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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Humor Break

We need a break from all the political wrestling:


  1. Definitely worth a break! We're trading properties, and had a very unexpected rental with a deluge of viewings. We're at the end of our rope. And I KNOW you can use a break too.

  2. Is that called flying sushi?
    What is that word?

  3. :-) I read today, the millennial women are rejecting the bra. That's a good thing.

    1. Since they all start sag after youth begins to fade, that must mean you'd like to see their boobs bouncing off their knees as they walk along.

      All I can say to that is YEEEECH!

  4. In the process of selling my home. Every object seems to be a mill stone at this point. Will I ever need it? Of course not. But.... just like politics. I was raised on it, and so hard to let it go.

    1. I know what you mean!

      I have a house full of things that "might come in sometime." Most things never did!

      Plus, I'm an only and the youngest member of my generation.

      So, now all this clutter. Ugh.

  5. In years past houses worthy of the name, particularly in Great Britain, often had a "lumber room" –– a special place set aside to store household items not in current use. It was rather like a closet, but much larger. Usually the size of a bedroom, and it was equipped wth shelves and places to hang clothes, etc.

    Lumber rooms were much easier to access than attics, but of course, the big houses had those too. you can't live decorously without adequate storage space.

    Saki wrote a famous story called The Lumber Room. Look it up. It's online free of charge, and a great fun read.


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