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Thursday, March 14, 2013

An Illustration: Obamanomics

And that's the way it is...


  1. A little message comes up in white font on a black screen that says "This video is private".

    Now I should say something like FT does about how profound, how brilliant that was, all the hidden meaning in it, how yattata yattata and blah blah blah it was. The deepness of it, all the ramifications of it and the permutations of it and display my extensive vocabulary and wonderful knowledge and brilliant repartee and on and on forever more.

    But I won't. You;re welcome.

  2. Talk about a lack of transparency ;-)

  3. For the 'low information voter'??? hah

    Right Truth

  4. "This video is private"

    Pretty descriptive, actually.

  5. Someone posted this the other day, and then someone else censored it,

    Fortunately I saved it, because i thought it was pretty cute -- and remarkably astute.

    Baa baa, Black Sheep, have you any bull?

    Yes sir! Yes sir! Truckloads full.

    Some from the pastures, some from the road,

    Some from most anyone who drops off a load.

Baaa baa, Black Sheep, have you any bull?
Yes sir! Yes sir! Bushels full.

    ~ Traditional

    Now isn't that the most polite way you've ever seen of telling a vicious ignoramus he is full of sh!t?

    I think it's downright elegant, myself. And it certainly is accurate,

  6. Now let's get serious for a minute:

    Why post a video no one can access? Does that make any sense?

  7. Whoa, Liberalman, you're not going to influence the with articles from a commie publication like Forbes.

  8. Now let's get serious for a minute:

    Why post a video no one can access? Does that make any sense?

    Gives you a chance to be butch.

  9. Duck,
    Don't waste time responding to Liberalmann. His comments are deleted, UNREAD, by an administrator as soon as an administrator becomes aware that Liberalmann has spewed.

    As you know, I have inordinate patience with commenters who dissent. But Liberalmann, with all his copy-and-paste comments AND his calling me a vile name ruined his chances to speak here at this site.

  10. The very fact that the video is private is a satiric jab at the Obama administration's so-called transparency.

    Just sayin'.

  11. Black Sheep and FT,
    Let's not start another war here.

    Thanks in advance.

    PS: Both of you made witty comments that will stand.

  12. Liberalmann,
    If someone did indeed hijack your name, you should have protested long before.

    Copied-and-pasted comments to different blog sites result in deletion here at Always On Watch, BTW. I see the same comments from you elsewhere.

    Now go away. Voice your opinions at your own blog.


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