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Monday, March 18, 2013

Kerry's America

By Sam Huntington
“In America, you have a right to be stupid … if you want to be. And we tolerate it. We somehow make it through that. Now, I think that’s a virtue. I think that’s something worth fighting for.” —John Fauxbrain Kerry, American Secretary of State

Presumably, John Kerry was thinking about the time when he shot himself with an M-79 Grenade Launcher, thereby earning one of his three Purple Heart medals. Talk about stupid. But he’s right. We do tolerate it. It is the only possible explanation for the American Progressive movement. In fact, I believe that no one benefits more from stupidity than the progressive (neo-communist) party.

As one non-American observer noted, “Kerry was basically saying, yeah … we know that all these dumb people who don’t agree with us are wrong, but we let them talk anyway because it works out okay in the end since no one is listening to them anyway.”

We think that’s an adequate assessment of attitudes among the American political left. Of course, they’re the one’s who embrace a wholly discredited political ideology as if it somehow makes sense in maintaining a free Republic. As if …

On the other hand, Kerry’s disclosure might have been Freudian: he could have been thinking about President Obama’s inept UN speech, or his own talking points. We can banter about that another day … but today, let’s briefly examine the premise laid down by Kerry to a German audience. Do our young soldiers, airmen, sailors, and Marines really go into harms way to defend the right of Americans to be stupid? Do mothers give up their sons and daughters, or wives their husbands, or children their mothers and fathers, to preserve the right of stupidity?

We don’t think so. That Kerry thinks so tells us reams John Kerry. It tells us that deep down inside, within the very core of his soul, John Kerry is a complete idiot. This is the man Barack Obama nominated to serve as America’s chief diplomat. I don't know, but there could be a lesson in that, as well.

And we are reminded of another famous Kerry quote. “You know,” he said, “education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, uh, you, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.”

Rewarding John Kerry and others like him with high-level appointments means but one thing to the American people: our Republic is in serious trouble. What we have here, essentially, is a small cadre of incompetents leading the masses to accomplish that which is unnecessary or blatantly harmful.


  1. John Fauxbrain Kerry

    Perfect turn of phrase, Sam!

  2. "our Republic is in serious trouble. What we have here, essentially, is a small cadre of incompetents leading the masses to accomplish that which is unnecessary or blatantly harmful."

    To Rephrase:


  3. Who in America would know more about stupidity than John Kerry?

  4. Meaning, once again, the tired old saw that the Demorats and Leftists know more about how to run YOUR life than YOU do.

    With the exception that: it's true. The Demorats and Leftist don't just believe, they KNOW how to run YOUR life better than you do, because the overarching bulk of Americans are ignorant, unwashed, unintelligent, and don't just need but WANT Leftists to run their lives for them.

    So yes, at least for a little while, Americans can run their own lives in a fashion -- until Leftists can install "just the proper laws" to remove their abilities for independent thinking and action.

    And don't think they're not trying.


  5. Low information voters and low IQ politicians deserve each other... too bad the rest of us are caught in the middle.

  6. I disagree about the Marxian-Fabian-Stalinist-Socialist-Progressive-Liberal-Statist-Tyrannist, Nazianic-Progressives.

    They are not NOT NOT STUPID.

    They -- or rather their leaders -- are DEMONICALLY CLEVER.

    So, lefturds are not stupid, they are EVIL.

  7. It exists, Liberalmann, as you are allowed to exist on this blog.


  8. BZ,
    FYI...Liberalmann's comments here are deleted as soon as any administrator becomes aware of them.

  9. Unless there is an awakening we are on the road to serfdom. Or rather the trip will be completed.

  10. We tolerate stupid so much we allowed stupid to elect an anti-American president, twice. Wow, good for us (not)

    Right Truth

  11. Ah but Sam, the media loves and rewards stupidity. The weapon I carried was an M-79, and I'm happy to say I don't have a Purple Heart.

  12. If I buy new shoes and they're too tight and hurt my feet, I don't complain to the store. I just throw them away and try for a better fit next time.

    If I raise animals and some turn out to be violent and dangerous, I kill them to keep them from harming me or the other animals.

    Instead of all this constant bitching about the pain and harm that politicians are causing, WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT IT?

    Anyone can whine and complain. Isn't that really pretty pointless and stupid too? That's how all the illegal aliens and minorities have gotten all those entitlements you hate so much.

    I have a suggestion. Take action or shut up. Sharing all this griping may make you feel like you've actually done something, instead of just sitting at a keyboard wiggling your fingers, but in reality you're doing a real good imitation of John Kerry.

  13. Honest-to-God THINKING could never be a waste of time, Black Sheep. I agree with you, however, if all we do is spout rhetorical clichés reflexively -- mindless regurgitation of "talking points" that originated from one of several Central Supply Depots.

    As with any craft, a lot of waste winds up on the floor, and needs to be swept up and tossed out. Find the right words to express clear understanding is no different from any other craft.

    I happen to believe it's extremely important to learn enough to be able to tell the difference between a piece of woodcarving, and the wood chips and sawdust that wound up on the floor. Then later to see the differences between crude and fine examples of the same.

    Sorry to switch metaphors on you, but apparently, it's not as easy as one might think to recognize the rare bits of gold that lie buried or half-hidden amidst the tons of dross and debris.

  14. o/t - I came across some "insight" into the Theo Van Gogh killing... thought you might find it interesting.

  15. Here's a "teaser" for you...

    There is no space left for symbolic mediation, for argumentation, reasoning, proclamations, preaching even – the only thing that separates Truth from Lie is death, the truthful subject’s readiness and wish to die. No wonder Michel Foucault was fascinated by the Islamic political martyrdom. In it, he discerned the contours of a “regime of truth” different from the West’s, a regime in which the ultimate indicators of truth are not factual adequacy, the consistency of reasoning, or the sincerity of one’s confessions, but the readiness to die.

  16. Yeah, well Foucault and Derrida, themselves, pretty evil, have had a deleterious effect on our civilization. If either has found batburgers "fascinating," 'tis proof of an unwholesme nature essentially perverse and innately harmful.

    The ideology you outline so chillingly, FJ, is unquestionably EVIL.

  17. Bloggers do bitch and moan. No doubt about it.

    On the other hand, we may also be 21st Century pamphleteers as the Sons of Liberty were back in the 1770s.

  18. Well i know what i'm doing about it, I'm getting the hell outta the Peoples Republik Of Maryland as soon as possible.
    I know it's not possible , but if every Conservative would leave these damn blue states along with all their money , it would'nt be long before the Liberal turds would realize just who is paying the bills.
    I'm all for a NATIONAL tax revolt, you get 10 million people or more who tell Obamuagbe to go to hell, then thats real power.
    Whats he and all those Liberal hacks gonna do ?
    Somebody who is prominent needs to organize such a thing.
    One man is just that,,,one man.
    Millions are real power.
    But a leader with some backbone and smarts is needed to lead such a thing.

    Any suggestions ?

  19. Paladin,
    if every Conservative would leave these damn blue states along with all their money

    Many are frozen in place: houses under water with mortgages, chronic medical problems (this household), aging, family ties. You know the list.

    There has indeed been exodus, but on a minor scale. So far.

    a leader with some backbone and smarts

    Where is that leader? On any significant level?

  20. FJ,
    Thanks for that link about Theo Van Gogh.

  21. Black Sheep, wouldn't it be better to give those shoes you paid for away to someone who could use them, instead of just throwing them away? Also, you might have tried to return them and get your money back. Some stores still let you do that.

    Helen Highwater


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