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Friday, March 8, 2013

Recommended Reading (Video Added)

(Two posts today.  Please scroll down)

See Officials: 80 Percent Of Recent NYC High School Graduates Cannot Read (hat tip to Western Hero for the link).

Idiocracy is upon us and growing fast.

Does the video below the fold come as a surprise (hat tip to Right Truth)?


  1. Is there some sort of "Exit Exam" for these, so called, "High School Graduates" to attain graduate status or are they just getting passed through the system? It appears that the latter is the case. From what I've seen, of late, the Teachers Union(s) want no part of performance testing! Although the focus of today's post is on NYC, it would also be interesting to see the stats on Detriot with a, reported, graduation rate of <25% as a harbinger of things to come.

  2. And they are so confident that they are speaking from a base of knowledge. That's scary!

  3. Know-it-alls who know nothing and they will overrun the country soon.

  4. NY is bad..but it is a national problem . The national average for students requiring remediation is 43%. Oklahoma is
    80%, Arkansas 53%, Indiana 70% and on it goes. The demographics are surprising: 31% of high income students need remedial courses,
    36% of asian..even 29% of students
    where both parents have a college degree. The data is quite astounding and sadly, while 57% of students that do not require remedial course graduate from their college, only 19% that
    needed remediation finish for a degree. A real tragedy. But, I bet most of those kids are better at
    texting than me..perhaps that is part of the problem. IMO, in addition to watered down HS courses, cut-and-paste google
    reports and too much TV and goofing off, we tell students that they must go to college; the colleges are glad to take the student loans and young lives get off to a terrible start. Not all
    good jobs require a knowledge of
    French Literature or Thermodynamics, so the idea of
    college just for a job, rather than
    the satisfaction of broadbased education, just adds to the problem. (apologies-just another of my pet peeves!)

  5. "good jobs require a knowledge of
    French Literature" ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????-WHY ?

  6. A few weeks ago, a client told me that some 25% of those admitted to the University of Virginia, the law school there being her alma mater, need remedial work. An astounding figure! UVA wasn't like that back when I attended -- that's for sure.

    In my view, many students in our universities shouldn't be there at all! In fact, I have family members who should have attended trade schools for specific schools such as those for automotive mechanics, electricians, and plumbers instead of going to college for the much-touted degree.

    Conversely, certain jobs now require college degrees when, clearly, the jobs themselves shouldn't so require. One example: insurance adjusters. About 10 years ago, that job starting requiring a college education (at least an associate degree, four-year degree preferred). Why? Because high school education has been so dumbed down!

    College loans may well turn out to be the path to serfdom.


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