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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Blog Break

(If you must have politics, please scroll down)

The reasons for this blog break are three — and completely unrelated to the recent election results.

1.   The passing of one of the mothers in the homeschool group with which I work.  She went to be with the Lord on Monday, November 5.  I wrote about this wonderful young woman and her daughter M HERE. I will be seeing two of the five children next week and need time to prepare for that meeting.

2.  A backlog of papers to grade and other school matters which I need to address.

3. Preparations for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I should have the above matters under control in a few days.


  1. Life...Take part in it AOW, we only get one. I think, Heh.

  2. Best wishes for your week, and dealing with the loss of the mother.

  3. Gee, AOW. You sound like an adult. I wish we had a few million more like you in America!

  4. We'll cover for you. You take care of what needs to be done.

  5. See you when you get back AOW. I'll be taking a hiatus also, but it will be because of the stolen election. Stolen by the lying sacks of shit in the dem party and the media, with help from busloads of maybe not so legal voters from everywhere on the planet.

  6. And by the millions of EXTREME right voters who decided to either vote for Ron Paul, or Gary Johnson, or who just sat this one out. THANKS A LOT ASSHOLES!!

  7. Gary Johnson got a million votes. Mitt lost by 3. Need someone to blame? Look into the mirror.

  8. btw- My vote FOR Johnson wasn't going to swing Maryland to Romney... not today, not in a century.

  9. I'm with you, Average American. I never thought Mitt Romney was our ideal candidate, but once he got nominated I felt we had no choice but to support him. I did, and I'm not sorry. Just sorry he lost. I like Ron Paul's thinking a lot, but knew all along he didn't have what it takes to be president. Wrong image, and too old. He knew it too. I don't understand the Gary Johnson candidacy at all. Why anyone would vote for a frowsy looking nobody like him makes no sense to me, but then nothing makes sense anymore, does it?

    Helen Highwater

  10. I caught a scheduling break for tomorrow! At least of right now, I have a day off! Usually, I do private tutoring on Fridays.

    The student may call and reschedule for tomorrow. But I have to say that I'm in desperate need of some schedule easing. Worn out!

  11. Take care my friend, and I am truly sorry for your loss.

    I hope you will get some rest.

  12. Sorry about your friend.

    Things like this are definitely more important than blogging.

  13. Hubby and I are going to do more traveling, more time away from politics and especially away from Obama's ugly face.

    Right Truth

  14. Ya want my opinion?

    Your friend picked a good time to check out.

    Don't feel bad for her. She's better off than the rest of us.

    Dick Wilde

  15. God Bless you and MrAOW .
    Take a breather and know there are still 50 % of us out here and the fight will begin a new .
    Sometime in future when me and the fiance have some time from this schedule we need to meet and have that cup of coffee or that meal with you and MrAOW.
    We will probably be at Berkeley Springs for Christmas or shortly after.
    Or we can go to Red Hot and Blue Barbecue in Leesburg !
    Love their food.

  16. I am sorry for the loss of your friend. God bless you for being htere for her kids.
    Best wishes to you & Mr. AoW, I look forward to your return.

  17. Life does interfere with blogging now and then. It happens. Don't fret. We'll be here when you get back.

  18. To top everything off, I now have a sick cat. Mysti -- who is rarely sick.

    Something serious is wrong with her left eye.

    The home care vet will be here shortly.

  19. I'd like to take a break too but I am afraid if I did I'd never start again.

    Besides, where would all the vile and nasty liberal trolls who have been insulting me for the past week go if I wasn't around?

    Funny how they are such sore winners yet now demand we compromise with them at the same time they insult us.

  20. Conerning this subject of the election results. Two things nend to be stated. First, it's both sad and even tragic that so many were so deluded and blind that they coun't see that what a fake and danger the guy,Obama, is to this country. So much so that he actually won, by hook or by crook, the relection in America.
    Second, in the light of this I'm glad that I 'm no longer a youth and I am sorry the the children of this children of this country.

  21. America is about to receive what it so grandly deserves.

    Gird thy loins, taxpayers.

    You broke it, you bought it.


  22. BZ,
    There will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth.

    So be it.

  23. I'm stunned to hear of that mother's passing and so sorry.
    God bless you, AOW, for affecting so many so positively with all you do.

    xxx Z

  24. Z,
    This is the second mom that the homeschool group has lost to cancer since April.

    I was more prepared for that first loss.

    But the loss of this second mother! Five young children! The first mother had only two children, and both of them were over age 15.

    I still don't know what I'm going to say when I see two of the children in class this coming Wednesday. I think that I'll hug them and go from there in trying to come up with some words.

    When the memorial service is held here in the United States -- there has already been a funeral service in Ethiopia, where the woman died after traveling there just a few short days before -- I'll be attending, of course.

    I'm not sad for the mother of the five children because I know that she is with the Lord and that her terrible physical suffering is over. In all of my life, I've never seen such a strong Believer as that woman. Her face actually glowed with God's love. Amazing to see!

  25. Like I said before. Just tell them that you love them. They just lost the female adult in their lives who loved them and there's a great and frightening void now. By hugging them and telling them you love them, you can fill a lot of that void. They'll know that you're not going to be their new mother, don't worry. They just need to know, very much need to know, that someone who is an authority and protective figure feels love for them, to take away that lost and alone feeling. It's frightening as hell.

    Psychology was my major, being human is just me.

  26. Black Sheep,
    Yeah, that's what I must do. I'll make a private few minutes to do just that right before class starts.

    I think that I'll also let them know that I'm reachable any time.

    This particular family's culture -- Ethiopian Christians who know Islam for what it really is -- is stoic in the face of loss. I expect the two older girls to come into class and be ready to proceed.

    I am grateful that the children have a large extended family who are pulling things together here while the father and his sister-in-law are in Ethiopia for the funeral there.

    I do worry a bit about how the other children in the class are going to react. These are 5th-8th graders and have little experience with death and the grieving. I think that the on-duty homeschool moms will help out during the lunch break so that things go as well as they can.

  27. DEAR AOW,
    You wear a crown of nobility and honor. It is a privilege
    to know you.

  28. @PALADIN..."know there are still 50 % of us out here and the fight will begin a new . " (With You, Buddy.See link below.&Thank You for your service.)
    @Average American..."stolen election" (link)


    @Woodsterman..."We'll cover for you."
    What a wonderful thing to say! : )

  29. Lady Liberty,
    Good to see you on this blog again.

    I don't know that I have a crown of nobility and honor, however. I'm merely one of millions of patriots.

    Liberty can be oppressed and suppressed, but it's still in our hearts and waiting for restoration and strengthening.


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