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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Nincompoopery Poll

(Nincompoopery — and worse — abounds! This edition of "Nincompoopery" offers five links, and readers have the option of taking a poll as to which story they find the most outrageous. Discussion available in the comments section)

Links to read:

ONE: ObamaCare makes it more difficult to buy insurance year-round

TWO: Saudi Arabia: Officials Sew the Mouth and Eye Shut of a Young Girl Who Professed ‘..Jesus as Her Saviour..’ [Warning: graphic photo]

THREE: At Dartmouth, The Word ‘Fiesta’ Is Racist And White People Can’t Use It

FOUR: Suspect In Violent Home Invasion Sues PD, Seeks $450K For Physical, Emotional Damages

FIVE: NSA Exploited Heartbleed Bug for Years, Exposing Consumers

Please cast your ballot in the poll, which closes on Tuesday:



  1. A Conservative Vermont VetMay 3, 2014 at 5:05:00 AM CDT

    I´m glad we´re finally getting hard evidence of both the lying and the coverup, but I´m not seeing any effect whatsoever in the liberals I know. They have totally dismissed everything as much ado about nothing and absolutely refused to place any blame on Hillary. They´d vote for her in an instant no matter what is uncovered.

    America is headed for very dark days. These Liberals are like zombies. Something cataclysmic will have to destroy most of them before America can restore itself

  2. You mean they lied? I'm shocked, SHOCKED I tell you! To think that a Liberal would lie?

    They must have thought they were talking about George Bush., because Obama never lies.

  3. Normally, we would admit those who consistently dismiss reality to the insane asylum

  4. Visitors to this blog post will notice that I didn't include anything about the recent revelations regarding the Benghazi emails. My reasoning: had I included that information in the poll, almost everyone might have voted for that one item.

    I will have a Benghazi post on Monday. The title of that post: "Just Shut Up."

  5. A Conservative Vermont Vet typed in:

    I´m not seeing any effect whatsoever in the liberals I know.

    I'm observing the same thing.

    Cult members are incapable of recognizing their leader as flawed.

  6. Got it Z, however this blog is about Nimcompoopery, and what can be more Nimcompoopery then the Liberal's denial of Bengazhi ?

    1. John,
      what can be more Nimcompoopery then the Liberal's denial of Bengazhi ?

      Nothing else at the moment. However, in order to get the poll embedded, I have to queue up this kind of post well in advance.

      Jay Carney's position has been as follows: "The truth is a Right Wing conspiracy."

      As I mentioned in an earlier comment to this thread, I will be publishing a Benghazi post on Monday.

  7. They treated the thread with chemicals to intentionally cause infection???

    Talk about sick!

  8. I see that Mike's America published a Benghazi post yesterday. Worth checking out!

  9. Benghazi is just another lie among thousands of lies that the shitheads in the Obama Administration have put out. Granted, this lie involved the death of 4 Americans...but WTF difference does it make now!

  10. I voted for the Dartmouth Outrage as the most alarming and infuriating. Once upon a time -- when I was a lad -- Dartmouth, along with Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Williams, was considered e of THE most desirable places a bright, capable young person could hope to attend. Graduation from one of these (then-justifiably) prestigious academies made success and prosperity a virtual guarantee.

    The shift to powerful bastions of Communist Propaganda and Servants of Centralized Thought Control has been long in the making -- insidious, painfully slow, but relentless -- but it arrived in full force during the Sick-sties, became dominant, and is now utterly shameless in its nose-thumbing flamboyance.

    This violation of the very spirit that drove the American Revolution, established out Constitution and immediately emended it by adding The Bill of Rights makes every other story -- all about specific incidents of outrageous behavior -- pale by comparison.

    1. As you may know, I am a Spanish Literature major.

      I am also white.

      So, is it racist for me to use the word fiesta?

      Is it racist for white Spanish teachers all over the world to use the word fiesta?

      One of the tunes that Dean Martin sang was "Fiesta, Siesta." Was Dean Martin a racist?

      Gimme a break!

    2. This foul policy has MUCH broader and more profound implications that anything like that, AOW.

      It's about Thought Control, Redesigning the American Mind, the Destruction of Freedom of Expression, and the subsequent Crippling of Critical Thinking.

      We are in the thrall of vicious megalomaniacs who mean to claim our very SOULS for their own selfish purposes.

