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Friday, May 23, 2014


I am at a loss for a printable comment:


  1. I'd like to see these same folks quizzed on contemporary mindless entertainment.

  2. Charles Krauthammer once said that “To understand the workings of American politics, you have to understand this fundamental law: Conservatives think liberals are stupid. Liberals think conservatives are evil.” Even liberals who've accomplished a lot in their lives and have high IQs often say things on a regular basis that are stunningly, profoundly stupid and at odds with the way the world works. Modern liberalism has become so bereft of common sense and instinctually suicidal that America can only survive over the long haul by thwarting the liberal agenda. In fact, liberalism has become such a toxic and poisonous philosophy that most liberals wouldn't behave differently if their goal were to deliberately destroy the country.

    For example when you debate a Liberal they'll go quote from a source, usually from some Liberal run or Liberal owned “Checking Source”. Or the one that I see all the time and I just despise the people who do it and that’s “BLAME BUSH or REAGAN” .. What they miss is even if it's a Liberal source the person who wrote that entire work they're quote took that conclusion from another Liberal.
    I wonder if any of THEIR so called “Source’s” tell them that it was actually Liberals that backed Jim Crow's laws? Hummm, most likely not! There is research, time, effort and experience underneath the words they cannot hope to grasp simply by taking that quote out of context. Hence they just try to prove others "wrong" rather than ask questions, have an actual debate and prove themselves right.

    1. The same goes for you, buster. Irrelevant broadsides deserve nothing but contempt and dismissal.

      -----------------------------> Katharine Heartburn

  3. Just How Stupid Does Obama Think We Are?
    His last lie, “I actually said, ‘You can keep your insurance, if it hasn’t changed since the law passed…” is so incredible, that it gives us a clue at how little regard he has for the American people.
    He thinks we must have the IQ of 80 or we are so mesmerized by him, we will believe anything he says.
    Next, he will be telling us, the consulate at Benghazi was attacked because of a video!
    Oh, wait, … That does sound a bit familiar doesn't it!

    No matter how much he lies he still can count on the retarded bunch on the left to support him.

    1. I'll bet you couldn't answer even one of those questions correctly, if your life depended in it. People who make no attempt to address the given subject, but post irrelevant broadsides instead, ought to be banned from the blogging community.

      ----------------------> Katharine Heartburn

  4. The truth shall set you free,

    "He thinks we must have the IQ of 80 or we are so mesmerized by him, we will believe anything he says."

    Well, can you blame him? After all, he managed to get elected twice!

  5. Katharine Hardon, who the hell died and made you Queen?
    I'd like to know so that I could piss down her mouth.

    1. Katharine may sound imperious at times, I'll grant you, but surely her vinegary observations carry more weight, show more wisdom, and have greater value than the vulgar sort of nonsense you've contributed here today, if "contribute" could be said to be the right word.

      Don't you think it's time you grew up?

  6. Yeesh. Missed two myself- Susan B. Anthony and which president it was during WWI.

    Some of those I don't get how they even guessed what they did. I may suck at history but placing George Washington in WWI? No. Just no. At least get in a ballpark people. So many of those guesses are just so wrong it makes you question how they passes high school.


    1. You're right about putting George Washington so absurdly out of context, Wildstar, but didn't you find it ironic that the young man who offered that seemed to be the most thoughtful and knowledgeable of that motley crew of respondents in his other answers?

      Most of the respondents seemed to be nice normal, respectable-looking people -- not a Charles Manson or Dennis Rodman-type among them, although "ditzy" came to mind all too easily in reference to several..

      That may be the most frightening aspect of all.

      Have we become a nation of "airheads" -- and those who poke fun at them? Is that all we amount to today?

      I hope not.

    2. My purpose was not to poke fun, but rather to sound the alarm. Again.

      And, yes, the irony is palpable: didn't you find it ironic that the young man who offered that seemed to be the most thoughtful and knowledgeable of that motley crew of respondents in his other answers?

    3. I don't think he accused you in particular of anything, Ma'am. I know him pretty well, and he usually addresses the broad underlying principles from which all the solutions would come, if they weren't constantly violated. He hardly ever attacks anyone personally.

      Helen Highwater

      PS: I'm sorry to learn you're ill. I hope you get enough rest to be able to get well soon. - HH

    4. Helen,
      I don't think he accused you in particular of anything

      Probably not.

      My head is so fuzzy right now that I can't think! I don't know when I've had a cold this miserable. I was so miserable yesterday that I didn't even co-host the radio show.

  7. I was unable to pinpoint the exact date the Constitution was adopted. I thought it was 1786, and I shamefacedly admit I did not know how many times the Constitution had been officially altered. I wonder if those who do are aware of the content of each of those amendments? I certainly don't, do you?

    Very frankly it always irritates me when anyone refers to "The Such-and-Such Amendment without describing or outlining its contents. The implication there seems to be, "Surely, everyone, who isn't a stupid ass, knows that."

    The result is not only a failure to be clear and to inform, but also to insult one's readers.

    Could that possibly be good?

    Perhaps it would benefit all of us, if AOW -- and others -- took the time to present and STUDY each amendment -- one at a time --, then discuss its implication and effects:

    It might be smart to work BACKWARDS, because most are familiar with the first ten, which constitute The Bill of Rights. The others? --- Maybe not so much, although we've certainly heard a lot about the 14th in regard to Anchor babies in the past few years, haven't we?.

    1. We could start with 18th and 21st Amendments. **wink**

    2. Amendments 11-27

      It seems to me that Amendment 27 has failed in several ways.

      BTW, that amendments was originally proposed in 1789 and ratified in1992.

  8. Sick as a dog here -- upper respiratory virus!

    However, I want to make a point before I go back to bed for a while....

    I deliberately chose the title "Ignorant!" In my view, that word doesn't mean stupid (that is. low IQ), but rather lacking on knowledge.

    How is it that those aspiring to be naturalized citizens apparently have more knowledge about our nation's history and heritage?

    As one who has worked with Koreans aspiring to achieve U.S. citizenship, I can vouch for the difficulty of the test -- the video is but a brief portion thereof -- and these Koreans' better understanding of America's history and heritage. Furthermore, I can vouch for their American patriotism. It's not token patriotism, either.

    It is shameful that some native born Americans don't have some basic knowledge.

    Do they vote?

    And why don't they have that knowledge?

    PS: Yesterday, I asked my students -- many of them middle school students -- the meaning of Memorial Day. More of the children of immigrants knew the answer than the native born Americans. The "military brats" knew, though.

  9. If this sample is a microcosm of a much larger problem, it presents a good argument for tighter voter registration requirements.

  10. So, Liberal Obama Idiots, how do you like Socialism now?

  11. They don't care and they're not educated to know anyway.

  12. Let's guess how many obama, who doesn't know how many states there are, would get right. I'm going to guess zero.

  13. I went 8 for 10. Missed Susan Anthony and the year the Constitution was written. But I can damn sure tell you that 95% of the people I know would flunk this. Thanks for posting.

    1. Brian,
      Good score. I missed the one on the number of Constitutional amendments. I knew that date of the Constitution because my mother died in 1987 -- 200 years later.


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