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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Obama And The Fiscal Cliff

In the video clip below the fold, Charles Krauthammer opines that Obama is trying to destroy the GOP — not trying fix the economy (hat tip to Will of MFS - The Other News):

Krauthammer's provocative statement:
Obama's proposal to raise rates on the rich is a triviality...It would reduce the deficit from $1.1 trillion to $1.02 trillion. Eight cents on the dollar. It's nothing. It's lunch money. It's a rounding error. And yet it's all that we're hearing. He's not trying to fix our fiscal problems, he's trying to destroy Republicans.
Sour grapes from Charles Krauthammer, or is he exposing Obama's political agenda, that of guaranteeing the rule of the Democratic Party for years to come?


  1. Duh..

    We are fighting the battle all wrong.

    They are fighting it every in society. The news, education, movies, etc etc etc.

    Most of us are afraid to even admit we are conservative in public for fear of what certain bosses of ours will do.

    Republicans have as a result become wishy washy and the proof is found in the candidates since Reagan.

  2. Please see Z's post today. Excerpt:

    ...The actual liabilities of the federal government—including Social Security, Medicare, and federal employees' future retirement benefits—already exceed $86.8 trillion, or 550% of GDP. For the year ending Dec. 31, 2011, the annual accrued expense of Medicare and Social Security was $7 trillion. Nothing like that figure is used in calculating the deficit. In reality, the reported budget deficit is less than one-fifth of the more accurate figure....

    In my view, none of our political leaders have even begun to address this matter!

  3. Krauthammer must have read my column:

    It's true that Obama is demanding that the Republicans violate their principles for a negligible contribution to the massive deficit and nothing towards the debt.

    I now wonder if Obama wants the total expiration of the Bush tax cuts to increase taxes across the board. He can't advocate that. But he can create demands that the Republicans can't meet in good conscience (read my article) so that he can blame the expiration of the Bush cuts on them. He eventually needs massive tax increases to fund his spending and it will include the middle class. He's such a dishonest scoundrel, isn't he?

  4. I'd be happier if Obama was trying to destroy Charles Krauthammer.

    I haven't forgotten when Charlie called Geert Wilders, the bravest freedom fighter the world has seen in ages, an Islamophobic Far Right Extremist.

    Krauthammer goes with the spin flow and nothing he says has any validity, as far as I'm concerned.

  5. Of course Krauthammer is right. If I were in Obama's shoes, I'd be doing the same thing. He has a perfect opportunity to destroy the Republican Party. And, parodn my language, AOW, but the Republicans don't know whether to shit or go blind! They are in trouble! They had better figure out a way to deal with it.

  6. It's amusing watching the Beantown Quacker spit sour grapes a people smarter than him.

    What a craven existence...

    Krauthammer, as usual, is right. It's all politics all the time.

  7. Sorry, but the REAL cause of ALL of this looming disaster is neither Democrat nor Republican both of whom are nocking more than marionettes or sock puppets manipulated at will by The Oligarchs.

    It's all about bringing -- not the just the Republicans -- but the entire COUNTRY to her knees to establish The New World Order -- i.e. ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT run by International Bankers, Industrial Titans, Owners and Suppliers of Raw Materials to THEIR advantage. The rest of us are destined to become SLAVES.

    Aren't you glad you had children?

    Democrats may be demons, but Republicans are a bunch of bloody fools. We're all fighting the WRING people for the WRONG reasons over PHONY issues conjured up by the elites to keep us ignorant and distracted from what's REALLY going on.

    Unless and until we get together to fight The Oligarchs, I, personally, have lost all interest in these idiotic, media-generated skirmishes.

    Either we wake up, and fight the Devils, or we will be rudely beaten into awareness by our new OVERSEERS and live the rest of our lives under the LASH.

    ~ FreeThinke

  8. Krauthammer is right on the money, and WaterFowl go soak you head.

    You can tax the top 1% at 100% (only one time because there will be nothing left) and won't equal one of the Pantloads deficits.


  9. Poor clueless Canardo!

    He's about as aware as a designated holiday turkey gobbling mindlessly in the straw a week or two before Thanksgiving.

    We're all tilting furiously at windmills while our cattle are slaughtered, our children kidnapped, our fields have been salted, and our homes and barns burn to the ground after having been set ablaze by the new breed of conquerors and slavemasters.

    ~ FT

  10. SORRY! I meant nothing not "nocking."

    Arthritic fingers! PHOOEY!

    ~ FT

  11. It may very well be that this pro-Islamic ,Marxist president that this country is now stuck with actually wants to push America off the fiscal cliff. This Omama guy need to be impeached and arrested for treason.

  12. You really need to read up, FT (or not so free actually).

    Since you think household budgets are analogous to the national economy, AOW, I might suggest you also study up.

    Try Kevin Phillips' American Theocracy: The Peril and Politics of Radical Religion, Oil, and Borrowed Money in the 21st Century .

    He's a brilliant writer and you can hardly call him a leftist.
    Just base your rants in reasonable theory.

  13. ... follow it up with his Bad Money.

    An in depth look at how we let the financial industry control the economy.

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. Absolutely Liberalmann.
    You haven't seen anything yet. Wait till Allen West gets a job with Faux News.

    Republican will become even more tightly linked to "loon".
    They'll destroy themselves rather than wise up.

  16. I'm with FT. This whole fiasco is all about "one world order", INCUDING the cultivating of the bozo for his entire life. Him having had all of those commun ists, markists, and other assorted thugs influencing him for his entire life was NOT an accident or a coincidence. He has been GROOMED for the job.

