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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Botox On The Brain?

Nancy Pelosi on November 14, 2012, outdoes herself. Spew alert!
"I said yesterday we did not have the majority but we have the gavel... excuse me, we don't have the gavel.

We have our own gavel!...
Ye, gods!

Nancy Pelosi has been serving in the House of Representatives since 1987. She serves as Speaker of the House of Representatives from January 4, 2007 – January 3, 2011.


  1. She's been hitting the hopium bong a little too hard...

  2. I got out the laugh o meter..got a 10! Thanks.

  3. Nancy needs to spend some serious time at the Mayo Clinic and she would do well to take her friend, Harry Reid, with her. Prolong use of Kool-Aid is known to have detrimental side affects and those affects are clearly evident.

  4. She is a walking endorsement for birth control.

  5. That video, of her saying that, with her gaggle of sycophants alongside her, was among the scariest things I've ever seen.

  6. Gavel gavel gavel. I have chickens that say that all day, I wonder if she's just trying to lay an egg?

  7. OK I was going to say gaggle of hens but didn't want to appear sexist.
    She laid an egg with Obamacare.

  8. One of the saddest things that ever happened to this country was granting women suffrage and the right to run for elective office.

    Look at this mess with Petraeus and Poundwell. It could ever have happened in earlier times.

    Nowadays thanks to Women's Lib, you have prostitutes, sluts, bimbos, nymphomaniacs, lesbians and brazen hussies like this Poundwell creature boldly bragging about their illicit affairs or their lesbianism and illegitimate kids on camera.

    Remember when Ingrid Bergman was censored by the US Congress and asked to leave the country because she had an affair with that greasy Dago slob of a director? Her name was Mudd for years after that, and she'd been adored by the American public who were generally shocked and dismayed by her aberrant, immoral performance.

    Today she'd pose naked for a Playboy centerfold and describe her illicit lover's genitals in minute detail to slobbering fans.

    Women are hyper-emotional and ought not to be put in sensitive positions that demand discretion and top secret clearance.

    Helen Highwater

  9. Helen... your a woman (I THINK, given the name). Do you vote/have a job? If so, wth?

    On-topic: ...go to rehab or retire Hillary. Really, please. If you are that dumb you shouldn't be in office... and if your stressed enough to make a mistake (giving the benefit of the doubt...) like that, you really shouldn't be if office. But, wow...


  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. Idiocracy in the proofreading department:

    As Fox News awaited Nancy Pelosi’s announcement about the snooze-y news that she’ll remain House minority leader, the network’s chyron mistakenly identified her as a California Republican.

  12. Women groaning and giggling like THIS drive me up the wall!

    Is it just me, or are these women acting like airheads?

  13. Helen,
    Not ALL women are as you assessed.

    However, many aspects of women's liberation have had the affect of destroying something hard to explain in a few words. I won't try to do so now.

    The two-earner household has become the norm, and the tax man has taken advantage of this norm.

    Despite all the modern conveniences we have, I find that working three days a week, keeping the household accounts in order, cleaning the house, AND preparing nutritious meals an impossibility. Being able to afford a maid might make a big difference. Still, I note that working mothers with full-time maids are stretched thin, too -- unless those working mothers are very wealthy.

    Meanwhile, with mothers working outside the home, children are being reared in what way?

  14. Wildstar,
    Pelosi, aka "San Fran Nan," has always acted goofy to a certain extent. Maybe there really is something in the water supply in the San Francisco area.

    Be sure to take a look at the link I left above -- the link with the video. Your jaw will drop!

  15. I wish they used a facebook account plugin.. i kinda like this blog..

    Ok pelosi and all other liberals have convinced me of one thing..

    The smarter people become
    The more college they have
    The richer they become

    All convince them that they must destroy the very nation that gave them all of these blessings..

    It is proof to me that even though i am one of the unwashed masses who is uneducated i can rest assured that i have twice the common sense and other capabilities that most of the elite combined..

    I am ex army (just a mechanic) and by God grace was in high tech for 14 years..
    (how i ended up at a large company in redmond is Gods doing) not my own..

    So i am very pleased that i never went to college or graduated high school and instead went into the army.. The DOSE of real life did me more good than 8 years of college..

    This woman is proof aliens mated with women and produced Genetic mutations of decreased mental capacity..

    Project blue book should be renamed to
    Project BONEHEADS..
    Because all of the so called leaders in our government today were born right after roswell..

    Sheesh and i though islamic terrorists who suffer from premature detonation were morons..

  16. JDC,
    This woman is proof aliens mated with women and produced Genetic mutations of decreased mental capacity..


    I think you've found the cause!

    As for college...Much of what transpires there is all about brainwashing and imprinting those minds with something that is, ultimately, self-destructive, particularly on the societal level.

    I do have a post coming up on the devolution of academia. You'll likely be interested in that post.


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