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Thursday, July 14, 2016


I was reminded of this October 2000 video by a comment that Kid made at Z's blog (Language warning! If strong language offends you, don't watch this video):

Note: Rules for commenting here at Always On Watch still apply. My blog, my rules.


  1. Now that was a good one! Thanks, its really not that hard!

    1. Bunkerville,
      Yes, very simple rules to follow.


      Dow Jones Industrial Average
      Reaches a RECORD HIGH
      July 14, 3:32 PM EDT

      Hot damn! I guess the Brexit didn't hurt the stock market very much after all, did it?


    4. Pence is a good man, but, since he has not announced that he will hit Donald Trump in the mouth with a pipe wrench on national TV, I can't lower myself to vote for him.

    5. Hey Beamish, vote for Johnson which means you will be voting for the hildebeast. Sleep tight.

    6. No, a vote for Gary Johnson is a vore for Gary Johnson. A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for a guy that publicly declares that he would have sex with his own daughter if not for those pesky laws agonist his sexual desires.

      You forget I'm conservative or something?

  2. I remember that one. Hilarious.

    Pretty much what I tell my kids, only with cleaned-up language.

    1. SF,
      My parents and the judge who spoke to us on driver's license day said mostly the same -- minus the strong language, of course.

      They also said to say this to the officer if the situation got dicey: "I want to call my attorney." I used those magic words when the officer threatened to search the vehicle. Who knows what Dad might have had in the trunk? Certainly an axe and maybe a Bowie knife.

  3. I don't blame you for tightening up commenting rules.

    Blog owners are under no obligation to allow mentally-ill trolls and mouth breather proglogdytes to back up to the blog's doorstep and dump loads of garbage and sewage.

    "Don't like it? Lump it. Take it on down the road and dump it."

    1. SF,
      I have periodically gone into comment moderation this summer because of both the trolls and the pain attacks I've been having (Dietls Crisis).

      Believe me: Dietls Crisis will delete all interest in politics.

    2. Time to suffer your "beyond the law" (Jouissance), eh, AoW?

      Alinsky, "Rules for Radicals" RULE 4: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” If the rule is that every letter gets a reply, send 30,000 letters. You can kill them with this because no one can possibly obey all of their own rules. (This is a serious rule. The besieged entity’s very credibility and reputation is at stake, because if activists catch it lying or not living up to its commitments, they can continue to chip away at the damage.)

    3. FJ,
      Pfffft to Alinsky!

      Ecclesiastes: "There is a time to every purpose under the heavens."

  4. Should be required viewing in school.
    The kids know the language.

    1. Maybe Tamir Rice should have watched it.

    2. Which of the rules did Philando Castile violate?

    3. Duck,
      Which of the rules did Philando Castile violate?

      What is truth?

      From the above link:

      the two weren’t pulled over for a broken taillight, but instead because Castile matched the description of an armed robbery subject.

    4. Duck,
      Maybe Tamir Rice should have watched it.

      Indeed. He had a toy gun and reached for it, didn't he?

  5. As I related at Western Hero:

    I was stopped unjustly back when I was in college. My long, straight "hippie" hair and my fringed leather jacket pissed off the officer.

    I had broken no traffic laws -- and the officer so stated when he stopped me. Then he said, "You look suspicious. I'm going to search your vehicle."

    "No, sir," I said. "Not without a warrant. I want to call my attorney."

    He smirked. "And just who is your attorney?"

    I gave him the name of our family's attorney, a very prominent attorney -- and rattled off his phone number as well. I knew the phone number because I gave this attorney's children piano lessons.

    The officer backed down and returned to his cruiser.

    1. Police often rely on a citizen's ignorance of the law. It pays to know.

  6. You have to love Chris Rock. As a stickler for good classic English usage, I naturally shrink back at the use of the vernacular. HOWEVER, I fully understand the need to talk to "the kids" in their own language. If you try to use good, standard English they either can't –– or more likely WON'T –– understand you.