      Their uncanny ability to mask these nefarious goals under the cloak of RIGHTEOUSNESS makes them the "wolves in sheep's clothing" and "swine [that may] rend you" spoken of in the Bible.

      Mt personal mission is to draw inferences and violations of basic principles from the plethora of specifics that perpetually disturb and infuriate us. Dealing with each "outrage" as an isolated event with unique importance only serves to vex, perplex and confuse us further.

    3. Perhaps a little history is in order. Dartmouth started as a school for American Indians. from Wiki:

      Dartmouth was founded by Eleazar Wheelock, a Puritan minister from Columbia, Connecticut, who had previously sought to establish a school to train Native Americans as missionaries. Wheelock's ostensible inspiration for such an establishment resulted from his relationship with Mohegan Indian Samson Occom. Occom became an ordained minister after studying under Wheelock from 1743 to 1747, and later moved to Long Island to preach to the Montauks.[17]

      Wheelock founded Moor's Indian Charity School in 1755.[18] The Charity School proved somewhat successful, but additional funding was necessary to continue school's operations, and Wheelock sought the help of friends to raise money. Occom, accompanied by the Reverend Nathaniel Whitaker, traveled to England in 1766 to raise money from churches. With these funds, they established a trust to help Wheelock.[17] The head of the trust was a Methodist named William Legge, 2nd Earl of Dartmouth.

      The Charter of Dartmouth College on display in Baker Memorial Library. The Charter was signed on December 13, 1769, on behalf of King George III of Great Britain.

      Although the fund provided Wheelock ample financial support for the Charity School, Wheelock had trouble recruiting Indians to the institution, primarily because its location was far from tribal territories. In seeking to expand the school into a college, Wheelock relocated it to Hanover, in the Province of New Hampshire. The move from Connecticut followed a lengthy and sometimes frustrating effort to find resources and secure a charter. The Royal Governor of New Hampshire, John Wentworth, provided the land upon which Dartmouth would be built and on December 13, 1769, issued the charter in the name of King George III establishing the College. That charter created a college "for the education and instruction of Youth of the Indian Tribes in this Land in reading, writing & all parts of Learning which shall appear necessary and expedient for civilizing & christianizing Children of Pagans as well as in all liberal Arts and Sciences and also of English Youth and any others." The reference to educating Native American youth was included to connect Dartmouth to the Charity School and enable use of the Charity School's unspent trust funds. Named for William Legge, 2nd Earl of Dartmouth—an important supporter of Eleazar Wheelock's earlier efforts but who, in fact, opposed creation of the College and never donated to it—Dartmouth is the nation's ninth oldest college and the last institution of higher learning established under Colonial rule.[19] The College granted its first degrees in 1771.[20]

    4. Joseph Brandt (my avatar) was a student at Moor's Charity School and very active with the Anglican Church

    5. Keep quoting, Thersites, and maybe -- at least a few of us -- may continue to learn. Oddly enough, despite the modern arguments giving a willful misinterpretation of the Establishment clause, virtually every college and university established in the early days of or nation was founded by Christian Clergymen and funded moistly by the Church.

      Everything good in post-Mediaeval Western Civilization owes its existence either directly or indirectly to institutions, which at the very least made a pretense of serving Jesus Christ, which many actually did -- probably more than we've been led to believe, because the wickedness of agenda-driven "scholars" has been with us for a very long time.

  11. The "Heartbleed" article was the NEXT most significant. If the headline had done its job, instead of obscuring the point of the article, more woul;d have read it and understood.


    The U.S. National Security Agency knew [about the Heartbleed Bug] for at least two years [it concerns] the way ... many websites send sensitive information, ... regularly used it to gather critical intelligence,...

    The agency’s ... decision to keep the [Heartbleed] bug secret in pursuit of national security interests threatens to renew ... debate over the [proper] role of the government’s top computer experts.

    The NSA ... subsequently denied ... it was aware of Heartbleed until [it] was made public by a private security report earlier this month.

    ... The Office of the Director of National Intelligence [denied any knowledge of or official connection to Heartbleed].

