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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day Open Thread

(Two posts today. Please scroll down)

Have your say at the ballot box and here at Always On Watch!

Mr. AOW and I plan to go to the polls early this morning before I go to work. If the line is so long that I have to get to work before I've voted, I'll have to get back into the line when I get off from work.

If we have to make two trips to cast my vote, so be it.  Since the day that I first became eligible to vote, I've never missed the opportunity to exercise my right to have my say at the ballot box.

We do expect long lines here in Virginia, a 2012 battleground state.


  1. Anyone expecting a Romney landslide is probably going to need serious consoling / psychological counseling when this is over.

    Romney *may* win, but we won't know that until sometime before Christmas.

  2. Beamish,
    I won't need counseling. I don't exist just for the purpose of politics.

    I fully know that my prediction of a Romney landslide sounds crazy.

    However, particularly over the past few weeks, it feels like 1980 again. My intuitions about politics are not infallible. Not by a long shot.

    Yesterday, at Infidel Bloggers Alliance, I typed in the following comment as the reasons for my prediction:

    1. The swelling pro-Romney crowds here in Northern Virginia and all throughout the swing states. Obama is not drawing those numbers!

    2. Obama's "style" during his stump speeches. The revenge comment has done him damage.

    3. More information about the Benghazi debacle has been coming out -- to the point that the WaPo ran a scathing lead editorial on the topic this past Saturday.

    4. The ever-more-intense screeching and gaffes on the part of the Dems. They smell defeat.

    It seems like 1980 all over again.

    Anyway, this time tomorrow, we can all do our Monday-morning quarterbacking. :^)

  3. Mr. AOW and I arrived to our voting place early and were in line inside by 5:45 A.M. The line wasn't too bad then, but people keep coming in by the droves.

    Because of Mr. AOW's being on a scooter, election officials brought is to the front of the not-very-long-yet line -- as the election officials typically do here in Virginia. We don't ask for this special treatment, but election officials know that handicapped bathrooms in the building are not all that friendly for the handicapped user.

    We could have asked that a ballot be brought to Mr. AOW while he is sitting in the car, but we hate to ask for that accommodation when we are, at this point, able to get inside on our own.

    Mr. AOW and I were the first to cast ballots at our polling place!

    By the time we left the polling place, the line stretched on forever. The parking lot was full! And it's a big parking lot, too. I've never seen it full on any previous election day. Hmmmm....

    The demographics I noticed: few people of color and few young people. Of course, Mr. AOW and I voted very early in the day, so what I observed about demographics at the polling place may have no real validity.

  4. I predict a Romney win with 52% percent and a badly trailing 46 percent for Obama. It is just fun to put the numbers out there. The rest remains in the hands of the voters. I did my early voting last week.

    At least if Romney wins the inaugural prayer will not be in the name of Eeenie, Meenie, Minie and Mo.

    Watching it last year, when the politically correct prayer was spouted a friend called and said, "Did he just pray in the name of my gardener?!" Even "Jesus" with a hispanic accent and "Isa" were included.

    Hey! Pick your god. One god. Not a pantheon of political correctness.

    As for me: "In the name of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,..." works great. smile


  5. YE, GODS!

    WaPo Columnist Compares Mitt Romney To Andrew Johnson Allowing Racist “Black Code” Laws To Be Enacted After Civil War…

    Talk about absurdity and desperation!

  6. Tammy,
    At least if Romney wins the inaugural prayer will not be in the name of Eeenie, Meenie, Minie and Mo.


  7. I've laid in my supply of egg nog and brandy.

    Dual purpose: grieving over an Obama win, celebrating over a Romney win.

    Too bad that I have to go to work tomorrow!

  8. Chilling:

    Jarrett told them, “After we win this election, it’s our turn. Payback time. Everyone not with us is against us and they better be ready because we don’t forget. The ones who helped us will be rewarded, the ones who opposed us will get what they deserve. There is going to be hell to pay. Congress won’t be a problem for us this time. No election to worry about after this is over and we have two judges ready to go.” She was talking directly to about three of them. Sr. staff. And she wasn’t trying to be quiet about it at all.

