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Thursday, May 22, 2014

See, the way this works is...

by Sam Huntington

Everyone on the left hates Mitt Romney, and there’s a good reason for this: he’s a filthy hedge fund manager and as such, he personally gave cancer to the wife of an employee at a nuts and bolts company. Bad Romney, bad! Everyone on the left hates the Koch Brothers, too—and for good reason. Those bastards give way too much money to GOP candidates and they are far, far to involved in political activism. Bad Koch brothers, bad!

Just when it appears (to me) that the political left is incapable of demonstrating a greater degree of dishonesty —when I think they’ve reached the pinnacle of hypocrisy, some new revelation comes along those forces me to reevaluate my former position.

Let me insert one important caveat here. I do not think that political corruption is a problem affecting only one political party. It is a systemic problem. My frustration comes from the fact that the American people continue reelecting individuals who are clearly dirty politicians, and some of this corruption is nearly blatant. “Duke” Cunningham went to jail for corruption, why isn’t Carl Levin in prison, or John Conyers, or Nancy Pelosi, or Harry Reid. They must be among the filthiest of our politicians.

The issue here is duplicity —and it is significant. While the political left castigates Mitt Romney for his hedge fund business, as they chastise the Koch brothers, they seem to make allowances for their own fair-haired boy, Tom Steyer —the multi billionaire hedge fund manager, founder and former managing partner of Faralion Capital Management.

One may recall that Tom Steyer pledged $100 million to elect Democrats who oppose the Keystone XL Pipeline. He’s doing this, of course, because he supports the “Green” movement, loves America, and wants to protect the environment. Malarkey! Thomas Steyer opposes the Keystone XL Pipeline because he is heavily invested in Asian coal. Indonesian coal supplies fully half of China’s coal-burning power plants ... coal extracted from Adaro Energy, and PT Bumi Resources. Bumi has the interests of investigators for what could be very creative financial accounting practices. Greenpeace has accused Adaro of creating significant environmental damage in Borneo.

Steyer is also enriching himself through Australian investments in coal and gas ... the things he opposes here at home. MEO Australia Limited is an oil and natural gas company that is conducting offshore drilling in both Australia and Indonesia, and Whitehaven Coal conducts open pit mining at Maule Creek. The Maule Creek operation has drawn vigorous opposition from Australian environmentalists.

Steyer allegedly promised that he (and his company) would divest themselves of all these filthy fossil fuel products and return to the pursuit of Green Energy. Did that happen? No, it didn’t.

I do not object to Steyer making as much money as he possibly can. I don’t object to any businessperson from pushing the boundaries of propriety, so long as laws are faithfully obeyed. I don’t even care that Steyer makes his money from fossil fuels. What I do object to is that this man has made his deal with corrupt Democrats, he has successfully stifled the Keystone XL Pipeline —which is a decision that comes directly from within the White House, and that this corruption is making Steyer even richer.

How are leftists responding to behavior that is remarkably similar to that of Mitt Romney or the Koch Brothers? See, the way this works is ... chirp, chirp, chirp.


  1. Has American become a Banana Republic?

    The definition of Banana Republic reads in part: It typically has...a ruling plutocracy of business, political, and military elites; this politico-economic oligarchy controls the primary-sector productions to exploit the country's economy.

  2. Yes, we have become a Third World Nation!

  3. Damn that rich guy for having an environmental conscience! The Koch Brothers are pure evil;


  4. Liberal man's stupidity is astounding.

  5. The recent Russia/China energy deal must have the Canadians crapping pickles.

  6. I am the son of an immigrant, my father came to New York in 1929 from Russia... He became a legal resident as soon as he was able to, then a citizen, he spoke English in the first year that he was here, he raised an AMERICAN family that all spoke English and that is how it should be..

    Immigration reform? No, we have adequate immigration laws as it is, they need to be enforced...

    If you come here legally and become a citizen of the United States and love this nation, representing yourself as an American, I welcome you with open arms...

    If you come here and live illegally, if you can't or won't become a citizen and declare yourself an American, I have no use for you..

    I don't know why you Hispanic here can’t do the same... The USA is over-run with ILLEGAL’S and they are bleeding our counties resources dry; medical care, schools, a need for increased law enforcement and so forth, and they contribute very little to America...

    LEGAL immigration? You bet... ILLEGAL immigration is just that, ILLEGAL, what part of LEGAL can’t you Progressive- Liberal’s understand?

  7. Well at least we are admitting the the XL pipeline has nothing to do with increasing American supplies.
    Just tying up refining capacity to ship to the Chinese.

    No matter who wins, we lose. Forget XL.

  8. Well, simply more evidence pouring in 24/7 how liberals and democrats are sociopathic fascists.

    Except for the ones who are so stupid it takes your breath away, like the ones who say things like 'politicians are working hard to make our lives better'.

  9. Well at least we are admitting the the XL pipeline has nothing to do with increasing American supplies.

    Phase II, the Keystone-Cushing extension, was completed in February 2011 with the pipeline from Steele City to storage and distribution facilities at Cushing, Oklahoma. These two phases have the capacity to deliver up to 590,000 barrels per day (94,000 m3/d) of oil into the Mid-West refineries

    Careful ducky, I don't think that the Chinese are driving to St' Louis to fill up their gas tanks.

    1. Besides which - more supply = lower prices regardless where the inky black stuff goes first.


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