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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Heart-breaking Stories

There are a lot of heart-breaking stories in the world —this is one of them. Not long ago, US Border Patrol agents discovered 80 illegal immigrants living in a makeshift encampment near the South Texas city of McAllen. They were living in an undeveloped patch of scrub not far from an abandoned tennis club. They were living under lean-to shelters and canvas tents, camouflaged with mesquite branches and cacti. They were sleeping on pieces of cardboard. Food and water was scarce, and their crude latrines were unhealthfully close to their living positions.

There are two factors that relate to illegal immigration. We refer to them as “push-pull” factors —the things that push them away form their land of legal birth and citizenship, and the things that attract them toward the place where they are living illegally. Unfortunately, we have an idiot in the White House these days that seems not to understand the consequences of his poorly contrived policies.

  • Illegal aliens are attracted to the United States is our exceptional medical facilities, to which illegal aliens can seek and receive quality medical care at no cost to themselves. They have their children in border area hospitals, which makes their children legal citizens of the United States —and eligible for welfare services.
  • Illegal aliens also try to avail themselves of employment opportunities, often at less than the minimum wage. This is mostly okay with illegal aliens because even less than the minimum wage here provides them with nearly four times the income back home in Mexico (or other Central American nations).

As for the push factors ... who in their right mind wants to live in Mexico (or other Central American nations)? In the words of one illegal alien named Alfredo Espinoza Rivera, arrested at the camp described above, “I’m very scared to go home to my country. There is too much crime; it is hard to live there.”

As I said, heart-breaking. But the fact is that we cannot absorb everyone in the world who is unhappy, or sick, or persecuted, or threatened, or whose children play in toxic waste. It is up to the people of Mexico to transform their country into a nation they can live in, grow in, and be productive in. The cruel joke is to suggest or tell potential illegal aliens differently, such as distributing flyers in the Spanish language informing Mexican citizens about US food stamp programs in the United States —in Mexico. But this is what progressives do...

Encouraging illegal immigration creates problems, rather that solve them and there is a punishing price for these poor souls to pay once they get here. That is to say, if they get here. Coyotes scam these transients for their last peso and assault, rape, and murder many of them en route to America. But this doesn’t appear to bother Obama or Biden, either ... both of whom actively encourage illegal trespass. And, in my view, this makes Obama and Biden guilty of aiding and abetting criminal behavior.

But if our hearts ache for these unfortunate people, what can we do for them?

We can send them home and insist that they solve the problems that plague them in Mexico. After all, the disgrace which is Mexico is their problem, not ours. Only Mexicans can solve Mexico’s problems. Oh, I suppose we could provide them with arms and munitions, train a few of them in the art and science of guerilla warfare. Hell, if we can do it for the Libyans, why not for our next-door neighbors? An extreme idea, you say? Well, actually the notion is no more extreme than the fact that tens of millions of illegal aliens are in this country, at Obama’s invitation, and residing here contrary to our laws, and at our expense.


  1. Illegal aliens also try to avail themselves of employment opportunities, often at less than the minimum wage.

    Indeed! My cousin-in-law's home repair business has been all but destroyed. A highly-skilled and experienced carpenter and home renovator a own sole proprietorship, he lives in a modest home and can no longer earn what is needed to live in that modest home. Soon, he will have no choice but to move into his father's basement. Sheesh.

    Let us also consider another economic reality:

    A house has only so much space in which to accommodate residents, particularly if the residents don't have much earning capacity.

    The same goes for a nation.

    There is a path to United States citizenship . And WE THE PEOPLE do clearly need a variety of skills brought in.

    And one more economic reality: the public schools systems are bursting at the seams. Trailer classrooms everywhere! Long term ESL classes, in a huge percentage of anchor babies are enrolled, are not effective, but WE THE TAXPAYERS are funding them.

    In my view, one solution for picking and choosing immigrants should be sponsorship -- sponsorship on the part of individuals and families who are already American citizens and who can afford to fund such sponsoring.

  2. "Song for St. Tamminy s Day.
    "The Old Song.

    Of Andrew, of Patrick, of David, & George,
    What mighty achievements we hear!
    While no one relates great Tammany's feats,
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    These heroes fought only as fancy inspired,
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    "When our country was young and our numbers were few
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    As history doth truly proclaim,
    His wigwam was fired, he nobly expired,
    And flew to the skies in a flame, my brave boys,
    And flew to the skies in a flame.

    Kawanio che Keeteru!

    1. FJ,
      It wouldn't be May 1 without you posting Kwanio che Keeteru!

      I see that you left the greeting at Warren's site too.

  3. As Sam neatly wipes our hands of the disgrace that is NAFTA and the volume o drugs we consume.

    Typical right winger denying legitimate responsibility.

  4. ... although the absolutely brilliant idea of encouraging civil war on the border is an example of the simplistic faith the fringe right puts in armed action.

  5. Mexico is NOT a poor country. As a mater of fact it is the 14th largest economy in the world and measured by Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) it is rated 10TH. Further, it is a member of the G-20 Nations. No it isn't poor. As long as the United States allows itself to be the "pressure release valve" for Mexico to send its welfare cases the situation(s) as described in today's post will continue. The issue of wealth distribution in Mexico is Mexico's issue (problem) not ours. One more thing; I've traveled extensively throughout Mexico and nearly everyone that I met had no desire, whatsoever, to move here and were quite happy where they were. Ducky, if you don't like NAFTA please take it up with Clinton/Gore!