    The Gulag!

  9. The wife and I voted last week. I'm keeping my powder dry and praying.

  10. Congratulations on making a success of your efforts to vote early this morning. Your report was music to my "ears."

    As you know, I have been ill for the past two and a half weeks, and still feel poorly, but will be going out in a few minutes to make my attempt to participate in what-I-hope-will-be Obama's longed-for defeat.

    Egg Nog and Brandy, eh?

    Sounds like CHRISTMAS!

    Antibiotics preclude any hope of my enjoying "spiritous liquors" of any kind.

    If Romney wins, I'll have to be content with a hot toddy of lemon juice, honey, ginger, cinnamon and cloves -- minus the usual tot of rum, Alas!

    If tragedy should occur, and Obama wins, please make mine HEMLOCK . ;-)

    Onward and Upward!

    ~ FreeThinke

  11. Obama and friends spent nearly four years dividing Americans against themselves. I have never know America to be so divided as it is today. Tomorrow when the results are known, half of Americans will be in a state of euphoria and the other half will be in a state of sorrow. That is sad!

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  13. Regarding Jarrett... Revenge the only thing that Chicago pols know. How can so many voters be ignorant? I mean low information voters, oops.

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  15. More people should have seem the documentary OBAMA'S AMERICA 2016 which is now out in disc. This film exposes not only the Marxism of Obama but also his pro-Islamic and anti-Israel stance. Likewise, more people should have read the short booklet by Frant Gaffney entitled THE MUSLIM BROTHERHHD IN THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATIOn. This booklet exopses the close ties the Obama administration has with this radical Islamic group. Thisgroup would,if they can, impose the unAmerican Shaira law system in the USA. It would also like to implement, if it is able, a change in the American goverment foreign policy to that of a very anti- State of Israel postion. This country sure needs to have a new and better head of State starting today.

  16. It's different in Massachusetts.

    We know Mittens so he's going to lose by around 20 points. Makes it easier to vote for Jill Stein.

    The Warren/Brown race is the big one.
    I was going to sit it out but Brown has come off as a real turd.

    Naming Scalia as your favorite supreme doesn't cut it Scott.

    Edwards' native American claim was a big negative. But Brown spent two weeks guard time in Afghanistan in the rear so he could claim he actually deployed. Strike two Scott.

    No, it's Warren. A blue dog is better than a lap dog.

    As for Prez. Here's the news folks, doesn't matter.

  17. We voted early. Couldn't wait to cast our vote AGAINST Barack Hussein Obama and for Romney.

    Praying for a victory for Romney tonight.

    Right Truth

  18. Praying, and clinging to my God and Guns real hard..

  19. We need to rename this and call it EJECTION DAY.

    And there are only TWO turds here present, one of which will soon be flushed with any luck at all.

    I hate to tell ya this, Leftardo, but neither one is named Scott Brown.


  20. So, here's my Ejection Day Report in case anyone's interested:

    WELL, It's DONE. Hallelujah!

    I, of course, voted for Romney with more enthusiasm than I thought I'd ever be able to muster. His calm, level-headed, sweet-natured, even-tempered performance since the debates began has honestly won me over.

    Naturally, I would almost prefer to vote for Beelzebub, himself, if he were on the ballot, than do ANYTHING WHATSOEVER to advance a second term for OGODNO, who is the absolute WORST.

    The day began badly. It's pouring rain here -- a really hard driving rain -- but I went out anyway, despite the dangers of driving with impaired vision under such circumstances.

    Well, guess what? The usual polling place, where I've voted for the past fourteen years, has been ELIMINATED. I never received anything warning me about it in the mail. However, two very nice men -- one a noticeably senile white man, the other a middle-aged, very bright, agreeable black man -- told me where I could go to vote.

