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Saturday, March 9, 2013


(Weekend roundup post.   For the definition of nincompoop, see THIS in the Urban Dictionary. Commenters are encouraged to post links that tell of more nincompoopery)

Links to read (more possibly added as the weekend progresses):

Obama Officials Called Female Reporter [vile names] For Asking Tough Questions

The Toilet Restaurant [photo essay]

FBI Employees Sexting, Sending Porn, Bugging Co-Workers Offices

Cupcakes against gun violence

Obama sheds tears to promote his second-term agenda

Bloomberg's ban prohibits 2-liter soda with your pizza and some nightclub mixers

Holder Shruggs Off Being Held In Contempt of Congress

Bizarro World: Obama’s Sequester Plan Labels $300 Billion In New Revenues As “Spending Cuts”

Colorado Dems Seek To Ban State’s Most Widely Used Hunting Shotgun

WaPo, CBS, CNN: In spite of what Obama said, Capitol janitors are not getting a sequester-induced pay cut

Muslim Brotherhood Defector Claims Group’s International HQ is in New York

U.N. Human Rights Council Honors Hugo Chavez

Jesse Jackson at Chavez Funeral: 'He Lifted the Poor' and 'Helped Them Realize Their Dreams'


  1. The Toilett Restaurant where the food goes in one end and out the other end. One can't complain if the food is crappy.

  2. Do all those toilets actually FLUSH?

    The photo shows patrons fully clothed. Shouldn't their undies be down around their ankles at the very least?

    Perhaps the restaurant's decor is merely symbolic?

  3. As for item #1:

    Frankly most "female reporters" deserve to be called "vile names."

    That goes for most male reporters too. ;-)

    I don't call it the ENEMEDIA for nothing.

  4. FT,
    Of course, if a White House administration other than this one had called female reporters such vile names, the enemedia would be outraged.

    BTW, these particular reporters were vilified for "asking tough questions."

  5. The toilet restaurant story goes particularly well with the title "Nincompoopery." **wink**

  6. Flush twice. It's a long way to the kitchen.

  7. It only shows that our country indeed recognizes where we are headed. Down the toilet.

  8. I suppose that you had to be there... but then the French... what can be done?

  9. Maybe they can grab a bite to eat in the restaurant's bathroom.

  10. Oh, wait...perhaps THAT is the restaurant's KITCHEN! ;)

  11. At this point I think we could use some NINCOM-POTPOURRI to refresh the atmosphere, don't you? ;-)

  12. I believe it was at Versailles during the reign of Louis XIV that the custom of dining sur la toilette first originated, although I would never have put it past the ancient Romans -- they with their vomitoria.

  13. I strongly urge Colorado Hunters to band together to BAN Colorado Liberals from serving in government.

    Surely the Hunters would have superior firepower if they banded together? ;-)

  14. It's high time The Men of New York got back in touch with their balls, marched in City Hall, dragged The Little One out, put him in the stocks and let New Yorkers blow tobacco smoke in his face while dumping buckets of Coca Cola over his tyrannical little head.

    ARE there any MEN left in New York, or have they all been castrated -- or converted to homosexuality -- by liberalism?

  15. Cupcakes against guns?

    Don't y'all think Dr. Joycelyn Elders -- one-time Surgeon General under Klintoon -- had a better, more practical idea when she suggested "making softer bullets?"

  16. I'm surprised the "Toilet Restaurant" took so long.

    Cribbed directly from Bunuel's absolutely brilliant dinner party scene in The Phantom of Liberty.

    Of course, a session with Bunuel is a terrific antidote to pretense. Highly recommended.

  17. Bunuel must have gotten it from the chronicles of St. Simon -- an "outie" aristocrat who spitefully "lifted the lid" on Versailles in a series of diaries.

    "There is nothing new under the sun."

    Every atom in the Universe has been endlessly recycled and repurposed since God created it.

  18. The UN -- a monster largely of OUR making -- produces enough ess-aitch-eye-tea to keep a worldwide CHAIN of TOILET RESTAURANTS in continuous operation for the next five-hundred years.

  19. It's a shame that a disgraced race pimp like Jackson is the apparent spokes person for Chavez in America since we have never been given a factual inquiry.

    You need to widen your news source so why not try the "Counterspin" podcast? It's very well done and this week's discussion of Chavez is pretty revealing.

    They do point out that the NYT and WAPO (the lamestream media as you call them) never wrote a positive oped about Chavez and they quoted a few.

    In one the author chastised Chavez for not "going big" with his oil money as they have in the Emirates. Rather, Chavez "squandered" his on local health clinics, government food banks and education. What a waste, huh? Positively un-Christian.

    And of course there were the attempted coups and the various problems any government encounters when they have something the U.S. wants and aren't playing ball.

    It's a complicated story and you are free to investigate as you see fit but realize there is a cost to keeping your mind welded shut.

  20. Nothing complicated about it, Canardo.


    There is no possible defense for it -- only a series of demented rationales.

    If that were not true -- and you and your three-million dollars did not KNOW it -- you would have left this degenerate nation full of sorry people you love to knock long ago and hightailed it to Cuba, Venezuela or North Korea. So cut the comedy.

    As the immortal Bitch Cassidy said to some air-headed academic long ago, "You don't have to eat a pound of shît to know it don't taste good, honey."

  21. Nothing complicated about it, Canardo.


    Freaking brilliant response.
    Go back to listening to your Judy Garland collection.

  22. Hey, did Chavez lose a couple billion on the way to the widows and orphans donation plate, duckman?

    A regular "Robin Hood " philanthropist... of the Ferdinand Matcos variety.

  23. Oh, that toilet restaurant is just awful. What a horrid idea, ha. I'm sure they are probably a must see stop for some people, but I could not eat there, now way. My gag reflex would forbid it, ha

    Right Truth

  24. It's what they call a "novelty," Debbie. Somebody's not very bright idea of a joke. I have feeling that none of those porcelain pots are hooked up to any plumbing. They'd better not be anyway!

    I doubt if it will become a trend. ;-)

  25. Here's one of my favorite "young" Judy Garland numbers, Ducky:


    It might have been written to tell the world just what I think about what you think.


  26. FT,
    It's high time The Men of New York got back in touch with their balls, marched in City Hall, dragged The Little One out, put him in the stocks and let New Yorkers blow tobacco smoke in his face while dumping buckets of Coca Cola over his tyrannical little head.



  27. FT,
    I just nabbed that Judy Garland video for a musical interlude post after Easter.

  28. Debbie,
    The gimmick of that restaurant probably guarantees its solvency.

    But, like you, I'm not interested in going there.

  29. Duck,
    Making Hugo Chavez into a saint is a non-starter. Sheesh.

  30. FT,
    That Judy Garland song that you linked to is one of my personal favorites.

    Does it to surprise you to know that the song, more or less, expresses my own philosophy of life?

  31. Duck,
    Making Hugo Chavez into a saint is a non-starter. Sheesh.

    Who made him into a saint? That's the pure stinky cheese.

    But saying he did nothing for the poor in Venezuela is also a non starter.

  32. Hee! Hey! Hi! Ho!
    Garland is The Way to Go! ;-)


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