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Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Hat tip to Mike's America:

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Meanwhile: Obama Borrowed Nearly 6x as Much in February as Sequester Cuts All Year.


  1. and meanwhile people are convinced that by "cutting" this 85 billion that the government will cease to function, unemployment will rise, and 170 million people in the US will be out of work.

  2. Not a surprise:

    Two Airports Cited By Big Sis As Having Sequester-Related Delays Both Say She’s Lying

  3. The majority of Americans believe the Lier in Chief. We are doomed!

  4. It's all smoke and mirrors, AOW. Nothing that comes out of Washington is true these days. Obama just keeps on spending.

    Right Truth

  5. The sequester that I believe Obama is shocked actually happened, because he thought he would more tax hikes, is now just a tool to punish the average American. I dread the coming CR. I believe we should refuse any future continuing resolutions and demand a Constitutional budget. Shut the whole darn city down. Yes, people will suffer, but it will be nothing like what's on our horizon.

    Great Graphic!

  6. Prepare for more onslaught:

    Email tells feds to make sequester as painful as promised

  7. In the light of all the dismal information in AOW's post today HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN the FOLLOWING?


    Dow Jones Industrial Average Reaches All-Time High of 14, 253.77

    March 5, 2013 4:33 PM EDT


    Would anyone care to hazard a guess as to why this should have happened given current economic conditions?

  8. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Rejoice or be terribly fearful.

    What does this show of prosperity in these bad times suggest to YOU?

  9. FT, that's interesting! Maybe it's cuz Chavez died? :-) (RIP)

    But, really? Americans need to ALL see that "pie chart!"...

    And Bunker's right, as usual.."ALL LIES...LIES LIES LIES..."
    "Hey, I KNOW..let's vote for the liar again!" What were they THINKING?
    Oh, that's right...the media didn't let them know the truth...

  10. It's one nightmare after another, AOW. I am so tired of this administration and tired of working and working and trying to save, but they make it impossible for us to do so.

  11. Great Pie Chart; I shared it with many.

    Anyone who still thinks that: B.O., Reid and Pelosi have the good of this Country in mind is truly CERTIFIABLE!

    I'm not a big O'Riley fan but it was fun watching him beat-up on, milksop, Alan Colmes a few minutes ago, over this very issue.

  12. FT,
    I don't know how to explain the uptick in the Dow Jones. Are people selling off and, at the time time, demanding top dollar?

    I well recall when 3000 was considered a figure that didn't reflect financial reality but rather a manipulated market that was going to fall to earth like a rock. Didn't happen as had happened before.

    Frankly, I don't understand how the stock market works!

  13. Jon,
    Do you have a link for the video to that particular show? I don't watch O'Reilly.

  14. Leticia,
    The price of gasoline, the rise in health insurance premiums, and various taxes (Real estate!) lead to less and less disposable income. It's a vicious cycle.

    I well remember a time when this household could save or invest 1/3-1/2 of our income. Those days are gone! Instead, we are tapping our savings on a regular basis.

    There is really no point now in putting money into bank-account savings. Look at the rates! Sheesh. When have rates on savings accounts been this low and STAYED this low?

  15. FT,
    About the markets....I find it strange that both the Dow Jones and the price of precious metals are through the roof. It used to be that when one of those indexes was up, the other was down. I understood THAT; but that rule hasn't applied for some time.

    Manipulated markets?

  16. Z,
    "Hey, I KNOW..let's vote for the liar again!" What were they THINKING?

    Mass delusion! That's all that I can figure out.

  17. AOW:

    "Do you have a link for the video to that particular show? I don't watch O'Reilly."



  18. Mmmm, pie. Pie charts always make me hungry.

    Stock market. Stock prices go up when people expect dividends or company value to increase, but only the certain stocks that will be affected by a change of some sort, like bean crop failures or a sudden demand for lots of copper. So stock sales increase in response to these anticipated rises in the cost of beans or copper, and that's what makes the market index rise.

    In this recent case, I can only guess, though it obviously has to do with the reduction of government spending by a small amount. Other things are an uptick in employment, inspiring investors to buy in advance of expected increased sales, and a recent improvement in monetary policies by Japan and the EU.

    A decrease in unemployment also means an increase in housing sales, so the housing market is edging back up.

    What makes the stock market so difficult to follow is that there's so many different factors affecting so many different stocks and everything is constantly changing. A few careless words by the president or Bernanke can cause a huge dip or rise.

  19. I know it. I think all of us are down to living check by check, it's a horrid existence.

    So much for any of us every seeing retirement, I just see it happening.

  20. Jon,
    Thanks for that link. Very entertaining!

  21. DJ hasn't hit 14k since October 2007 when the Bush-Reid-Pelosi recession began.

    It's nice that it's back to where it was 67 months ago, but imagine where the economy would be if 26 milion people still had a job.

  22. Beamish,
    What do you see as the cause(s) of the recent soaring of the DJ?


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