    When I was teaching high school students in New York at the Institute for the Education of the Blind, one of my students, a Puerto-Rican boy of 14, was determined to be a discipline problem. Early in our relationship he frequently disrupted the class with rude remarks, then get up and start walking around aimlessly

    I had to tell him very firmly to SIT DOWN and SHUT UP, and at least PRETEND to LISTEN, or he'd have to be sent to the headmaster's office.

    At that he shot bolt upright, overturned his desk, threw his chair at me, and roared, "I ain't gonna take no SH-T from you or anybody, see?"

    Naturally, I couldn't let him get away wth that, so I surprised myself by going over to him, placing both my hands very firmly on his shoulders, then saying in a voice loud enough to be heard all the way down the hall, "Listen, Kid, I ain't gonna take no SH-T from YOU either, now PICK UP that DESK, GET your CHAIR, TAKE YOUR SORRY ASS, and SIT DOWN, –– and if I hear ONE MORE WORD from YOU, you little SNOT, I swear I'll CRACK YOU ONE."

    Stunned silence.

    Believe it or not he sat down, he shut up, and from then on in was practically model student.

    He soon followed me around campus like a little puppy, and craved my attention so much it was almost embarrassing. Int the suggestion of my supervisor I started to give him private piano lessons, and before the end of the year, he had learned two Chopin preludes, and played them both beautifully in front of the whole school at the Years End Recital.

    This is a true story. The poor kid had never had anyone take an interest in him before. He'd come to us having had no guidance, and showed no ambition until ...

    My supervisor, a classic Old Maid, who'd been born late in the nineteenth-century in a sleepy little town in South Carolina, was as strict, and as strait-laced as she could be, but she had a heart of pure gold which I must say she kept well-hidden, except on rare, special occasions.

    A couple of days after the blow up in my classroom, she asked me to have tea with her in the Music Library. It felt a bit like being called to the Dean's office to be reprimanded, so I was a little nervous even though normally we got on very well.

    All she said, however, was "I heard the ruckus in your room the other day, Mr. FreeThinke, and I must say, I think you handled the situation very well. Sometimes it takes a firm hand to shock these children into behaving themselves properly. I doubt if I could have been as effective as you in restoring order and discipline.

    I never heard another word about it. A most remarkable woman was she.

    That was 45 years ago. I suppose the way things are today I'd have gotten myself fired, and possibly sued for "RECKLESS ENDANGERMENT of a MINOR," and maybe even put on PROBATION.

    I'm sorry to have to say it yet again, but The OLD WAYS really WERE much BETTER than the way we must conduct ourselves today.

    1. Yes. Two things died in the 1960's: Common Sense and Good Taste.

    2. FT,
      Sometimes that's what it takes!

      I lived a charmed life as a teacher of homeschoolers. No such problems. Ever!

  7. Seem like simple rules don't it? :-)

  8. FT - GREAT story, and probably one told by many teachers and coaches of my era. Dennis Prager describes how a teacher threw him across 3 desks. His caller asked "what did your parents do?" He said "I didn't tell them, because I knew my dad would throw me across 3 desks again when he found out what I did."

    Off topic, but this just came on the news: http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/attack-nice-shocking-images-capture-scenes-carnage-french-riviera-1570720
    How does Obama manage to avoid the "I" word?

    1. Baysider,
      My parents had a rule: if I got a whippin' at school, I got one at home, too.

      Need I say that I never got paddled by one of my teachers? A few knuckle-rappings, but no paddlings or whippins.

      I had to stay in at recess a time or two. My parents didn't find out about those minor punishments. **smile**

  9. I had forgotten HOW funny that thing is...and how TRUE.

    Ducky, because Castile might not have done any of those things doesn't make it less funny (lighten UP! or negate the advice, but good try again. The King of the Red Herrings....you're now crowned.


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