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Friday, November 23, 2012

Crime And Punishment In The UK

If the following is accurate, Eurabia is in full bloom in the UK:


  1. You are not at your best when you fly the EDL flag, AOW.

  2. Duck
    You know that I do not fly the EDL flag! In fact, I have stated several times that I do have reservations about the EDL. I'm not in the UK, so I can't get an accurate picture as to what the group is and what it stands for.

    On the other hand, it is dangerous in the extreme to criminalize criticism of any ideology -- religious or otherwise. It seems to me that the EDL is being criminalized for doings not nearly as bad as the doings of some Muslims in the UK.

    Islamophobia and Islamophilia are on a collision course, particularly in Eurabia. The result will be the empowerment of the BNP and like political parties because other political parties are not addressing certain things happening in the streets.

    When the pendulum swings, it swings HARD.

  3. Duck,
    Off topic,
    I have set up a Flickr Photostream. I uploaded only one photo so far. HERE is the site.

  4. Speech rights are more circumscribed in Europe than in the US, criticism of others can be punished.

    They've done it to themselves. Invite in people who do not share your culture, and who in fact hate it, and this is what you get.

    Will we learn a lesson? No.

  5. "Rape gangs"?

    If this is being ignored in the UK or anywhere, then there must be some relevance to the date 12/21/2012 signifying if not the end of the world but at a minimum of the way we run it.

    Just how much more depravity can humanity sustain before complete implosion?

  6. I haven't heard anything lately about this gang rape in Colorado Springs last summer.

    Perhaps somebody visiting this thread has updated information?

  7. SF,

    "They've done it to themselves...."

    Once again, I think you have said it all! " Will we learn a lesson? No." This is,obviously, true given that we have just [re]invited one back into the White House!

  8. Like it or not, it seems increasingly evident to me that God wants all the disparate racial, ethnic and religious factions in the world to AMALGAMATE.

    I believe we BEGAN as ONE human entity, and then after The Fall began to split up more and more into divisive, warring factions.

    I also believe in EVOLUTION, and after many tens of thousands of years the different "races" evolved into what they are today in response to the exigencies of climate, topograohy and the availability of natural resources, etc.

    At any rate, no matter what I believe -- or what YOU believe -- it's pretty obvious that circumstances beyond anyone's control have conspired to bring about CONFRONTATION much of it hostile -- even murderous.

    NEVERTHELESS the ultimate result is BOUND to be a UNITING of whomever is left alive after the next worldwide conflagration.

    Humanity will then have a chance to start all over again.

    I imagine this vicious cycle has already been repeated many hundreds-of-not-thousands of times already in the aeons we've existed on this planet.

    No. Mine is not a "biblical" view in any strict sense, but I think it's quite realistic.

    After all human life existed for untold thousands of years before the Bible ever came into being.

    The flowering and demise of the Hellenic Civilization alone should teach all thinking people that the Creation Fable as given in Genesis and Exodus, etc. no more tells the whole story than any of myriad other mythologies. It is but a few stones in the gigantic mosaic that is The Ultimate Truth of Being.

    ALL of us -- not just Islamaniacs -- need to be more modest about our beliefs and more curious to understand, and eager to learn more about Reality.

    When the Arrogance and Adamancy of the Abrahamic faiths -- the parent of which is JUDAISM -- are finally replaced with Modesty, Humility, Curiosity and more gracious, accommodating Spirit, we might start at last to bring in The Millennium.

    As long as Pride, Self-Righteousness, Exclusivism and the militant ambition to DOMINATE and CONTROL prevail, our species will continue to live in man made Hell on Earth.

    ~ FreeThinke

  9. Off topic: AOW, I read your comment on "Flag". A couple folks on my "liberal" blog also were struck bu it.

    It's in a slightly broken window in a restaurant near Philips Exeter. One of those places that serves $12 burgers.

    I don't know what it looks like from the inside but outside it just struck me as someone treating the flag like some kind of rag. A very down photo. The washed out contrast just distorts the character of the flag more.

    This from the commie whose dad flew the flag regularly. I remember it fondly.

  10. Unfortunately, this is accurate. Being based in Denmark and having British friends, I have followed this quite directly over the last few weeks. We have taken the matter to OSCE, where the British Ambassador promised to examine the problems of real political prisoners, in England, now.

    Unfortunately, mainstream media have been reluctant to pick this up, to say the least. Michael Coren is the most prominent here, but also Dispatch International ran the story. To little effect, though - Tommy will spend his birthday (27th) in prison still.

  11. I wish someone would each that man in the pink tie how to talk proper English.

    It's sad that hideous Cockney dialect is now considered acceptable -- just as variant like Ebonics and low-class, hillbilly southern accents like Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, and raw unmodulated Bronx dialect and vile "Brooklynese" at Hovvid Juniversity and other Oivy Leeg Skoolz are now welcomed by Lubberulls rabidly eager to destroy whatever vestiges might still be left of the WASP Establishment that MADE this country.

  12. FT,
    Oops. HERE is the link that I meant to leave in my above comment to you.

  13. Henrik,
    I have noticed that even many of the "counter-jihad" sites have failed to mention or have offered little mention of the political arrests in the UK. Do you know what the story of these arrests has gotten such short shrift?


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