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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Forget the controversy related to the Molly Maguires. Instead, enjoy the music below — music with an Irish flavor:

The genius of Mancini, who grew up in the steel town of West Aliquippa, Pennsylvania.


  1. A Blessed and Happy St.Patrick's Day to you and yours as well!

  2. Everybody is Irish today!

  3. Corn beef and cabbage day is here at last!

  4. What a lovely piece, AOW! Gentle, calming, yet wistful -- reminiscent of the pathos and the longing of a people long oppressed by English aggression, a lot of bad luck -- and something innately self-defeating in themselves.

    It may be no accident that James Galway -- a quintessential Irishman, if ever there was one -- just happens to be the greatest flautist whose work has ever been captured on recordings. There's nothing written or arranged for the instrument he cannot play with consummate virtuosity and always a golden thread of song that easily surpasses the brilliance.

    Thanks for this. It's perfect for a gloomy, chilly St. Patrick's Sunday when one's grateful to be home by the fire.

  5. FT,
    This particular piece by Mancini isn't well known. I discovered the song when I attended a Mancini concert and have loved the tune ever since. It's a tune that gets inside your head -- in a pleasant, calming way.

    James Galway is still performing. He was at the Kennedy Center this weekend. I didn't find out in time to get tickets. **sigh**


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