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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Yes —it is true!

by Sam Huntington

The lame-brains are at it again: CNN reports, “Devastating droughts in the Southwest, ruinous floods in New York City, killer wildfires in Colorado, intense heat waves in the Plains: these are some of the disasters that are being exacerbated by global warming, and problems will continue to worsen in the decades to come, according to a massive federal climate report released Tuesday at the White House.”

Indeed.  If this information comes to us from the White House or from any federal agency, it must be true.  You know: Benghazi was the result of a video, and if you like your doctor...

Except that once again, the White House is being dishonest.  Western wild fires are nothing new, evidenced by the Ortega Fire in 1888, the Santiago Canyon Fire in 1898, and the Big Blow up Fire in 1910.  The White House must have forgotten about the Great Heave Wave of 1936 (the hottest summer in the United States on record).  As for ruinous floods, we can start with the New Hampshire Flood of 1740 and work our way through several more devastating torrents, including the Great Pumpkin Flood of 1786, the Great Flood of 1844, Susquehanna River Flood of 1861, and the Johnstown Floods of 1884 and 1889. 

So maybe the sky isn’t really falling, after all —but if it does, I hope it falls on the White House and crushes Leon Podesta into minuscule cockroach pieces and crushes the brain-housing group of the first Kenyan-Indonesian president. 


  1. Wild fires are/were a normal occurrence until the government decided to save the spotted owl and other critters. This to the detriment of the trees which many have now become diseased. This is what happens when the government meddles.

  2. If it wasn't for global warming how would algore earn his fortune. Since he has never worked for a living that option is off the table.
    Maybe he could sell his nobel to help support his mistresses and private jet.

  3. It is important that we place this entire issue of climate change into a proper perspective. Yes, it is true that the earth is undergoing changes in climate. It is a pattern that has existed now for about 4 billion years. To suggest that we are approaching the end of times, or that mankind will be utterly destroyed unless we Invest in Al Gore Enterprises, is ridiculous on its face. Investing in green technology is a fraud of epic proportions. And who doesn’t already know this? If we were serious about saving planet earth, we would start by shutting down the hot air emanating from inside the Washington beltway.

    1. Agreed, sir, only it's not just "hot air," it's POISON GAS.

      The intent of the left always to EXPLOIT every conceivable problem real and imagined to consolidate and aggrandize their power is profoundly evil. The worst aspect of their modus operandi, however, is the way they invariably cloak their tyrannical aims in the guise of accomplishing things of great practical value while serving high moral imperatives.

      The stench of sanctimony befouls their every word and gesture.

  4. Mustang beat me to it... but if the sky does fall on the White House, perhaps Pelosi, Billary, Feinstein and Boxer will be there while getting their dose of freshly exhaled CO2.

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  6. The "global warming" alarmists are increasingly irrational and fanatical in their climate delusions. Fortunately, the public is largely skeptical about their claims. The AGW fraud is driven by one major leftist goal: the regimentation of citizens, compelled by force to live the impoverished lifestyle of the environmental fanatics, while allowing the socialist Democrats much greater control over the economy, thus facilitating their redistributionist goals.

    1. No one could have said it any better, Stogie. Thanks for that bright concise assessment.

      "Climate Change" may be perfectly real, but it's a naturally-occurrng, probably cyclical, phenomenon. The leftists' attempt to EXPLOIT the situation to gain greater political leverage is DESPICABLE.

      "Never let a crisis go to waste" is reputed to be one of their mottos. by that surely mean they "Never let us fail to us any unfortunate event to further our power agenda."

    2. Nah...belching tons of carbon into the atmosphere daily since the Industrial Revolution didn't harm anything.

      Get real or go write a letter to your descendants espousing your viewpoint. You're destined to be the family fool.

  7. Replies
    1. Please read what I just said to Stogie above.

    2. Why, you a climatologist or someone with other expertise in the physical sciences?

  8. Sam, I was confused at first with your words, "the first Kenyan-Indonesian president." I thought you had said, "the first Keynesian-Indonesian president." I'm blaming it on the bifocals.

    Lots of good comments, so I won'tget all scientific about climate except to say that the global warming consensus is real and correct, but trivial. CO2 causes warming, and mankind is responsible for some of the warming. However, the idea that global warming is responsible for extreme weather incidents is looney tunes stuff. Nobody subscribes to that. It is a political ploy.

    See what Dr Roger Pielke, Jr has to say about tornadoes,


  9. Sma my good man, I have to take issue with you on one thing: Obama is the SECOND worst president in American history - that dubious honor belongs to one James Buchanan (1857 to 1861) on whose watch about half the states departed the Union.

    The U.S. Civil War followed quickly and destroyed about half the real estate in the country, as well as the lives of over one million military and civilians.

    However, Obama has over two years to start CW II, Lord knows he's working day and night to start an insurrection, and the be rightly titled, "The Worst President In American History."

    So watch out James Buchanan, Barack Obama is moving up to you FAST!

  10. What you seem to forget here is the unequivocal evidence....oh, screw it. Just watch Colbert from last night:


    1. Marcia Law said:

      Stephen Colbert, an updated version of the classic red diaper baby, was weaned at a bull's anus, and dines daily on dirty diapers. He is the moral equivalent of uncontrolled flatulence, and has the mental capacity of a poisonous mushroom, and the moral fiber of a freshly made pasture pie.

  11. "So maybe the sky isn’t really falling, after all —but if it does, I hope it falls on the White House and crushes Leon Podesta into minuscule cockroach pieces and crushes the brain-housing group of the first Kenyan-Indonesian president." Good one, I'm with you.

    Right Truth

  12. Oh Debbie, the tin foil hat is on tight tonight! Lol!

  13. I can't believe Colbert could lend anything to a scientific discussion like climate change/global warming. What fool would pay attention to him?

  14. Marcia Law said:

    Now it can be told. Liberalmann is Ema Nymton in drag,

    Or is the other way around?

    Does it matter?

    Yes, because Ema has some redeeming features. The L-man does not.


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