who don't have the means to wall ourselves off from the societal vandalism The Obama's and their globalist progressive power elite co-conspirators have fomented.

    1. SF,
      What a wonderful object lesson and message of hope the First Family could have been, but sadly, they chose instead to engage in grievance peddling and resentment-stoking.

      They had a different agenda from the start.

  8. I think that Michelle Obama indicated that those drenched in viictimology that blacks should be outraged and, yes, offended.

    But she spoke in such a way that her words could be interpreted as "Look how far we've come."

    A clever speech in that it is open to interpretation and cognitive bias.

  9. Perhaps I made an invalid assumption.
    Must be my prejudice against all things Obama.

  10. As always, it's about pushing the left's agenda... Racial division IS the mantra to keep the base voting for free cheese... sigh

  11. The Republican party was started to end slavery.

    The "slaves" who participated in the building of the white house were paid as free individuals even though they were owned by democrats at the time.

    1. Kid,
      It is reasonable to assume that the slaves who contributed to the building of the White House were owned by democrats at the time.

      Records kept back then are now sparse (Lost?), but it has been documented that at least one slave who worked on the White House was paid individually as opposed to his master being paid. I wish that I knew where I read that information.

      We should also remember that slavery was legal at the time. Indeed, in the American South (particularly where cotton was king), the work force was largely comprised of slaves.

  12. Also bear in mind that slaves often were 'lent out' or given individual liberty to move 'into town' and pursue a trade for wages. They kept most of their earnings, and commonly remitted 25% back to the owner. Can't say they were owned by democrats, though, because the party didn't come into existence until a generation later. Maybe the grandparents of democrats. :)

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. I agree with the content of your comment, but it does not adhere to the topic of this blog post.


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