    [The bug] appears to be one of the biggest flaws in [Internet] history, affecting the basic security of as many as two-thirds of the world’s websites. Its discovery and the creation of a fix by researchers five days ago prompted consumers to change their passwords, the Canadian government to suspend electronic tax filing, and computer companies including Cisco Systems Inc. and Juniper Networks Inc. to provide patches for their systems.

    Putting the Heartbleed bug in its arsenal, the NSA was able to obtain passwords and other basic data ... the building blocks of ... sophisticated hackings ... at the core of its mission ... Millions of ordinary users were left vulnerable to attack from other nations’ intelligence, arms and criminal hackers. ...

    1. FT,
      Two questions:

      1. Exactly how are critical intelligence and national security defined?

      2. Do Americans trust the federal government to stay within the appropriate boundaries?

    2. The US government is untrustworthy, AOW. Any American who doesn’t know this already deserves what he or she gets ...

    3. In answer to number one, I would first ask, "as defined by WHOM?"

      My personal definition of "national security" would be "anything and everything that promotes, safeguards, reinforces and enhances Freedom for the Individual as defined by our Constitution.

      LIBERTY in my never humble opinion -- and that of our FOUNDING FATHERS -- MUST trump and supersede "Safety," "Security," and especially "Fairness" and "Equality." That, however, should apply only to LEGITIMATE American CITIZENS. Aliens, Visitors from Abroad, members of Movements and Religions or quasi-Religious Cults hostile to our Founding Principles and basic values and mores should be treated CORDIALLY with a modicum of RESPECT, but should be regarded ALWAYS with a weather eye, and NOT given a License to Destroy what was "OUR" American Way of Life.

      As for Number Two, my answer would have to be "Good God! I HOPE not!" ;-)

      My thinking there is congruent with that of Thomas Jefferson.

      The farther away we move from our Founding Principles the closer we get to Totalitarianism.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. AOW -

      "1. Exactly how are critical intelligence and national security defined?"

      The definition of critical intelligence comes from the Priority Intelligence Requirements for the organization in question. These requirements can often be classified as well.

      "2. Do Americans trust the federal government to stay within the appropriate boundaries?"

      The government has provably not stayed within Constitutional, much less bureaucratic boundaries.....so any American that would still trust them to do so, is naive.

    6. Mustang,
      The US government is untrustworthy, AOW. Any American who doesn’t know this already deserves what he or she gets ...

      The elephant in the room!

  12. That's true. Mustang, I never thought that I would feel that way, but I surely do.

  13. 1. For profit insurers behaving badly. Nothing really new there.

    2. Why wasn't the reporting rights agency named? I'm calling fake.

    3. We have a winner.

    4. It happens from time to time.

    5. I'm becoming jaded.

    1. Like I give a fuq about your idiotic opinions Ducky.

    2. Duck,
      I don't know that it's fake. I see this on multiple sites:

      This story has been confirmed through Human Rights Organizations that called this report: ‘..not only a reflection of the deadly Saudi Arabian Human Rights System, but a clearly flagrant violation of women’s rights.

    3. Sorry, AOW, but something this heinous would have been reported by Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch.

      It would not be "human rights organizations".

    4. Duck,
      Maybe. I haven't found anything yet debunking the story, however.

  14. Trust the Government? I say NO, NOT these evil fascists.
    Our government was handed over to a fascist moron...and I don’t trust the moron.

    But however, today most people don't even understand what a fascist is...well its really bad, but don't tell the kids in college, because they are being trained to honor fascist ideas...and they don't even understand why. Because they are Brainwashed Morons.

    Useful idiots are always a staple of a destroyed nation.

  15. I agree we cannot trust the government. We cannot trust them to act in our interests, and we cannot trust them to do the right thing. It doesn’t even matter what party has power. Neither political party deserves popular support ... and I think this explains why the Tea Party is so popular with thinking Americans. It offers an alternative to the filth which is the DNC and GOP.

    1. Sam,
      I have absolutely no argument with your statements.

    2. I absolutely agree. We can trust neither conservative or liberal administrations. It's the nature of the beast.

      Oops, that's right, we elect our government. Perhaps the deal is we can't trust... ourselves?

  16. Replies
    1. Duck,
      The man is entitled to his personal views. But how does he rule in court?

    2. Duck,
      I also note that he was speaking at the Pastor for Life Luncheon. Target audience -- and all that.

    3. Doesn't make him any less a jerk than the bimbo at Dartmouth.

  17. I lived in a small town just north of Acapulco for a number of years and took part in the Cinco de Mayo celebrations each year----would that make me a racist, because I'm not Mexican?

