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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veterans Day


  1. God bless our vets! Now excuse me while I wipe the tears from my eyes.

  2. Never in our history has there been a more unfairly maligned group than Vietnam veterans.

    I am glad to see them now get the honor and thanks that was wrongfully denied them for so many decades. It's too bad it took 9/11 and a couple of wars to do it...

  3. Amen, thank a Veteran in any way you can, not just today but every day.

    I am pleased to see so many businesses not only giving discounts to Veterans this weekend, but giving FREE meals. Support those companies, they deserve it. And if you see a Vet out today, offer to pay for his meal.

    Right Truth

  4. The only reason why we are even able to post today.

  5. These are the real heroes. The complete opposite of the shiftless "community activist" class which seeks to unravel the fabric of civilization.

  6. As a Vietnam Vet, I sincerely want to thank those who support us, but please remember all vets, in particular, the Korean War vets. They were not treated any better than we were. America has TWO wars worth of vets to atone for.

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  9. Liberaltwit said:

    "As a vietnam vet"....

    Water buffalo fall on your head?

  10. Warren,
    I just read that deleted comment by Liberalmann. Talk about a dangling modifier (misplaced adjective phrase)! Hilarious!

    I guess that he never took a course in grammar or composition.

  11. I'm no softie, but I admit to misting up at that video!

    Thanks so very much to all of our Vets!

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  14. Believe it or not Liberalmann, sent me this link and I used it on Facebook, since I had already posted my tribute.

    God bless the troops.


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