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Friday, March 15, 2013

Recommended Reading

(Two posts today. Please scroll down)

See The Lexicon wars: the meaning of jihad by Tammy Swofford in the Daily Times Pakistan. Excerpt below the fold:
Everyone hates the truth. The more visible jihad of recent decades falls in the category of mass murder, chaos, and anarchy

Cast of characters:

Council on American-Islamic Relations

Pamela Geller and the American Freedom Defence Initiative

Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) 2013

Robert Spencer: Jihad Watch

If you own the language you control the dialogue. If you control the dialogue you have the ability to censor thought. If you censor thought you can infiltrate culture. Freedom of expression remains the breastplate of our American freedom. There are many who do not understand this dynamic. They speak against the very guarantee of our liberty. For me the issue is quite simple. Freedom of expression is a process and not an outcome....
Read the rest HERE.


  1. New development...

    "The Uninvited" Panel at CPAC 2013 on Saturday, March 16, and sponsored by Breitbart News:

    Among the topics covered: Crony Capitalism, Global Jihad, Illegal Immigration, the ongoing global persecution of Christians, and the gutting of the American Military.


    Panelists will include Robert Spencer, Dan Goure, Nina Shea, Rosemary Jenks, Frank Gaffney, and Pamela Geller.

    The above was announced yesterday.

  2. Who runs CPAC? They are their own worst eneemy.

  3. Another fine article by Tammy.

    Right Truth

  4. Conservatives on Fire,
    I think that CPAC is run by the ACU (American Conservative Union).

  5. If you own the language you control the dialogue.

    Well, duh !!!

    Exactly what Bob and Pam "She's Psycho" Geller have been trying to do for a decade.

    Don't it drag on.

  6. Duck,
    I wasn't aware that you had a degree in psychiatry.

  7. Can anyone explain what Tammy means when she says, "Today I have enjoined my own freedom of expression as process and not outcome."

  8. Bob,
    It's something like the Imperfect (process) vs. Preterite (outcome) in Spanish -- but in Present Tense as Tammy used the terms in her commentary.

    A process ongoing; an outcome is a done deal.

  9. Bob,

    I believe that freedom of expression brings societal health. I recommend the selection noted below for all who are interested in preservation of this invaluable liberty. The book brings comfort as it shows that our courts have steadily expanded and confirmed our right to speak.


    Freedom of expression is a process. At the point the process is manipulated and propagandized to determine a final outcome, we have lost our liberty.

    We should each retain the right to speak. Others, retain the right to judge what is spoken. Most importantly there is the need to critically read and consider what others are saying. As we do, the best of the talent will rise to the top. Others find themselves marginalized by their peers. But it is all with an understanding that process is important and ongoing.

    We must read right, left and in the middle, to be fair. To read the words of only those who agree with us causes intellectual inbreeding which creates congenital thought defects.

    Freedom of expression is not distilled water. It is a turbulent and muddy stream. We must recognize it and honor it as such.


    Tammy Swofford


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