    1. Ron,
      In the world of political correctness, anything is possible!

  18. There is one worse than the others? Really?

  19. Whatever the reason, when given repeated opportunities to forthrightly declare this was an “act of terrorism,” the president ducked the question.
    For instance, on Sept. 12, immediately after the Rose Garden statement the day after the attack, Obama sat down with Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes and acknowledged he purposely avoided the using the word “terrorism:”

    1. Thanks for reminding us about the 60 Minutes interview!

  20. I am totally and completely convinced that Obama ( The organizer )knew ALL about what was going on in Benghazi, and pretty soon the poop is about to hit the fan...

    1. The Watergate break-in occurred in mid-June of 1972 and that Nixon wasn't forced out of office until August of 1974.

      I wouldn't expect any immediate results -- even if a Special Committee is indeed formed and moves forward.

  21. If these liberals spent half the time researching Obama as they do insulting Sarah Palin they’d find discover that Obama IS A Kenyan

  22. AOW, I don't know, but the number two about the girl having her eyes and mouth sewn shut could be fake. If you click the links at the bottom of the article you link to, read the comments, it appears that she is actually in Japan and is part of some body-disfiguring group. http://www.erspress.com/2014/03/blog-post_9225.html I have no way of verifying whether it is legit or not. The second link at the bottom of the page you link to when translated to English appears to copy the theme that it was done in Saudi Arabia... So just saying

    Right Truth

    1. Debbie,
      I couldn't verify either. Perhaps Tammy Swofford knows specifics from the Hadith.

      However, it is common knowledge that the typical punishment for apostasy is death. For example:

      Bukhari (52:260) - "...The Prophet said, 'If somebody (a Muslim) discards his religion, kill him.' "

      Additional basic information HERE.

    2. AOW, I am questioning the truth of this particular story.

    3. Debbie,
      The photo that originally appeared at the site where I first saw that story. Somebody informed the webmaster there, and he changed the photo. That particular webmaster has a reputation for integrity. I can't read the language in the sources he cited at the end of his post.

      I think that we need to ask ourselves this question: Is it possible that a shari'a court in Saudi Arabia handed down such a sentence?

      See this list, which includes the following:

      The punishment of those who wage war against God and His Apostle, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter.

  23. Jay Carney has insisted that the recently-revealed emails do not relate to Benghazi. This indicates to me that the White House knows that they did not comply with the terms of the 2013 subpoena. See THIS for some specifics about the subpoena. Brief excerpt:

    ..."In a series of letters, my colleagues in Congress and I have requested documents and information related to the ongoing investigation. To date, the Administration has largely ignored these requests, despite various pledges both you and the President have made to cooperate with Congress,” Issa continues. The letter notes the Committee originally requested the documents on May 15, 2013, but the State Department responded by forwarding emails previously released by the White House, which did not comply with the Committee’s request."...

    More at the above link.

  24. I voted for number 4 myself. As a lover of justice and the justice system, I find that kind of behavior appalling. It is getting to the point where laws simply disappear or are functionally useless. So many criminals are suing people! A criminal should LOSE his right to sue, especially the police or the homeowner! Come on, you committed the crime, it's your own damn fault if you get hurt doing it...

    The incident itself isn't shocking enough to win. The widespread mentality BEHIND it is more than enough to get my vote. Avoiding responsibility and disrespect for the law does not even begin to describe it...


  25. I just voted for #4. Although #2 is more heinous, their ( Muslims) 4th world sub- human culture is theirs and theirs alone. It's too bad that they are allowed to come here. On-the-other-hand, #4 pertains to the "sue syndrome" which in many ways is tearing [our] society apart. If that requires further explanation you'll never get it!

  26. The very idea of Obabble sending Susan Rice out on National TV to spread his lies, and to tell the United States citizens that the terrorists were kind of justified - and then having the gall of telling the UN that terrorists had a good reason for killing our Ambassador. Because of a video! My ass, you sorry, pathetic Muslim terrorism sympathizer.
    We ar STILL for you to go and kill the terrorists that did this as YOU promised us and the world. It was your policy that screwed this up - now go clean up this damn mess.
    Do you stinking job – do not ever give your role as Commander in Chief role to punks, like Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice to do your dirty work for you. and stay the heck out of the way of our military, so that they can do the work that’s necessary. .
    And don’t tell us any more of your damn LIES!

