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Monday, March 11, 2013

Star Trek Prophecy?

Forget the pacifistic message. Instead, apply the following to the blogosphere, where rancor rules:


  1. The American left is a bile-filled pustule.

    The telling event came after President Obama's reelection.

    Gracious in victory? Hell no. They became even more angry and shouty.

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again...

    Dr. Savage was right: Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  2. It is not an alien enity that fosters hate. It is Liberalism itself that fosters hate.

  3. The rancor is not limited to the blogosphere and political disputes.

    I see people ready to EXPLODE all over the place: on the roads, at the grocery store, in doctors' offices -- you name it.

    Long gone is "A soft answer turneth away wrath."


  5. Silverfiddle! Good to see you out and about in the blogosphere once in a while.

    I do miss your blog posts at Western Hero.

  6. If this is in reference to all the public hostility over Obama and his machinations, I'm in agreement. I don't believe that he won the election the second time, anyway. I think the election was stolen by ballot counters, people casting multiple votes and so forth. There are counties where more votes were cast for him than there were registered voters.

    Politics never made for peaceful agreements anyway, which is why most of us avoid that topic in conversation.

    P.S., I think you only get Mad Chicken Disease from eating the livers AND if your pseudonym is FT. Otherwise you're safe.

  7. Always fun to see Michael Ansara. Made a perfect Klingon! :D

    "Cease hostilities." ;)

  8. "Whyyyyyyy?" Huh. Love Star Trek, they were way beyond the times in politics, race relations, technology,

    Right Truth

  9. It is not an alien enity that fosters hate. It is Liberalism itself that fosters hate.


    Fascinating. Irony so thick you can eat it.

    Well, you have your answer in the first two posts, AOW.

    The type of mindset you do not attempt to convince. When someone is getting his world view from rabies radio it's sad.

  10. Maybe the government should watch a few Star Trek shows, they could learn a thing or two.

    And seriously, Klingon women, are quite able to take down a human. LOL!

    THANK YOU! For sharing a Star Trek episode.

  11. Nostradumbass, Big Buba, was always right about you. You are a simpleminded crap stirrer, a bomb thrower with nothing of substance to add. Your "talents", would be better suited to a mask and a can of spray paint on a wall in a dark alley. Your "prose" excites me to new heights of ennui as my finger hovers over the figurative delete button and I yawn in "praise" of your "masterful" and "intelligent" criticisms.

    "Irony so thick you can eat it." Then by all means Ducky, eat it.

  12. Not confined to the blogosphere, the rush to hatred and/or and violence is endemic in our society. Too many people feel entitled to misbehave.

  13. Let me, if I might, address the rancor to which you refer. . .

    Absent "rancor," Leftists would absolutely dominate the nation and it would not appear as it does now.

    Absent "rancor," Leftists would absolutely dominate SCOTUS and even moreso our public education systems.

    Absent "rancor," there would essentially be one party, one voice, no dissension.

    And who, to my thought, brought about actual OPPOSITION?

    Why, none other than RUSH LIMBAUGH. I was in radio for years, met him at KFBK and KNEW that he was destined for syndication at a greater and more effective level than I could possibly have achieved.

    I credit Rush Limbaugh for giving an actual VOICE to "rancor."

    In these days when "bi-partisanship" and "collaborative" mean nothing more than a STRICT adherence to Mr Obama's policies, I can only thank God for some "rancor."

    At this point, ONLY "rancor" can save this country.


  14. @ Ducky:

    "Rabies Radio."

    Yes. Because that Air America, it SURE drew in the Leftists in our nation, did it not sir?

    Which is why it is SO successful today, yes sir?


  15. BZ,
    Actually, by my mention of rancor, I wasn't referring to what you mentioned.

    I fully understand rancor when it comes to political discussions.

    What dismays me: people would rather "scream" at each other instead of taking a few moments to enjoy beautiful music. People would rather "scream" at each other instead of talking with each other.

    Insults get hurled all over the place! When I type this in, I'm not referring to particular incidents or particular bloggers -- but rather the general tone of wallowing in animosity.

    It's almost reached this point....

    I can remakr: "Isn't the sky beautiful today?"

    The response: "I HATE blue! What's wrong with you, that you like the color blue?"

    Now, I can be as wittily insulting and sarcastic as the next person. But I refuse to let that attitude consume so much of my limited time on this earth. Life should not consist of all argument all the time.

  16. In a perfect world, the Tea Party would be turned away at the door at CPAC on account of the fact that it's supposed to be a conservative gathering.

    Rancor wil always be with us.


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