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Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Panel Of "The Uninvited"

At CPAC 2013 on March 16, 2013

Videos below the fold.

Robert Spencer:

Pamela Geller:


  1. Is that Frank Gaffney second to the right of Spencer?

    Who are the other loons?

  2. I've been gone all day, haven't had a chance to watch these, but will now. Glad you posted them. It concerns me that CPAC, who has such new, wonderful, strong Conseratives, would be so pro-islamic. It truly is hard to understand. Thanks goodness for those who will still stand up.

    Right Truth

  3. Duck,
    Off topic....Have you seen Among the Ruin's Photostream?

    I don't personally know the photographer, but I know from someone who does that Among the Ruin uses old maps to find many of the sites that he photographs.

  4. Breitbart is badly missed. A real opportunity lost. I have not heard the full remarks at cpac, but foreign policy appears to have been buried.

  5. Geller:

    "Truth is the new hate speech."

    Sad, but this Orwellian observation is, in and of itself, all too true!

  6. Spencer appears far more attractive, kinder and more palatable in animation than he does from his writing (as seen at Front Page Magazine years ago) and in still photographs. His speech is surprisingly pleasant and well modulated.

    It is the opposite with Ms. Geller. In repose she is good looking. In animation she exemplifies most of the classic characteristics that elicit anti-Semitic sentiment in many not-yet-thoroughly-processed by the PC Mill. To call her manner "overly demonstrative" is a kindness.

    It's too bad this lady -- who says many things I agree with completely -- did not avail herself of the services of a good speech therapist well-versed in the techniques of ridding potential movie stars and other public figures of grotesque ethnic and regional accents.

    The NOO YAWK accent is one of the ugliest forms of English on earth along with low-class southern dialects a la Dubya Boosh, hillbilly twanging a la Bill Clinton, and the kind of flat, toneless, hard-edged braying we hear from the ever-hideous Hillary Clinton. British Cockney, working-class dialects from the Midlands, Liverpudlian, the quaintly hideous brand of English from Northumberland where they bear down hard on their R's -- rather like Midwesterners -- and Aw-STRILE-Yan, where you pay close attention to DAYTOILS, sun yourself on the BAYCH, drink ISLE and BOY groceries are all forms of diction from which educated people should strive to RECOVER.

    Doin' ha wutt kums natcherly frankly SUCKS.

  7. FT,
    Voice timbres and regional accents are interesting -- no doubt about it. At least, they are interesting to ME, a foreign language major.

    You'll note that I used the word interesting. I don't draw conclusions about character from voice timbres and regional accents. And I listen to the message as opposed to the messenger. I rather imagine that Lucifer is attractive physically and speaks in dulcet tones; at least, such is the portrayal in Milton's Paradise Lost.

    I have met with both Robert and Pamela. In fact, we had lunch together at CPAC 2010. Pamela is a much softer person than she appears on video; the topic that revealed that softness was our brief discussion of Mr. AOW's condition (I had to leave CPAC 2010 earlier than I had planned as those days in 2009-2010 we horrendous).

    BTW, The Beak, too, is a softer individual than his blog indicates. In the dark days of 2010, he came here to our house and took us out to dinner. Mr. AOW's first outing since being released from the nursing home. I will forever be grateful for what The Beak did!

    PS: In the South, we make fun of the Noo Yawk accent. It's hilarious to hear a good ol' boy twanging away as he criticizes a Noo Yawk accent.

    PPS: Although my mother's family hailed from Appalachia, all those who moved here to the D.C. area lost their regional accent almost immediately. Those who remained in Tennessee kept their accent.

  8. Accents are interesting, of course, AOW, and I agree one OUGHT to listen to the message instead of being distracted by the peculiar characteristics of the messenger, BUT few have the intellectual acumen to be able to do that.

    I often cite examples of how preposterous and unintentionally funny it would be to here Shakespeare recited in a thick Brooklyn accent, West Texas drawl, or with a low-class Irish or Australian accent -- or a Scottish burr for that matter!

    It works more than two ways. I cringe when I hear Harvard and Princeton educated people who obviously know what they're talking about speaking on accents of the gutter they ever bothered to shed.

    It's incongruous, and anomalous, as well as unattractive.

    The same would be true if John Wayne had made his westerns talking with a perfect, clipped Oxford accent.

    I bring this up here not so much to denigrate Ms Geller or impugn her motives, but to say that she'd have a much easier job selling her message, if she spoke and acted less "colloquially."

    And yes, I freely admit I have a great deal of Henry Higgins in me, and consider it a virtue.

    As the song asks, "Why can't the English teach their children how to speak?"

    The same could be said doubled for us Americans.

    Refinement is NOT "affectation," unless it's done poorly.

    ONE of the many many reasons Obama got elected is that he does NOT talk "Ebonics." God help us if someone of Al Sharpton's grotesquely uncouth ilk ever got himself shoe-horned into the White House!

    Abraham Lincoln may have been born in a log cabin to parents who scratched a living out of the dirt in the wilderness, but he WROTE beautifully, and I'll HE didn't talk like a hick from the sticks, even though that's exactly what he was when he began his career.

    I wish we COULD hear the voices of the Founders, of Andrew Jackson, and of Lincoln!

    I remember hearing FDR over the radio, and even that far back I recognized a horse's ass when I heard one. ;-)

  9. FYI: Panelists included

    Robert Spencer,

    Dan Goure,

    Nina Shea,

    Rosemary Jenks,

    Frank Gaffney,

    Pamela Geller.


    I would LOVE to have heard what they had to say about CRONY CAPITALISM, which I, personally, view as a MUCH greater threat to our financial stability and economic security Islamic than Islam-ICK-Jihad, though I believe the two are linked.

    The Arab-Israeli conflict is the brainchild of Crony Capitalists (i.e. "The Oligarchs") who cynically engineered the whole thing into being as yet-another means of gaining WEALTH and POLITICAL LEVERAGE to aid in their determination to manipulate circumstances toward the formation of One World Government.

  10. Joe,
    You might be interested in reading THIS: "Sharia in action in Spain: Muhammad filmmaker to be prosecuted after Muslims complain to government about his film."

  11. FT,
    she'd have a much easier job selling her message, if she spoke and acted less "colloquially"


  12. FT,
    Complete video coverage of the panel can be found HERE.


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