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Tuesday, May 27, 2014


The last day of the homeschool group's 2013-2014 classes is June 5.


As Mr. AOW explained at his blog site, this school term is ending with me more frazzled than usual. Summer break cannot begin too soon!


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    1. When the next school terms begin, I'll be back to resembling the image at the left of the graphic. But by May, I'm frazzled again. This is a cycle I've gone through for more than 40 years.

      Looking forward to retirement!

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    1. Gotta get those research papers graded before next week! **sigh**

  3. Except I know how busy you'll keep all SUMMER, too !:-)
    Still..CONGRATULATIONS that these classes are almost OVER! :-)

    1. It's been a hard year. That surgery for retinal detachment really took a lot out of me. I've never done well with general anesthesia.

  4. I'm taking some time off so that I can get my health back.

    My clients will just have to understand -- or not.

  5. Health issues caused me to retire at 54. At first I thought I would go crazy. I didn't. I do not miss the grind.


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