    I was scared to death that I'd never be able to find a new location in the hard driving rain, since I drive partly by "radar" and "sonar" even under optimal weather conditions anyway, but I managed to get there after first pulling into two wrong driveways, and mirabile dictu found a spot in the crowded parking lot, stumped quickly through the rain with my cane, and found -- much to my surprise and delight -- that no one was ahead of me at my part of the alphabet registration tables.

    So I got processed immediately, found an open polling station right away where I was able to SIT DOWN, thank God. I took my time, read everything carefully, and about twenty minutes later had filled in all the blanks.

    This year's ballot is the longest and most complex in our state's history with eleven proposed amendments to the state constitution, and a raft of local judges and "committee chairmen," to choose between. Kind of a bother.

    After all that was over I went to the machine supposed to tabulate our ballots, tried to insert the two sheets one by one as directed, and guess what? The machine REJECTED the ballot.

    SO, I had to put the offending sheets of paper in a "secrecy sleeve," and wait with my rejected ballot till someone could come and repair the machine.

    Fortunately, luck was with me, and this only took about fifteen minutes, so everything was put right, and I was soon on my way.

    Out in the parking lot, however, it was a different story. Some idiot in control had officially BLOCKED what-should-have-been the exit, so everyone trying to get out of the place was forced to backtrack in a perilously narrow space, and tangle with INCOMING traffic, which by then was pouring in thick and fast.

    Surprisingly, it didn't go all that badly -- no fender benders -- no fist fights -- no one pulled a knife -- no one even screamed and yelled, or cursed out loud, as a matter of fact -- and miraculously I was back home snug as a bug in a rug less than an hour-and-a-half after I'd first left the driveway.

    Now, I await the returns with both eagerness and trepidation -- like most of us, I imagine.

    ~ FreeThinke

  21. There are so many lib comments on here maybe that means they're too busy to vote.

  22. And if you move to Massachusetts, Freethinker, you can marry him.

  23. This morning I put on a bright red polo shirt (to show my colors -- red state red) and voted. Polls were packed with people and parking lot was full. No chance of a Romney victory here in California, but I did vote against a lot of Democrat propositions (and for a couple of Republican ones).

    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  24. I have done a lot of praying all morning and last night. I am leaving it in God's hands.

    But of course, I had to post about the elections on my blog, of course!

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  26. Duck,
    Methinks that thou art presuming too much in your comment FT.

  27. conservativesonfire said.......

    "half of Americans will be in a state of euphoria and the other half will be in a state of sorrow."

    Except if this fraud should become a "lame duck" president it won't take long for MOST of the Americans to be in a "state of Sorrow"!

  28. Odie,
    Once I got home from work, I took out the trash.

  29. FT,
    The usual polling place, where I've voted for the past fourteen years, has been ELIMINATED. I never received anything warning me about it in the mail.


    That is surreal!

    We had Virginia Constitution amendments here, too, but only two of those. There were several bond issues -- as usual.


    Today, just before lunch break in the homeschool group, I learned that one of our beloved homeschool moms lost her battle with cancer last night.

    She had gone to Ethiopia, the country of her birth, on Sunday, October 29. I suspect that she knew that she would not be seeing her children again.

    Now, five children, quite young, are motherless.

    So sad. So very sad.

    On October 5, I wrote about one of the children in this post: "Scholars in the Making."

  31. Walter,
    more people should have read the short booklet by Frant Gaffney entitled THE MUSLIM BROTHERHHD IN THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATIOn

    I know that booklet! Not long ago, I received a copy in the mail.

    The trouble with those mailings is that they target those who already know most of the particulars. **sigh**

  32. I see on the news right now that the voter turnout today is huge.

    Now, which candidate benefits more from such a turnout?

  33. I'm sorry about your friend, AOW.

    Here in Butler and Hamilton Co., Ohio, turnout has been huge!

    Hopefully, this bodes well!

  34. Just got my electricity back after a week without. We spent the week in a brother-in-law's country cottage in northern Pennsylvania. Wow, what a difference from the NYC media! Hello, Romney ... I mean President Romney.

