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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fall Colors

(If you must have politics, please keep scrolling.  I have a political post for today)

CLICK HERE to enjoy some beauty and a respite from politics!

The home page for this photographer is HERE.


  1. I couldn't post the actual photo here at this blog because the photos are under copyright and I didn't obtain permission to post the photos.

  2. Nature is prolific in its beauty, is it not?

  3. Very colorful.

    God doesn't copyright HIs handiwork, does He? He shares it freely with young, old, rich and poor alike.

    Is there a lesson we should learn there?

    I have found in my small life that the more I give, the more i get.

    I think that works for everybody.

    Of course WHAT you get is always unknown, till it arrives, isn't it? ;-)

    ~ FT

  4. The Fall colors here in Tennessee have been outstanding this year. So much more beautiful than last year. I have really enjoyed them.

    Right Truth

  5. The pic made me smile, Always.

    Thank you for that!


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