  6. By his comment above, Ducky reinforces everything I have ever believed about him —which is that he has serious mental retardation. According to his rationale, since Ducky and all his playmates do drugs, thereby creating a demand for illegal and harmful substances from Central America, the gringos should be willing to open their southern border to literally millions of trespassers.

    Ducky, you need to get some professional help. Do it today. Better yet, consider euthanasia as a more permanent solution to your idiocy.

  7. Our insatiable appetite for drugs has indeed caused violence to explode in Mexico. The current spate erupted when we finally clamped down the sea routes through the Caribbean and Pacific.

    Also, we have a conveyor belt of criminality running from the US down to Central America. We in the US are a broken sewer pipe spewing our hideous culture of drugs, gangs and criminality into Central America.

    We imprison illegal alien criminals here in our prisons, which gives petty criminals a university degree in gang-related crime, and they return to their country and recruit criminal armies. Guns go south and drugs go north, and criminal gangs go both way with impunity.

    A small nation like Honduras does not have the law enforcement and criminal justice system to cope with it.

    I am not completely blaming the US, but we are complicit in this. I do not blame people for coming here, especially since de facto government policy is to welcome people in.

    As an aside, I was having a few beers with some Mexicans who are here illegally, and they were complaining about the recent arrivals driving wages down!

    It's a screwed up mess, and the United States is partially to blame.

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Sorry Ducky, we don't allow that language here.

    Your suggestion that I encouraged civil war on the border is laughable ... and typical Duckwad fare. When we learned that your administration conspired to provide firearms to Mexican drug cartels, I seem to recall your quacking something about “another phony scandal,” which was one of the leftist talking points.

    Silverfiddle is right. The USA is complicit in the problem. It is something we could fix were it not for the libtards, like Ducky, who keep finding excuses to avoid a serious discussion about illegal immigration. One thing is for certain ... as long as we keep paying illegals to come here, they will keep coming here. It is time to shut this free ride down, permanently.

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  12. It's simple, Ducky ... take your gutter language some place else. You know AOW's students visit this blog. Trying to get her in trouble with her employers, you idiot?

  13. Frida Van der WienerMay 1, 2014 at 3:07:00 PM EDT

    Ducky's a typical latte leftist vulgarly shouting his rage against the machine

  14. So you set an example for them by calling someone a drug user?

    You're an idiot.

  15. Okay, Ducky ... I apologize. What I wrote was actually intending to be tongue-in-cheek. I was only trying to find another explanation for your absurdity. I thought the drug use comment would be a better explanation than offering up unadulterated stupidity as a viable alternative.

  16. Sure it's unconstitutional but maybe the gubbermint should force Walmart to import all the crap they currently get from China from Mexico instead! After all, if obozo is good at ANYTHING, it's saying "up yours" to the constitution. We get less lead paint and a smaller immigration problem! Hopefully 30 million illegals already here would go south for the manufacturing jobs this would create!

    Just a thought.

  17. I agree with SilverFiddle. We are complicit with the problems in Mexico.

    AOW, I, too, know of people in the home improvement business, and they are now down to one or two people, and those will be illegal aliens. My friend at church had a business where he had anywhere from 12 to 20 employees, paying up to $30/hour for skilled workers. He could not compete. Now, all those workers are either unemployed, or on welfare Most of them were black. Thousands of blacks in the Atlanta area were thrown out of work because if contractors who were very happy to pay less than minimum wage to illegals.

    A decade ago, G W Bush floated his idea for immigration reform, the centerpiece of which was a temporary workers system where people could enter the country easily to work, legally. But NOOOOO. The Democrat congress didn't like it.

    So, we have had this ridiculous two party bickering for years, now, when the problem could have been solved many years ago to EVERYBODY'S satisfaction.

    1. Bob,
      The home improvement business has been hit especially hard with illegal immigrants in the pool of employees.

      The same goes for some other businesses -- including the warehouse business.

      I'm sure that other sectors have the same problem.

  18. @Ducky: "... although the absolutely brilliant idea of encouraging civil war on the border "

    Civil war? Dude! There's an invasion going on. Unless you want to count the poor Mexicans who are scammed or murdered by the drug cartels. That would be Mexican against Mexican.

  19. I'm not complicit with drugs and Mexico, trust me. We couldn't have them if they didn't bring them in, either. I don't think we can blame us so darned hard as some of you have up above....
    We can't take every poor Hispanic into our country and treat them better than our own; it's stupid, it's not fair, and it's hurting everyone

  20. The 1 percenters love low wage Democrat voting illega laliens.

  21. "we cannot absorb everyone in the world who is unhappy, or sick, or persecuted, or threatened, or whose children play in toxic waste", exactly right.

    Right Truth

  22. The American government brings the drugs in. Especially the hard stuff. Lots of money being made coming and going. Maryjane is going to end up legal everywhere now because it costs so much more than the cops can bring in from processing the low income dealers and users.

    As far as Mexicans, I'm in favor of three things.
    - Work visas. Fingerprint, card and track them in the US. Let them work, let them live here. Never give them benefits that that haven't paid for up front like SS. Health care? who cares, that system is destroyed no FUBAR.
    -Arm them, train them and let them take their country back from the federales.
    -Invite them here with waiting buses, equipped with food and drink and haul them on a one way trip from Calilfornia, Arizona, and Texas, Straight to Washington DC (Oh, and Boston). let them live with the consequences.


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