    The last minute ads were 4:1 for Romney. Actually, as my wife pointed out, they weren't for Romney but against Obama. But they were gentle and rather funny. They didn't bash Obama but merely suggested that "It's OK to vote for someone else." That's an actual quote. The politely said "He tried." I never saw such campaign ads. The few pro-Obama ads were pure vilification of Romney.

    It looks like the Keystone state will tip to Romney -- my prediction.

  35. Jason,
    Well, you've been having quite a time of it in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy!

    Romney did take "the gentle approach" for the most part. A winning strategy? We shall see.

    I, for one, am weary of all the vitriol and rude behaviors. Yes, the Right can engage in those as well. But as a particularly perseverating troll of this blog indicates over and over again (I don't mean Duck!), the Left is rude in the extreme more so than the Right.

  36. Jason,
    Have you see THIS? Nothing new there for you and me, of course. But I do note that this is a recently-released film.

  37. Brooke,
    My heart breaks for the five motherless children and for the woman's husband, who loved his wife so very, very much.

    Hearing the bad news today took all the wind out of my sails.

  38. Looking at the first returns from a few states and am astounded and appalled at a couple of them, so many votes for Obama? Don't people ever learn?

    Answer: Nope.

  39. It's early yet ! And we might not know till tommorow or longer.
    Hopefully no repeat of 2000.
    Watching for funny business here at the polls in Maryland.
    No BS YET.

  40. Something to keep in mind as the evening wears on:

    Remember: John Kerry Easily Won the Exit Polls In 2004, Leading to the "Seven Hour Presidency

  41. Virginia This Election Night

    The polling places were supposed to closed by now.

    The lines are still stretched long in several locations. Very long.

    Overwhelming voter turnout!

    No word yet on exactly when some of these polling places will close. But some may not close until midnight!

    Reporting on the outcome for Virginia is postponed as are the projections for Virginia.

    I've lived here in Virginia all my life and don't recall anything like this ever happening before!

  42. Good night for the Dems.

    Another real bad night for Baggers.

    Indiana and Missouri elected Dems to the Senate rather than the two knuckle dragging rape goons.

    Tammy Duckworth wins over the Bagger freak.

    Ryan couldn't take Wisconsin.

    Warren in Massachusetts.

    Suck it down Baggers.
    I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

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  45. And put paladin in that column too, lol.

  46. AOW, I apologize for not stopping in lately. I have been posting my thoughts, for the most part, on Facebook, although I have posted a couple of entries in the last couple of days.

    Now that the election is over and Obama has won, pretty much fair and square (possibly even despite all the voter fraud going on), there is now nothing we can do as ordinary citizens except hold the politician's feet to the fire and give Obama enough rope to hang himself.

    There is always the impeachment process, and in light of all the corruption and lies, that is a distinct possibility. I predict even his supporters in the Congress will tire of having to spin his anti American agenda into something that sounds vaguely patriotic. If not that, they will get tired of being treated as if they are irrelevant with all his continual executive orders, bypassing Congress.

    As I said over at my place, If we can't vote him out, we can impeach him out.

  47. Liberalmann and Duck,
    Go ahead and gloat.

    Why am I not surprised that you do so?

    Those who lose are expected to be good sports.

    Those who win should be good sports as well.

    I refuse to sink into the ditch and answer you in kind.

    Life goes on -- and I won't waste my time hating you.

  48. Mark, make him produce the birth certificate.

    Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Baggers Goodbye

  49. Paladin,
    I hear ya!

    My above comment is not mean as a criticism of you.

    I feel anger as well.

    And sadness, one in particular that has nothing to do with politics. That sadness is what woke me up from the bad dream about trying to console two little girls who lost their mother. I see the girls tomorrow in class -- if they attend, which they may well do. What words of import and comfort can I possibly say to them?

  50. AOW

    Regarding those two little girls, the answer is easy. Tell them you love them.

  51. Black Sheep,
    The two little girls couldn't make it to class today.

    I'm not sure exactly why they didn't attend. Perhaps they didn't feel up to the task. Can't blame them for that!

    There are five children in the family: ages 10-2.


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