  17. Duck,
    I rarely rant.

    PS: There's no point in responding to Liberalmann as his comments are deleted as soon as a blog administrator becomes aware of those comments.

  18. FT,
    No doubt about it: the distractions generated by the media (and others) are legion.

    I've read various books and articles about The Oligarchs. I'm not sure that I'm convinced of much that I've read.

    HOWEVER, I do not dismiss the information out of hand, either. It seems to me that we citizens have virtually no power. Did we ever have power? Doesn't appear that way to me. Certainly, most of our so-called elected public servants are anything BUT public servants!

    Maybe it all really does come down to "Vanity, vanity! All is vanity." Politically, I mean.

  19. Jason,
    Everything I read indicates that Obama has dug in his heels and will not budge. Of course, now that he has won re-election, he believes that he has a mandate.

    He eventually needs massive tax increases to fund his spending and it will include the middle class.

    It is sheer folly for most middle class citizens to believe that they are going to escape the coming tax hike. Indeed, the middle class never does escape from any such measures.

    The next generation or two will not have the same standard of living that their forebears had. That is a certainty, IMO.

  20. Wow:

    Joe Scarborough Slams Obama’s Fiscal Cliff Offer: Was It Necessary To Be So ‘Provocative’?

  21. Listening to these people talk about the national economy is like listening to a burglar tell you that you should really polish the silver more often.

    --- Charles Pierce

  22. There's only one card left. Keep the lid on the debt ceiling. Default NOW.

    Best a default of choice than one later of necessity.

  23. Duck,
    I see that you're quoting from this essay in Esquire.

    Here is some context (Gotta love Google search!:

    There are many more important topics out there than The Deficit, the scary, hairy monster that haunts the dreams of David Gregory and only the blood of the poor and elderly can appease its wrath. Climate change comes immediately to mind, as do income inequality, the vast inequities of our tax code, the ongoing upward translation of the nation's wealth, why more bankers aren't in federal prison, and whatever did I do to the baby Jeebus that he allowed Notre Dame to play for a national championship. But the biggest reason why we should shut the national piehole on the topic is not that we have more serious problems, or even that any discussion violates the blog's first rule of economics — Fk The Deficit. People Got No Jobs. People Got No Money. The real reason we should stop talking about it for a while is that the people who are insisting that it will eat us and our posterity on toast are lying swine who would sell your white-haired granny to the Somali pirates for another three points on the Dow. Until we all acknowledge the fact that organized wealth in this country has become downright sociopathic in the heedless damage it does, any discussion of The Deficit can and will be hijacked by that quarter in order to gain absolution for its grievous sins and the right to go on committing them against the rest of us, over and over again.

    Listening to these people talk about the national economy is like listening to a burglar tell you that you should really polish the silver more often....


    ...We need government more than ever to protect us and our political commonwealth from a rapacious business and financial elite that sees the country as something to be pillaged, and that doesn't have the basic patriotism that god gave the common sea slug. These people have no more business directing the politics of the country than does your drunk uncle who watches Fox News....

    Mr. Pierce's hatred for any who don't have same views as he is palpable -- and, IMO, nullifies the value of the little quip that you included in your comment.

  24. Average American,
    This whole fiasco is all about "one world order", INCUDING the cultivating of the bozo for his entire life.

    I have to wonder if Obama will demand a third term as POTUS: "We have more work to do!"

    If there is to be a one world order, the promotion thereof cannot stop when Obama is due to leave office after his second term.

  25. Duck,
    FYI...I'm getting the audio version of Kevin Phillips's American Theocracy from the public library next week. Curiosity and all that.

  26. I have to wonder.
    I mean i worked in high tech with very smart liberal people.
    But when i asked them how
    Printing more money and spending it
    would somehow majically
    fix all of our problems

    I heard the same answer as i always got from them about obama care

    Something has to be done.

    Not lets plan a smart approach
    Not lets design a comprehensive tax reform or a flat tax..
    Not lets cut entitlements (like i will ever see social security) in 20 years anyway..

    No - all i get is we MUSt do something
    So lets print money
    Borrow up the wazoo
    Keep spending and somehow
    majically the economy will recover

    Really so if i go out and get another 3 credit cards and use one to pay the other two i maxed out
    the answer is to borrow more on another 3 credit cards?

    Nope their answer is always
    Blame Bush
    Blame Republicans
    Blame conservatives
    Blame the rich
    Take all their money and Steal it to feed the liberals who are too lazy to work or invest..

    Heck why not just take everyones money and screw it all and runit over the cliff

    I honestly believe this is the liberals and obamas plan
    to DESTROY the USA economy and then somehow the third world will love us ....

    Yea right..
    Just look at the firestorms raging in the middle east..

    Oh well
    I pray to God not allah
    and definantly not obama

  27. Oh by the way i still cant post using facebook login or discuss
    can you add this


  28. JDC,
    I don't know how to add the FB option. I'll have to check with Warren.

  29. JDC,
    all i get is we MUSt do something
    So lets print money
    Borrow up the wazoo
    Keep spending and somehow
    majically the economy will recover

    Yeah, I hear the same thing.

    It must be that these people learned their "facts" in school. In any case, these people are entrenched in those ideas you mentioned.

  30. JDC,
    There is a FB share button at the bottom of the body of each blog post.

    There is also open ID.

    Will those work for you?


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