  27. My message to you Liberals or whatever your calling yourselves these days!
    You elected an unaccomplished wind-bag, who is not only full of himself, but is full of crap. He has not only NOT improved the economy...or the world for that matter.....in almost six years.....but has made everything worse. At first
    I didn’t blame him because I knew all the time that he was inept, and unfit for the job. But I never in my life thought that he would turn out to be this bad.

    But all the time, I blamed YOU and those other idiots who saddled this nation with an incompetent Leftist idiot....is that redundant?....YOU are the ones who should be punished.
    We on the Right warned you, and warned you, over and over again about him right from the very start. When his relationship with Rev. Wright and the other Commie bastards came to light.
    When ever we get a Liberal in high office, we get a liar and a moron.....what a combination

  28. AA,

    " pretty soon the poop is about to hit the fan..."

    Poop hit the fan when that phony SOB first took office!

  29. Disappointing that the majority, evidently, regarded one specific incident (#2) with the Muslims v. one Christian, however horrific, as more significant than a violation of our basic founding principles. Principles denied carry deadly ramifications for every one of us. Too bad most get mired in to many specifics.

    1. Thank you, AOW. As you know, we do try to make sense of this seemingly insane world, but it's getting more difficult every day. ;-)

      It's very important to judge each "event" by the way it relates to First Principles. Doctors who only palliate symptoms rarely help in ridding the body of disease -- they just mask it. In the long run this does more harm than good.

    2. FT,
      I certainly agree with the second paragraph of your comment.

      It's an exercise in futility to try to make sense of what's transpiring today.

  30. FT brings up a good point... Christians throughout the Islamic world are under attack. Unlike Muslim attacks on Christians, which are regularly confused with a myriad of social factors, the ongoing attacks on Christian churches in the Muslim world are perhaps the most visible expression of Christian persecution under Islam. In churches, Christians throughout the Islamic world are simply being Christianspeacefully and apolitically worshipping their God. And yet modern day Muslim governments try to prevent them, Muslim mobs attack them, and Muslim jihadis massacre them.
    Liberals in America want the same thing here. That's what makes the left the natural ally of Islam.
    And as for "Ducky Here"...Yeah,ya talk a lot of shit but never back it up with any proof or LINKS, therefore it ranks as B/S

  31. Someone could write a complete book or a blog on "The Failures and the crimes of Barack Hussein Obama" and update it on a regular basis..
    We’re not being governed. We’re being ruled by a socialist/Communist/Muslim incompetent President who happens to be Black and because of that, it’s going to be very difficult for any other black to become president, Republican/Conservative/ or any other to be elected. In my opinion, it will be generations before another black is elected president.
    Watch out Jimmy Carter, Obama is after your title as the Worst president in American history.

  32. This was (IS) a really good blog.... Sometimes I wish that I could give some of these Liberals a good hard, swift kick in the ass to wake them up. If that's at all possible.

    1. Tempting thought it may be to want to attack them physically, it wouldn't help restore sanity to the government. Liberals use carefully-selected "facts" as weapons to attack their opponents. The only way "WE" could ever hope to win against their crafty tactics would be to do the very hard work of revealing the WHOLE TRUTH with ample documentation to back it up. Instead, we make the mistake of playing THEIR game by using selected "facts" of our own, so political discourse becomes little more than a shouting match between two "teams."

      The TRUH is not well served by either side, and so we continue o suffer as we degenerate.

  33. Obama's rating are continuing to fall....
    Now even the dumb Democrats, Progressives, and Idiotic Liberals people....are catching on to the fact that Obama is NOT good for the country..

  34. You Liberals, Democrats, Progressives who are complaining that the Republicans are hooked , and stuck on Benghazi, let me ask you this: if it was your Son that was killed in Benghazi, would you want it to be dropped or would you want answers?? So many of you say it should be dropped , but put yourself in the shoes of the 4 dead American's parents, and answer that question! Try to answer that question without telling me about “What Bush did”

  35. GB,

    If you get a response, at all, don't expect a cogent one.


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