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Monday, November 26, 2012

Pat Condell On Middle East Peace

(Two posts today. Please scroll down)

Worth a few minutes of your time (hat tip to Will of MFS - The Other News):


  1. I wish more people would listen to him...

    There will be no peace in the Middle East.

  2. In my opinion, AOW, only Palestians can bring bring peace to the region and that is not going to happen. More importantly, and again it is only my opinion, what has happened in the Middle East in the last for years as a result of US policy, demonstrates that the US is not interested in peace and it would appear our government is preparing for war in that region.

  3. And it was Condi Rice who started this nonsense and agitating for democratic elections in the middle east. See where that got us and Palestine.

  4. OK, Condell recognizes the problem(s). But as I listen further I fail to hear of a [viable] solution. How, in the World, do you make radical Islam go away? It seems to be a disease with no, apparent, inoculation or cure!

  5. Pat has the gift of good speech but he tends to over-simplify and stretch his logic for a specific crowd. I doubt very much that even Pat himself really believes what he says....

    Steve M

  6. And it was Condi Rice who started this nonsense and agitating for democratic elections in the middle east. See where that got us and Palestine.

    What a clown she was and the Baggers want her back.

    The Chucklenuts administration was shocked, shocked I tell you when Hamas won the Palestinian elections. How out of it was that moron Condominium ice.

    Remember when she made a trip to the Middle East and returned early because no head of state would talk to the idiot?

    But the Baggers want her back.

  7. Ducky, I don't want her back. I didn't like her because she was too liberal and because she believes the Islamic fanatics will negotiate in good faith.

    I really object to the term "baggers," which was coined as an insult by using a term related to gay sex. When you use that term in this forum, you are insulting the rest of us. Please don't do it again.

  8. Always good.

    We know there is no such thing as Middle East Peace, the Pals don't want it, the terrorists don't want it, and neither do the other surrounding countries. Only Israel wants peace and only Israel has made an effort toward peace.

    Right Truth

  9. People who are greedy for more land and more power would never be peaceful, even after they were given so much.

  10. I firmly believe that there will be peace in the Middle East. Seriously. It will come about through nuclear war.

    There is absolutely zero chance that the Arabs will ever get along with each other even if they didn't have a Jewish state in their midst to scream and gnash their teeth over. They will always fight.

    They will get nuclear weapons and they will use them, and so will Israel. After that, there will be peace because they'll all be dead.

  11. BS,

    As long as it's restricred to your scenario I see no problem. I wish it wouldn't happen but it's probably the only way it will ever get resolved!

  12. The leaders of the State of Israel would do well not to trust the leaders of Hamas in any so called "talks" in anything that they might promise. For in any "dialogue" Hamas would be very disingenous and only dissimulate. This because they will engage in the practice of the Islamic doctrine of Taqiyya. Which is the teaching of Islam it is a good thing to lie to non-Muslims if it's for the good of Islam. So the heads of the State of Israel would be wise not to trust the claims of the characters in power in Hamas they say that they have peaceful intentions. Furthermore it would be a good thing in dealing with Hamas for the leaders of Israel to heed the Bible. For it is written "Such men do violence to those at peace with themand break their promised word: their speech is smoother then butter buttheir thoughs are of war." Psalm 55:20,12. [NEB]

  13. Israel traded land for peace and got war instead.

    Unfortunately, I don't think that the idiots who report on these matters can see that. Or perhaps they don't care.

    It's often been said, and is still true today that if the Arabs put down their weapons peace would break out immediately. If the Israelis put down their weapons they would be exterminated with a bloodthirsty viciousness unlike any the world has seen.

  14. When one go through past history, one see the futility of supporting or depending on any Islamic leader, no matter how moderate they appear to be(initially). It is futile for the West to ask for any support from any Islamic leader because Islamic leader will only end up becoming more extremist once they have the financial clout. For example, Saudi Arabia was a so-called moderate Islamic country before the discovery oil by the West and now it became one of the most extremist Islamic country, no thanks to the petrodollars.

  15. JDC,
    Glad to see you commenting here again.

    I then posted it on my facebook page and interestingly enough no liberals dared to comment on his thoughts..

    Why? because they cant explain why they have such a hatred of the jews...

    Liberals have been brainwashed. They cannot see or they ignore the facts in front of them.

    Remember what Einstein said about the definition of insanity?

  16. I just wish I can speak to Pat Condell personally and voiced my support for his speech personally.


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